Latin Leche

Latin Leche stalks hot latino boys on the street. When a straight guy is hard up for cash, he’ll do anything to make a buck.

Latin Leche: NUMERO 54 (His Latino Hole Takes A Pummeling)

NUMERO 54 (His Latino Hole Takes A Pummeling) at Latin Leche

Latin Leche: The kid sucks his uncut cock and and then bends over to take a pummeling in his young Latino hole!

Latin Leche: Numero 48 (Boy, Did We Get Lucky Today!)

Numero 48 (Boy, Did We Get Lucky Today!) at Latin Leche

Latin Leche: Today’s cute straight guy shoots his juicy load of leche while playing with a returning stud’s uncut dick. How hot is that?

LatinLeche: Numero 46 (Gay For Pay Never Felt So Good!)

Numero 46 (Gay For Pay Never Felt So Good!) at Latin Leche

Latin Leche: For a few pesos we got this handsome stranger to lick and suck like seasoned pro. For a few more, he opened wide to get plowed raw!

Latin Leche: Numero 44 (Jerking Off For Ca$h)

Numero 44 (Jerking Off For Ca$h) at Latin Leche

Eager to model, he follows the cameraman home to jerk off for some cash. Upon his arrival, he meets an old friend of ours and agrees to fuck him on camera.

LatinLeche: Numero 40

Numero 40 at Latin Leche

Our cameraman hops in a cab late one night and asks the hot, bisexual driver if he’s ever hooked up with a passenger.

Latin Leche: Numero 39 (Kendro Leandro Fucks Will)

Numero 39 at Latin Leche

Latin Leche in this cum-filled documentary. Our pervy filmmaker surprises Kendro with a trip to Uruguay. The two ride the ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, where Kendro is treated to a free night in a luxurious hotel and a tour of the historic city by a sexy local, Will!

Latin Leche: Numero 37 (More Cash Equals Less Boundaries)

Numero 37 at Latin Leche

Latin Leche: This week a cute student who has been in our videos before brings his hot straight friend along to play.

Latin Leche: Numero 36 (Brazilian Stud Enjoys A Mouthful of Cum)

Numero 36 at Latin Leche

Our Latin Leche cameraman spots this sexy Brazilian sitting on a bench. Having a keen eye for beauty, he is immediately lured in by this man’s big lips, outrageously sexy facial hair, and emerald green eyes.

Latin Leche: NUMERO 31 (Twink Spit-roasted by the Best Cocks in Buenos Aires)

Numero 31 at Latin Leche

Latin Leche, Numero 31: The threesome action is extremely hot. Our eager bottom gobbles their cocks and rides them like a pro. He’s clearly had some practice since our first meet-up.

Latin Leche: Numero 30 (When it Rains, It Pours!)

Numero 30 (When it Rains, It Pours!) at Latin Leche

This week’s Latin Leche stars a straight boy walking around the city on a rainy day. We asked him some questions about sexuality in Latin America.

Latin Leche: NUMERO 29 (Sexy Stud Swept Away With Cash)

NUMERO 29 (Sexy Stud Swept Away With Cash) at Latin Leche

This weeks LatinLeche brings you a hot straight man waiting around for his girlfriend. Our cameraman walks up and offers to take him up to his room.

Latin Leche: Numero 28 (Teasing Our Cameraman with Ass)

Numero 28 (Teasing Our Cameraman with Ass) at Latin Leche

This week’s extra hot LatinLeche brings you outdoor sex with a very cute, very young guy. He was on his way to fuck his girlfriend. But our cameraman had something else in mind.

Latin Leche: NUMERO 26 (Hot Porteño Fucked in Filthy Buenos Aires Restroom)

Numero 26 at Latin Leche

Our cameraman kept his cool and used cash to convince the anonymous stranger to jerk off. After a little more money, he manages to get the stranger to cruise another guy in the bathroom and fuck him bareback!

Latin Leche: NUMERO 22 (Cash Lures Shy Punk For Sex)

Numero 22 at Latin Leche

This Latin Leche clip brings you a shy, tatted horndog on the way to hang with a friend on his day off. Tune-in as this shy punk is swept right off the streets of Buenos Aires by our cameraman. He is then lured inside for some hot afternoon sex.

Latin Leche: Numero 21 (Venezuelan Tourist In Need of Cash)

Numero 21 at Latin Leche

On a rainy day our cameraman found this straight venezuelan boy wandering the streets of Buenos Aires. His phone died while he was out exploring – the perfect excuse to invite him over. He hasn’t jerked off yet today, and he’s saved up a big load of leche for us to enjoy.

Latin Leche: Numero 20 (All Venezuelans Have Big Dicks?)

Numero 20 at Latin Leche

In this week’s smoking hot Latin Leche, our camera man spots a slim Venezuelan tourist admiring downtown Buenos Aires. When offered a bit of money, this sexy vacationer is more than willing to do whatever our top asks.

Latin Leche: Numero 19

Numero 19 at Latin Leche

This extra hot installment of LatinLeche brings you two straight backpackers looking for a place to sleep. The cameraman draws out the nervous intimacy of these best friends fooling around for the first time, daring them to go further and further. After all the talk about sex, their fat uncut cocks are hard before they even take their shorts off. Every time he asks them to do something more they refuse, but the cash and their curiosity gets the better of them. They jerk, suck, fuck raw, and paint each other’s face with cum. From backpacking to barebacking — their friendship will never be the same!

Latin Leche: Numero 17

Numero 17 at Latin Leche

The horny camera man manages to get a returning face back in front of the camera. Only this time, the sexy cock sucker needs to find some strangers online to invite over to give them blowjobs. And was he ever eager to get his mouth on some thick, uncut, Latin cock again! The camera man let him do his thing, only to find that he ended up inviting three guys over! His hungry mouth took each of them one after the other, even taking them up his butt to get their hot loads!