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Jimmy Durano Fucks Max Wilde in ‘Side Piece’ Part 3 at

Side Piece (Jimmy Durano Fucks Max Wilde) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

Jimmy Durano and his wife are having a quiet movie night when his side piece Max Wilde interrupts. Refusing to go away, Max comes up with an excuse to get in and manages to get Jimmy’s pants off in the other room.

Leon Lewis Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Side Piece’ Part 2 at

Side Piece (Leon Lewis Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Part 2) at Str8 To Gay

Leon Lewis is caught in the act with Jacob Peterson, but Jacob takes the opportunity to wash it all away by sucking his cock to get his salty, creamy cum.

Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Side Piece’ Part 1 at

Side Piece (Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Luckett) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Leo Luckett is insatiable and begs Darin Silvers to help him out. Hesitant at first because his wife is in the other room, Darin gives in and fills Leo’s perfectly puckered hole.