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Muscle Bear Porn!: Sean Maygers Threeway with Daddies Will Angell and Liam Angell in ‘The New Pack’

The New Pack (Sean Maygers Threeway with Daddies Will Angell and Liam Angell) at

Something special happened when muscle bear daddies Will Angell and Liam Angell met Sean Maygers. The connection was so real and strong they didn’t want it to end. Even when they finished filming the didn’t want him to leave

Raging Stallion: Rideshare, Scene 2 (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro)

Rideshare, Scene 2 (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Santoro) at Raging Stallion

Rideshare, Scene Two: Seth Santoro invites his hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some casual fun. When Sean arrives, the two skip the small talk as Sean peels off his pants and hops into bed with Seth.

Sean Maygers Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Swim Meat, Part 3’ at HotHouse

Swim Meat, Scene 3 (Sean Maygers Fucks Casey Jacks) at Hothouse

Hot House’s Swim Meat, Scene 3: Sean Maygers gets out of the shower and is surprised to see Casey Jacks in his house looking for a buddy. When Casey sees Sean’s raging hard-on, he immediately drops to his knees to service the hung stud before they move it to the back yard. Casey continues his work servicing Sean’s massive cock and balls.

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Sean Maygers and Dalton Riley Flip-Fuck in ‘Crush Comfort’

Crush Comfort (Sean Maygers and Dalton Riley Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

Sean Maygers agrees to house sit for Dalton Riley. Maygers didn’t expect to immediately find a picture of himself stashed in the cushions of Dalton’s sofa! After pulling it out and looking at it, he confronts Dalton. Dalton tells him he may have a little bit of a crush on Sean. Sean is weirded out at first, but Dalton convinces him to stick around and see what happens. He is hesitant, but Dalton wraps his lips around Sean’s cock. This gets him instantly hard. Sean agrees that staying is probably in his best interest.

MEN Series: The Ranch Hand, Part 2 (John Magnum Fucks Sean Maygers)

The Ranch Hand, Part 2 (John Magnum Fucks Sean Maygers) at Drill My Hole

John Magnum requests a quick meet with his main ranch hand Sean Maygers, and how fitting since he just so happens to need that hand — and mouth — and maybe even some ass.

NextDoorRAW!: Michael DelRay, Sean Maygers and Scotty Dickenson in ‘Master Debaters’

Master Debaters (Michael DelRay, Sean Maygers and Scotty Dickenson) at NextDoorRAW!

Both Michael DelRay and Scotty Dickenson make compelling arguments for their position. But moderator, Sean Maygers, cannot definitively decide who is the winner of the debate. Not wanting to declare it a tie, he tells them both that the winner will be whoever wants it the most.

Falcon Studios: Sean Maygers Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Service Me!, Scene 5’

Service Me!, Scene 5 (Sean Maygers Fucks Skyy Knox) at FalconStudios

Pool boy Sean Maygers is skimming the pool for leaves when homeowner Skyy Knox comes out to offer him a fresh glass of tea. Skyy disrobes and quickly shows Sean how things work around his place when he reaches for his cock. They both strip naked poolside before taking things inside. Skyy is first to get on his knees and forces his face down to the base of Sean’s swollen dick.

ExtraBigDicks: Sean Maygers Fucks Dustin Steele in ‘It’s Your Turn To Take It!’

It's Your Turn To Take It! (Sean Maygers Fucks Dustin Steele) at

Dustin Steele and Sean Maygers are in bed having a conversation in which Sean says that it is Dustin’s turn to bottom for him. Dustin is very hesitant based on the size of Sean’s cock, but Sean assures him he will be gentle. Cautiously Dustin agrees and the two start making out.

Extra Big Dicks: Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Knight in ‘Working Out Makes Me Horny’

Working Out Gets Me Horny (Sean Maygers Fucks Seth Knight) at

Seth Knight is sitting in the locker room after his workout as Sean Maygers walks in. Sean does not see Seth and goes to his locker and starts undressing. Thinking he is alone, he starts playing with his cock inside his sweat pants and as he turns around, is startled to see Seth staring at him.

Pride Studios: Sean Maygers Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘What’s It Worth To You?’

