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Tegan Zayne Sucks Sergeant Miles in ’24-Hour Boner’ Scene 2 at Raging Stallion

24-Hour Boner (Tegan Zayne Sucks Sergeant Miles) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Sergeant Miles needs to piss really bad and runs into a convenience store to take care of business. As he’s relieving himself at the urinal, he looks down to see Tegan Zayne peeking through a glory hole in the bathroom stall.

Eddy Ceetee Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘TSA Checkpoint’ Scene 2 at Raging Stallion

TSA Checkpoint (Eddy Ceetee Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Tegan Zayne is traveling home to see some family for spring break when he decides to sneak into the air lounge to take a nap. Luckily for him, hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, is on his break and suddenly Tegan is no longer tired. The two studs make some frivolous small talk and then cut to the chase by making out and helping themselves out of their clothes.

Colby Keller, Tegan Zayne & Kurtis Wolfe in ‘Trapped’ Scene 6 at Raging Stallion

Trapped (Colby Keller, Tegan Zayne & Kurtis Wolfe) (Scene 6) at Raging Stallion

The local sheriff and his deputy get a tip on where kidnapping victim, Tegan Zayne, is being held. After investigating, the lead detective lets Kurtis Wolfe know where his boyfriend is staying. Kurtis needs to see Tegan and shows up at the cabin in the woods.

Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Trapped’ Scene 4 at Raging Stallion

Trapped (Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Tegan Zayne is still with his captor, Colby Keller. After thanking Colby for taking such good care of him, Tegan gets on his knees between Colby’s legs and starts servicing his giant cock. Is Tegan starting to really fall for his captor, or is it a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Justin Brody Hammers Tegan Zayne! at CockyBoys

Justin Brody Hammers Tegan Zayne! at

Come along on a first date with Tegan Zayne and Justin Brody, two introverted but hardly shy souls who make a connection and pursue its intimately sexual depths. Taking things slowly, they spend time together, appreciating each other’s qualities, and return home to explore their physical attraction. When Justin bends down to kiss Tegan, his head nestled in his lap, he soon finds that treating him in a sweet, lovingly tactile manner is what sets loose the vocal and playfully sexual young man. In return, Tegan gets into Justin’s pants and eagerly sucks his already hard cock as Justin gets naked.

Max Holt Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Missed Connections’ at CockyBoys

Missed Connections (Max Holt Fucks Tegan Zayne) at

A chance encounter, a missed connection, fond memories of an estranged lover. While walking through Central Park, Tegan Zayne laid eyes on a handsome man that reminded him of a past lover which sent him reeling and unleashed fond memories of the time he and Max Holt shared together. Sitting alone in his room, Tegan reaches out to Max Holt and reflects on their past.

Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne at

If there’s one thing Tegan Zayne enjoys it’s sucking cock. Which is perfect because Alex Mecum is all horned up and ready to be serviced!

Tegan Zayne Fucks Spencer Whitman in ‘Destroyer’ Scene 1 at Raging Stallion

Destroyer (Tegan Zayne Fucks Spencer Whitman) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Navy seamen Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman are on the job in the boiler room, making sure everything is ship-shape. When Spencer’s navy blues start slipping off his ass, Tegan sees an opportunity to get better acquainted. As Spencer’s pants fall, his throbbing, uncut cock is exposed. Unbuttoning their shirts, both men reveal their hairy, muscled chests and plump nipples.

Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Tegan Gets Keller’ed’ at CockyBoys

Tegan Gets Keller'ed (Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne) at

“He is one of those guys that’s just my type,” says Tegan Zayne when he thinks about Colby Keller. Tegan is not shy to admit that Colby was at the top of his list of guys that he wanted to meet and his dream of being totally Keller’d is finally coming true which probably explains the mischievous smile on his face. Colby of course is totally in his element being that he gets to fuck Tegan outside so he can’t wait to get down to business.

JJ Knight Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘On The Market’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

On The Market (JJ Knight Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Eager assistant Tegan Zayne is in the office trying to figure out how to complete a short sale, JJ Knight comes over to help him resolve the tricky issue. When they solve that problem, they move on to a harder challenge for Tegan: servicing JJ’s massive, throbbing cock, but Tegan is up for the task. Undoing his fly, JJ unleashes his enormous slab of meat, and Tegan stretches his mouth around its incredible girth.

Gabriel Clark Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Tegan Gets Clark’d’ at CockyBoys

Tegan Gets Clark'd (Gabriel Clark Fucks Tegan Zayne) at

Tegan Zayne is the latest CockyBoys exclusive model so the first order of business is to hook up with the one and only Gabriel Clark. Tegan hops in the car with RJ for a roadtrip to Montreal and the two talk the entire way. Turns out Tegan is a bit of an exhibitionist and likes jerking off behind the wheel so he whips out his dick and gives it a few strokes on the highway. He’s getting a bit too horny so he pulls off the side of the road and jerks out a quick load before getting back on the road to Montreal.

