Latin Leche

Latin Leche stalks hot latino boys on the street. When a straight guy is hard up for cash, he’ll do anything to make a buck.

Latin Leche: Numero 16

Numero 16 at Latin Leche

Anything can happen at a hotel! That’s part of the fun. The cameraman sees a sexy pool boy and another hotel guest while having breakfast outside, leading him to do some quick thinking and getting both on camera for his documentary…

Latin Leche: Numero 15

Numero 15 at Latin Leche

A tall, dark, and handsome man is on the street looking at his phone when the bold cameraman comes up to him for an interview. This guy is hesitant to be on camera, but the promise of quick, easy money is too good to pass up. Once he says yes, this guy shows off his beautiful body and puts his mouth and ass to work to leave even more loaded!

Latin Leche: Numero 14

Numero 14 at Latin Leche

He’d never jerked off in front of a man before, but with a few bucks in his hand, he was happy to take out his cock… even suck one as well! The persuasive cameraman even got this macho straight guy to take his raw cock up his ass. Seems like everyone has their price!

Latin Leche: Numero 13

Numero 13 at Latin Leche

Joel is a beautiful young man with caramel skin, soft, luscious lips, and tight, smooth body! It’s no wonder that he caught the cameraman’s eye when he was walking around Buenos Aires…


Numero 5 at Latin Leche

Cruising is truly a lost art, but for many Latin men, it’s still alive and well! This horny camera man went out looking for sexy straight guys to trick into fucking, but couldn’t resist the flirtations of a sexy, neighborhood cruiser…


Numero 1 at Latin Leche

The night before I shot my first video, I was so nervous I could barely sleep. I woke up early to go out and see who I could talk into filming with me. There were lots of hot boys on the street, but one guy in particular got my attention. He looked like a model…