Raging Stallion: Rideshare, Scene 2 (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro)

Rideshare, Scene 2 (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro) at Raging Stallion

Rideshare, Scene 2 (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro) at Raging Stallion

Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Rideshare, Scene 2′ at Raging Stallion, Scene Summary:

Seth Santoro invites his hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some casual fun. When Sean arrives, the two skip the small talk as Sean peels off his pants and hops into bed with Seth. Seth can’t wait to get Sean’s big cock in his mouth and opens wide to let Sean face fuck him balls deep. Seth Santoro gobbles it up, taking it deep down his throat until it’s Sean Maygers’s turn to return the favor.

The two take turns sucking dick until Seth Santoro is ready for his ass to be stretched. Seth hops on Sean Maygers’s giant cock and rides it relentlessly. He is grinding on Sean until he takes over and flips Seth around to fuck him on his back. Sean pounds Seth’s prostate, getting himself close until he pulls out and dumps a load in Seth’s eager mouth.

After tasting Sean Maygers’s load, Seth Santoro is the next to blow and shoots a geyser of cum all over his hairy crotch and abs. All the fucking has made Sean tired and when he falls asleep, Seth calls his fuck buddy a ‘Rideshare’ to send him on his way.

Watch as Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro at RagingStallion

Watch as Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro at RagingStallion

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moondoggy says:

Let me know when the real Seth comes back.

elmtree says:

Omg, thank you!

DaveAtom says:

He was hot, but I think he’s hotter now, hairy and muscly

moondoggy says:

He was plenty hot and hairy at TIM Tales, getting impaled like a matador by Devon Lebron.

sam my says:

Definite upgrade from the mutated pug.

Sean is so fuckin sexy

pokok789 . says:

Seth Santoro is getting hotter & hotter since separated from Billy.

wdeee says:

Seth is too hot to be with Billy. It makes me sad.

Jack says:

seths body is just… scrumptious

elmtree says:

Indeed! Actually both their bodies are worthy recipients of the term “scrumptious”.

Rexhaza says:

I like Sean’s beefier built now, his transformation to a bear daddy is incredible

Scrapple says:

I’d ride Sean, but I damn sure wouldn’t be sharing.

I still don’t get what an ass like Seth sees in an ass like Billy.

Sebastian S says:

I’m glad they split. Seth is 10x hotter and nicer IRL. Billy is dating some other young twink now.

Scrapple says:

I didn’t know they had split for real. Good for Seth.

elyp says:

I feel pity for the twink, unless he’s as rotten as him.

McM. says:

First, Seth Santoro is killing me.

Second, just to be that guy, why are they bothering with condoms at this point?

ajholditdownbaby says:

Damn Seth (and Sean) looking like a Thanksgiving meal 👀 Billy don’t deserve him…

DaveAtom says:

I’m falling hard for Sean. Seriously I want that man. Seth’s body also is pushing the right buttons.

freater says:

Sean is perfection! Do not care for seth at all