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MEN Series: Chris Blades Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘A Mind Of Its Own, Part 1’

A Mind Of Its Own, Part One (Chris Blades Fucks Jacob Peterson) at MEN

Ignoring Chris Blades’ protest that he has a girlfriend, Chris’ cock insists that he should fuck his roommate, the towering Adonis Jacob Peterson.

Richard.XXX: JJ Knight Fucks Jacob Peterson

JJ Knight Fucks Jacob Peterson at Richard.XXX

Richard.XXX: JJ Knight and Jacob Peterson have been boxing buddies for awhile but this is the first time they are alone in the gym.

MEN: Rick Fantana Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Mystery Guest’

Mystery Guest (Rick Fantana Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Drill My Hole

Porn star Rick Fantana discovers lean, hairy-chested Jacob Peterson hiding in his closet and proceeds to punish him for trespassing.

Next Door RAW!: Carter Woods Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Catch A Dude’

Catch A Dude (Carter Woods Fucks Jacob Peterson) at NextDoorRAW!

Carter Woods was just minding his business walking down the street when he notices a stranger spying on him from up above. Perched high on his balcony, Jacob Peterson’s wandering eye has found the object of its affection. When Carter returns the glance and the two of them make eye contact, with a look, Jacob invites Carter to join him upstairs.

Next Door BUDDIES: Colton Cain Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Joining Studs’

Joining Studs (Colton Cain Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Next Door Buddies

Colton Cain and Jacob Peterson are a pair of good looking guys with barely an ounce of fat on either of them combined. Colton seems more assertive, but Jacob is quietly down for whatever, so when these two studs cum together, sparks fly…

NextDoorRAW!: Bed Sharers (Johnny Hill Fucks Jacob Peterson)

Bed Sharers (Johnny Hill Fucks Jacob Peterson) at NextDoorRAW!

Thanks to a hotel area and a sudden lack of available rooms in the area, tour bros Johnny Hill and Jacob Peterson have no other choice but to share a single bed. Neither one of them is particularly keen on the idea, but as they crash out, all seems well enough, until Johnny starts fingering Jacob’s ass in his dreams. He sleepily tells Jacob to suck him off, so Jacob thinks about it for a second and decides to do it.

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Zay Hardy Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Sex In The Sister’s Room’

Sex In The Sister's Room (Zay Hardy Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

With his sister’s boyfriend showering in the bathroom, freshly single Jacob Peterson sneaks a peek thru his clothes, fantasizing about that good dick his sister is getting. Boyfriend Zay Hardy catches him in the act, but rather than be freaked out by it, he’s flattered, telling Jacob he knows someone who might want to hook up, provided Jacob can keep a secret. Jacob assures him he can, and Zay immediately whips off his towel, revealing his hard cock.

NextDoorBUDDIES: Michael DelRay Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Literary Drilling’

Literary Drilling (Michael DelRay Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

As Michael Del Ray and Jacob Peterson try to maintain their studies, Michael grows impatient and restless, and looks over at Jacob in an attempt to engage in a little distraction. Jacob seems intent on finishing his reading, but Michael persists, and in no time, the two of them have cast their books aside for some more hands on training.

Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon in ‘Gaymates, Part 3’ at MEN

Gaymates, Part 3 (Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon) at JizzOrgy

Cliff Jensen and Jordan Levine are having some private time when they’re interrupted by the curious trio that is Jacob Peterson, Jay Austin and Paul Canon who hear the moans and want to see what’s going on. It soon turns into one big fuckfest.

John Magnum Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Wrong Number’ at

Wrong Number (John Magnum Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Str8 To Gay

After a night of chatting it up with a beautiful girl, John Magnum decides to text the number she gave him for some after-hours action. The text goes to Jacob Peterson and he just can’t help playing along to get John for himself…

Leon Lewis Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Side Piece’ Part 2 at

Side Piece (Leon Lewis Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Part 2) at Str8 To Gay

Leon Lewis is caught in the act with Jacob Peterson, but Jacob takes the opportunity to wash it all away by sucking his cock to get his salty, creamy cum.

Wesley Woods, Arad Winwin, Jacob Peterson, Leon Lewis, Casey Jacks and Leo Luckett in ‘Yoga’ at

Yoga (Wesley Woods, Arad Winwin, Jacob Peterson, Leon Lewis, Casey Jacks and Leo Luckett) at JizzOrgy

A yoga class gets real hot when the students can’t control themselves after Arad Winwin shows them how to move their bodies for maximum pleasure.

Will Braun Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Shameless Tutor’ at

Shameless Tutor (Will Braun Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Drill My Hole

Just before Will Braun enters college, he hires Jacob Peterson to help prep him for what’s ahead. Jacob learns quickly that Will means practice sucking his thick veiny cock over hitting the books.