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The Guy Site: Kain Rage (a.k.a. Marco at Corbin Fisher) in ‘Cajun MMA In The Woods’

Cajun MMA In The Woods (Kain Rage) at The Guy Site

Kain Rage (a.k.a. Marco at Corbin Fisher) goes for a hard dick hike in the Atlantic woods. He shows off his fighting skills and bust a nut almost hands free.

TheGuySite: Leo Giamani Back In Action (Leo Giamani Fucks Zach)

Leo Giamani Back In Action (Leo Giamani Fucks Zach) at The Guy Site

This is Leo Giamani’s first time in years with another man. It also includes the shower scene and a short outtake of the guys comparing women troubles. It doesn’t have Zach cumming. After the workout his ass got he was just too worn out. Still, it’s amazing enough seeing Leo work his tool again.

The Guy Site: Jaxton Wheeler & Junior (Flip-Fuck)

Jaxton Wheeler & Junior (Flip-Fuck) at The Guy Site

After his first try bottoming, Junior wasn’t sure he wanted to try it again. Well, he gets fucked again. Turn about is fair play and he gives it right back to Jaxton.

The Guy Site: The Stock Broker (Bentley II)

The Stock Broker (Bentley II) at The Guy Site

Bentley stands only 5’4″ but packs a lot of sexiness into that package. One thing that’s not small on him is definitely his great big dick.

The Guy Site: Johnny Finally Gets Fucked (By Aaron Bruiser)

Johnny Finally Gets Fucked (By Aaron Bruiser) at The Guy Site

The Guy Site: This one was a long time in coming. At last, Johnny bottoms!

The Guy Site: Big Blue Eyes (Jason IV)

Big Blue Eyes (Jason IV) at The Guy Site

The Guy Site: Jason is only 21 but he’s very secure in front of the camera. With his beautiful face and hot body, who wouldn’t be? He works his dick to a great hands free cum shot and then manages to rub a couple extra squirts out.

The Guy Site: Party At Aston and Mario’s (Marcello, Bruiser, Aston, Mario & Jackson Gunn) (Part 1)

Party At Aston and Mario's (Marcello, Bruiser, Aston, Mario and Jackson Gunn) at The Guy Site

This one is quite a fantasy. What would a party with 5 guys, over 1,000 pounds of beef in all, with all of them buck naked the whole time be like? Well, everyone has a good time. There’s beer pong, twister, and, it finishes with a circle jerk and a nice shower to clean up.

TheGuySite: Rex

Rex at The Guy Site

Rex has a very masculine look with a chiseled hard body. Check out the definition of his pecs and his big bubble ass.

TheGuySite: Marcello and Neo

Marcello and Neo at The Guy Site

When propositioned with doing a scene with another guy, both of these guys had the same response; “How Much?” Marcello is all about the money, so he said yes right away. Neo, on the other hand, had a bit more reservations. One thing he said he wouldn’t do is bottom.

TheGuySite: Casey

Casey at The Guy Site

I got an email from Casey months ago enquiring about modeling. I always thought he was great looking, but, it’s just not always possible to work with everyone I’d like to. Since then, he’s worked for lots of companies and you may have seen him already. Still, I never forgot about him and was able to set up the quick session here.

TheGuySite: Doc (Joey’s Brother)

Doc (Joey's Brother) at The Guy Site

Both brothers said separately that the other was made for this. Specifically, about Doc, Joey said he was hung like a horse. Wonder how he knew that?

TheGuySite: Joey Returns

Joey Returns at The Guy Site

Since his last shoot, Joey’s been letting his body hair grow. He’s also put on more muscle and lost some body fat. Of course, I think he’s never looked better.

TheGuySite: Jimmy

Jimmy at The Guy Site

I really like Jimmy’s military look. Although he doesn’t resemble him facially, he has a great body is very similar to Johnny’s. The bubble butt, dick, and bull balls are all a close match. He’s also like Johnny in that he’s always hard and starts to drip pre-cum whenever someone is looking at him nude.

TheGuySite: Adrian

Adrian at The Guy Site

Adrian’s from Romania. He was here for a summer job at “a major theme park.” here you’ll get to see him in a much better way.

TheGuySite: Jack

Jack at The Guy Site

If you like accents, here’s treat for you. Jack’s not originally from the U.S. Can’t say where, but, perhaps you can place it. Of course, there’s more than just his great voice. He’s also got a rock solid body and killer good looks. He’s also particularly qualified to do nude modeling. As soon as his underwear comes off, he’s hard!

TheGuySite: Johnny Returns

Johnny Returns at The Guy Site

Johnny’s home from college and wants to do another shoot. What’s even better is he let his body hair grow this time. He’s also even buffer than before. I have to say also, his bubble butt just keeps getting better.

TheGuySite: Mike

Mike at The Guy Site

Mike brought his girl friend to the shoot with him. I don’t know if the audience helped or hurt. In his movie, you’ll see him sticking his tongue out showing how he does cunnilingus. He does seem to be talented at that.

TheGuySite: Jon

Jon at The Guy Site

After Jon’s first shoot, we had an agreement where he would let his body hair grow. He’s about 1/3 of the way to a totally natural look and i think it’s much better. You’ll notice also that he let his head hair grow longer; I really like the tousled look.

TheGuysSite: Petr

Petr at The Guy Site

Here’s a first timer looking to break into the business. He told me afterward his main concern was he wouldn’t be able to I get hard. I found him to be well qualified in more ways than one.

TheGuySite: Paul

Paul at The Guy Site

Normally, if you find your pants are unzipped it’s embarrassing. When Paul showed up for his shoot, no one noticed his fly was open until he started to undress for his movie. It was worth a laugh.