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Richard.XXX: Lance Hart Fucks Zak Bishop in ‘Tipping Extra’ [Bareback]

Lance Hart Fucks Zak Bishop [Bareback] at Richard.XXX

Richard.XXX: Lance Hart has been stood up by another girl and now it’s closing time. Not to miss a beat, his waiter Zak Bishop, takes the opportunity to offer his ‘other’ services.

MormonBoyz: INITIATION: Bishop Gibson (with Bishop Hart)

INITIATION: Bishop Gibson (with Bishop Hart) at

Bishop Gibson (a.k.a. Peter Marcus) has served the Order well over the years. Having come into the ranks as a powerful daddy and leader.

MormonBoyz: ORDINATION: Elder Dalton (with Bishop Hart a.k.a Lance Hart)

ORDINATION: Elder Dalton (with Bishop Hart) at

He trusts the handsome older men to show him what to do, grateful for all they’ve shown him so far. Bishop Hart (a.k.a Lance Hart) is eager to bring the boy to his spiritual calling, giving him his final insemination before priesthood. Many in the Brethren have fought to have such an honor, but Hart’s passion for the boy’s tight hole and submission have won out above all others!

MormonBoyz: THE INTERVIEW: Elder Dalton (with Bishop Hart)

THE INTERVIEW: Elder Dalton (with Bishop Hart) at

Elder Dalton can barely say the word “sex,” let alone act on it. His super strict upbringing shielded him from any and all outlets for sexual exploration, leaving this teenage missionary completely unaware of what’s in store. When Bishop Hart (a.k.a. Lance Hart) interviews him about his sexuality, he sees that Dalton is more repressed than most. He will need quite a lot of coaching to get him to understand his urges, even just how to touch himself to completion. Luckily, Bishop Hart knows how to inspire true, uncensored desire, bringing out the horny animal in even the most timid of missionaries.

MormonBoyz: BROTHER’S OATH: Elder Campbell (with Bishop Hart)

BROTHER'S OATH: Elder Campbell (with Bishop Hart) at

Elder Campbell may have completed his ordination, but that doesn’t mean Bishop Hart (aka Lance Hart) is done with him. The sweet, sexy missionary has impressed him time and time again, both with his submissive spirit and boyish body. Bishop Hart has played with the boy’s cock many times but he’s never had the chance to experience to its fullest. Sneaking off to a private room, the two men undress for Bishop Hart to take the boy for a ride. Elder Campbell learns how it feels to fuck a man while Hart enjoys the pleasures of a young buck’s raw cock!

MormonBoyz: Initiation: Elder Zachary (with Bishop Hart)

Initiation: Elder Zachary (with Brother Hart) at

Elder Zachary’s (aka Xavier Ryan) attraction to Bishop Hart (aka Lance Hart) couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order. Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart in ‘Photo Assistant’ at DylanLucas

Photo Assistant (Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart has been interviewing potential photo assistants for his new photography business and Michael Delray is the last one of the day. Lance asks the standard questions for any job interview but Michael’s answers are leading to something more than just an interview.

My 10 Inches: Rocco Steele Fucks Alex Adams and Lance Hart

Rocco Steele Fucks Alex Adams and Lance Hart at My 10 Inches

Rocco Steele catches his two employees, Lance Hart and Alex Adams, fucking off on the job site. He’s really pissed, but into how these two boys look in their denim overalls and work clothes. Rocco shows Lance just how funny it is to fuck around while he’s getting paid by bending him over and shoving his huge cock deep into Lance’s hole. Lance can barely take it but learns quickly to enjoy getting stuffed by his boss.Alex gets in on the action by stroking Lance’s hard cock while Rocco gives it to him from behind. Alex really enjoys pleasuring his cock while watching his buddy get rammed from behind.

Lance Hart Fucks Marco Montgomery in ‘Daddy Daydream’ at Dylan Lucas

Daddy Daydream (Lance Hart Fucks Marco Montgomery) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart is having his morning coffee as usual but today he drifts off into a daydream and before you know it Marco Montgomery comes walking and takes the coffee out of his hands and begins kissing him. Lance isn’t sure what’s going on but he takes Marco’s lead as Marco begins to worship his stepdads sexy built body. Lance is rock hard now that Marco is worshiping his cock and deep throating every inch of it. Marco is cock hungry and will do anything for Daddy.

Lance Hart Fucks Taylor Reign in ‘My Hot Stepbrother’ at Dylan Lucas

My Hot Stepbrother (Lance Hart Fucks Taylor Reign) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart is visiting his stepbrother Taylor Reign who seems preoccupied. Lance begins with some small talk about how his life has been going and Taylor is just not that enthusiastic about anything. Once Lance tries to figure out what’s bugging him Taylor moves in slow for a kiss which stuns Lance but he is excited about it. They start kissing and Taylor pulls out his stepbrother’s hard cock and wraps his eager mouth around it taking it deep inside.

IconMale: Straight Boy Seductions (Robert Axel Fucks Lance Hart) (Scene 2)

Straight Boy Seductions (Robert Axel Fucks Lance Hart) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Muscular Robert Axel and his ex have just split up and he’s moving out. Lance Hart is helping him pack but as the conversation turns to sex, Robert commenting that he’s looking forward to freedom and getting freaky. Lance sees a golden opportunity and tells him about a bi experience he had at a swinger’s party, where he had the best blowjob he’d ever had, and surprisingly it was from a man. As he is getting increasingly turned on, he states that he’d even take one of his ex’s crappy blowjobs, but with a knowing glance and a hand on his knee, Lance tells him he doesn’t need her.

MenOver30: Office Quickie (Lance Hart)

Office Quickie (Lance Hart) at MenOver30

Being called into work to pick up a few things the boss left behind is never fun and always a big inconvenience but not this time. Lance Hard has decided to make use of this situation and lucky for him he finds an xxx magazine hidden under the files he was looking for.

SeanCody: Franklin & Lance

Franklin & Lance at SeanCody

Lance got what he wanted all the way up to Franklin’s huge load of cum!

Watch Franklin & Lance at

SeanCody: Johnny & Lance

Johnny & Lance at SeanCody

After a thorough and deep ass pounding, both of them were spent but obviously happy!

Watch Johnny & Lance at

SeanCody: Lance & Ethan

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

There had to have been spots inside of Lance that hadn’t ever been touched by a dick so big!

Watch Lance & Ethan at

SeanCody: Jess Fucks Lance

Lance & Jess at SeanCody

Sean Cody Lance’s head eased back in shock as Jess‘ hard cock sprung out of his underwear. He was definitely nervous but also ready to have a taste of that big cock inside him. After this fuck, I think he’ll start measuring his strap-ons!