Tegan Zayne, Bruce Beckham & Derek Deluca in ‘Dicklicious’ Scene 3 at RagingStallion

Dicklicious (Tegan Zayne, Bruce Beckham & Derek Deluca) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

Derek Deluca trades blowjobs with hairy otter Tegan Zayne. Bruce Beckham joins in, feeding his hard cock to Derek’s mouth. Tegan rims Derek’s ass, using his tongue and his fingers to fill Derek’s hole with spit. Obediently, Derek sucks on Bruce’s cock, stretching his lips around Bruce’s impressive girth.

Boomer Banks Fucks CockyBoy Exclusive Tegan Zayne at CockyBoys

Boomer Banks Fucks CockyBoy Exclusive Tegan Zayne at

Boomer Banks and Tegan Zayne have been flirting on social media for a while now and the feelings they have for each other are as real as Boomer’s infamous cock! Tegan is our newest exclusive and he is more than excited that his first scene is with his friend, Boomer. Apparently, they are both hooked on playing Pokémon Go so as they bonded over each other’s nerdy-ness their feelings grew stronger with each laugh and every touch. By the end of the afternoon the two could not keep their hands off each other so naturally there was only one way this could have ended.

Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks in ‘The Thirst Is Real’ Scene 4 at RagingStallion

The Thirst Is Real (Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikk’s big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikk’s member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegan’s hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegan’s heavy balls.

Austin Wolf Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Ride It’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

Ride It (Austin Wolf Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Beefy Austin Wolf is working at the chop shop when bearded stud Tegan Zayne walks in to inquire about an estimate to get his motorcycle fixed. Tegan’s short on cash, so he strikes a deal with Austin who mischievously suggests that they can ‘work something out.’ It’s not long before Tegan realizes it’s going to cost him his ass, and that’s fine by him.

Adam Ramzi Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Bout to Bust’ Scene 1 at Raging Stallion

Erect This! (Adam Ramzi Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Intense kissing erupts between Adam Ramzi and Tegan Zayne. Their hands grope each other’s naked bodies and hard cocks, and their tongues explore each other’s mouths. The connection between these two hairy studs fills each with a craving for more.

Gabriel Taurus Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Erect This!’ Scene 3 at Raging Stallion

The pressure is high to get the job done on time, so Gabriel Taurus saves time by taking a piss in a bucket. Tegan Zayne comes over to lend a helping hand. Gabriel’s overalls fall to his knees as he and Tegan make out. Gabriel slides his tongue between Tegan’s hairy ass cheeks, then probes the hole with his thumb. Sinking to his knees, Tegan sucks Gabriel’s cock until saliva drips off his chin.

Sean Zevran Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Drive Shaft’ Scene 1 at RagingStallion

Drive Shaft (Sean Zevran Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Muscled mechanic Sean Zevran is revved up by spying smokin’ coworker Tegan Zayne bent over a car with his crack hanging out. Tegan glances back at Sean and asks ‘do you like what you see?’ Sean nods and instructs Tegan to stick his fingers into his furry hole. Tegan takes the cue and teases his hole, which gets Sean’s fluids flowing. When Sean whips out his dip-stick, Tegan immediately drops to his knees and swallows the massive uncut member.

Bennett Anthony Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘I’d Hit That’ Scene 1 at RagingStallion

I'd Hit That (Bennett Anthony Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Super sexy Tegan Zayne and Bennett Anthony are making out, crushing hungry lips together with obvious raw desire for each other. Their hard ons project straight up from their chiseled and scruffy bodies. Each has a full beard: Tegan’s raven black and Bennett’s fiery red, complemented by a torso colorfully splashed with ink.

Raging Stallion: Erect This! (Jacob Taylor Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1)

Erect This! (Jacob Taylor Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Beefy Jacob Tyler – shirtless and smooth – is working hard on the job, sawing a piece of lumber. Bearded Tegan Zayne pulls out his own hard wood and shows it to Jacob, who knows a hungry bottom when he sees one. Grabbing Tegan by his coveralls, Jacob pushes Tegan down to his knees – the perfect position for Tegan to deepthroat Jacob’s huge woody…

ChaosMen: Reuben & Tegan Zanye (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Reuben & Tegan (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

Reuben was eager to come back and do more. It took a month or so of texting back and forth, and then of course I was booked for another month.

Derek Atlas Fucks Tegan Zayne in ‘Slam That Hole’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

Slam That Hole (Derek Atlas Fucks Tegan Zayne) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Revved-up Tegan Zayne and energized Derek Atlas can’t keep their hands off each other. Things quickly escalate as Tegan is eager to get a mouthful of Derek’s fat cock. Tegan holds Derek by the balls as his swallows his shaft down to the base. Tegan’s cock is rock hard, and his hole is begging for service, so he bends over, and Derek tongue-fucks his furry hole completely…