What's It Worth To You? (Sean Maygers Fucks Hans Berlin) at PrideStudios

Sean Maygers is selling his boat and it is in desperate need of repair work. Hans Berlin is interested in the boat, but points out the hole in the hull. Once the small-talk is over Sean asks Hans what’s it worth to you and they go inside to negotiate.

NextDoorRAW!: Ryan Jordan Fucks Sean Maygers in ‘Overcharged Breeding’

Overcharged Breeding (Ryan Jordan Fucks Sean Maygers) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With his card maxed out, Ryan Jordan asks roomie Sean Maygers just what the hell he charged on it. Ryan was all for letting Sean use his account, but it seems Sean has gone buck ass wild and charged it to the limit, and now Ryan is looking for some hard compensation.

Raging Stallion: Sean Maygers Fucks Derek Bolt in ‘VICE, Scene 3’

VICE, Scene 3 (Sean Maygers Fucks Derek Bolt at Raging Stallion

Derek Bolt is an undercover Vice officer poking around Sean Maygers’ distributing headquarters when Sean catches him in the act. Derek instantly rips off his shirt and gets on his knees to service the hung kingpin. Sean face fucks the horny cop with his massive curved dick until he’s ready to give the officer’s hairy hole a taste.

Raging Stallion: Jack Hunter, Beaux Banks and Sean Maygers in ‘VICE, Scene 2’

VICE, Scene 2 (Jack Hunter, Beaux Banks and Sean Maygers) at Raging Stallion

When kingpin Sean Maygers leaves his hunky minions, Beaux Banks and Jack Hunter, alone in the warehouse, Beaux ends up getting Jack’s massive cock down his throat. When Sean returns, he’s annoyed but decides that it’s better to join in on the action than to stop it from happening. The hung studs form a pyramid of cock sucking until Sean is rock hard and ready to fuck.

ExtraBigDicks: Sean Maygers Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Big Cock Vacation, Scene 3’

Big Cock Vacation (Sean Maygers Fucks Cesar Rossi) (Part 3) at

Cesar Rossi is hanging out in the pool at the gay resort when he notices Sean walking around the pool. Sean Maygers strikes up a conversation with him poolside as he sits on the edge of the pool and dips his feet into the water.

NextDoorRAW!: Gunner Canon and Sean Maygers Flip-Fuck in ‘Deep In Hot Water’

Deep In Hot Water (Gunner Canon and Sean Maygers Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With all the hot water in the house sitting in Sean Maygers’ bathtub, there’s not much left over for Gunner Canon to shower with. He quickly goes through what little Sean has left him, and freezing cold, decides to hop in the tub with Sean to warm up. Sean is a little uncomfortable with the arrangement and decides to get out, but Gunner’s already got his sights on Sean’s major laser. They play grab ass all the way to the bedroom and Sean realizes how Gunner gets down, so he quickly hops on board, letting his cock slide all the way down Gunner’s throat as he fingers Gunner’s hole.

Hot House: Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Maygers in ‘Gear Play, Scene 3’

Gear Play (Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Maygers) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Baseball practice is over and back in the locker room, Austin Wolf is sitting on a bench watching Sean Maygers strip off his sweaty jockstrap. Austin approaches Sean and gets him into submission on his knees as he presents his bulging package. Sean knows he’s way past third base and gets hard almost instantly as he reaches into Austin’s pouch and finds a big, thick dick…

Falcon Studios: Sean Maygers Fucks Brett Dylan in ‘A Night At The Entourage, Scene 1’

A Night At The Entourage (Sean Maygers Fucks Brett Dylan) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Sean Maygers is horny as hell at the bathhouse cruising guys who check out his bulging biceps as they pass by. Sean is being picky tonight as he waits for just the right guy to come along. When Brett Dylan passes him in the hallway, Sean claims his prize and pulls Brett into a private playroom.

Hot House: Ryan Rose and Sean Maygers Flip-Fuck in ‘Gear Play, Scene 1’

Gear Play (Ryan Rose And Sean Maygers Flip-Fuck) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Lacrosse players Sean Maygers and Ryan Rose don’t need spectators to take their competition to the next level. With the bleachers empty and their cocks hard, they get down and dirty when their bulges get a meet and greet through their sweaty uniforms.

ExtraBigDicks: Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck in ‘Big Dick Flip Flop’

Big Dick Flip Flop (Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck) at ExtraBigDicks

Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks.