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Jordan Levine Fucks Zane Anders in ‘Whore Alley’ Part 1 at BROMO

Whore Alley (Jordan Levine Fucks Zane Anders) (Part 1) at BROMO

Jordan Levine is an off duty cop looking for action. Where better than Whore Alley? There he finds Zane Anders defacing public property with a filthy proposition. Who knows if Zane is prepared to receive such a relentless pounding, however he gets exactly what he deserves as Jordan serves up his own brand of raw vigilante justice.

Tom Faulk, Zane Anders, Aston Springs and Brandon Evans in ‘Train Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Train Fuck (Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans) at

Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans are rock-hard and ready to fuck. They’re so ready in fact that they spend very little time on blowing each other and almost immediately start barebacking each other. The four intensely fuck until they blow their loads all over.. and even then, they keep fucking.

Tom Faulk and Zane Anders Fuck Aston Springs in ‘Spit-Roasted’ at Dick Dorm

Spit-Roasted (Tom Faulk and Zane Anders Fuck Aston Springs) at

Aston Springs is taking on both Zane Anders and Tom Faulk’s huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can’t wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see.

Buck Gets DP’d By Zane Anders and Brad Powers in ‘Double-Dick Me!’ at Bromo

Double-Dick Me (Buck, Zane Anders and Brad Powers) (Bareback) at Bromo

Buck woke up super horny and starts fantasizing about a threesome while fucking himself with a double dildo. In this fantasy, Buck is getting double dicked raw by Zane Anders and Brad Powers, who then take their turn fucking Buck’s hot ass and mouth.

Brandon Evans, Zane Anders, Tobias, Tom Faulk in ‘Ladder Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Ladder Fuck (Brandon Evans, Zane Anders, Tobias and Tom Faulk) (Bareback) at

Who knew fucking on a ladder could be so hot?! Apparently these guys did, since they knew exactly what to do when wrapping cum-guzzler Brandon to one and taking turns fucking him raw and breeding him.

Jae Amen Fucks Zane Anders in ‘DOM’ Part 4 at Bromo

DOM: Part 4 (Jae Amen Fucks Zane Anders) (Bareback) at Bromo

In this last installment of DOM, Jae Amen is back and this time with a tied up and very excited Zane Anders.

Dick Dorm: Fuck His Muscle Ass (Charlie Pattinson, Zane Anders, John Culver and Leon Lewis) (Bareback)

Fuck His Muscle Ass (Charlie Pattinson, Zane Anders, John Culver and Leon Lewis) at

Four horny frat dudes, Charlie Pattinson , Zane Anders, John Culver and Leon Lewis, get together for an epic bareback fuck session. All of them hung to perfection and with everything from sloppy deep-throats, to some sweet breeding. It is simply one of the best Dick Dorm scenes to hit your screen.

Dick Dorm: Filthy Mouth (Charlie Pattinson and John Culver Tag-Team Zane Anders) (Bareback)

Filthy Mouth (Charlie Pattinson and John Culver Tag-Team Zane Anders) (Bareback) at

Charlie Pattinson, John Culver and Zane Anders love to experiment, and this time they found a very ingenious way to give each other better blowjobs. Having gotten the hang of their new toy, the real fun begins with an intense spit-roast and taking turns deep dicking each other bareback until there’s jizz everywhere.

Sketchy Sex: Dripping Wet Dumpster (Bareback)

Dripping Wet Dumpster (Bareback) at

All day, all night. Random strangers coming in and out of this apartment with their fat cocks and big loads. Fucking their cum into my dripping wet dumpster. I can’t get enough!

Dick Dorm: Weights (Trevor Long, Brandon Evans, Ashton & Zane Anders)

Weights (Trevor Long, Brandon Evans, Ashton & Zane Anders) at

The guys make use of heavy weights to keep the hot bottom tied down so that they could fuck him mercilessly. The guys make him their fuck toy, face-fucking him as he takes on their hot college cocks doggy style. They pound his sweet ass hard and then reward him with a shower in their hot loads leaving his hole dripping in cum.

Sketchy Sex: FEEN (DP Bareback)

FEEN (Bareback) at

On my hands and knees by the front door. Slobbering cum down my chin and begging strangers for another load. One dick isn’t enough! I need two in my ass and another one face fucking me till I gag. Dump your warm load as deep into me as you can. I fucking can’t get enough of this shit. Just fuck me all day and night. I don’t care who you are just pound my guts out.

Max London, Zane Anders & Leon Lewis Fuck Brenner Bolton in ‘He Likes It Rough & Raw: Volume 2’ Part 4 at Bromo

He Likes It Rough & Raw: Volume 2 (Max London, Zane Anders & Leon Lewis Fuck Brenner Bolton) (Part 4) at Bromo

Brenner Bolton’s ultimate fantasy comes alive when he finds himself the subject of an intense bareback orgy with Leon Lewis, Max London, and Zane Anders. The guys barge into his hotel room, while he’s in the shower, and drag him to the bed where all three big-dicked hunks take their turns throat-fucking Brenner from beginning to end, all the while fucking him deep and hard until he’s covered in their cum.

Sketchy Sex: Can’t Stop (Bareback)

Can't Stop (Bareback) at

I was sucking on a big fat dildo. Waiting by the door for another load. No one came. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed a dick in my god damn hole right now! Spat on the biggest fucker I could find and I sat on that fat fucking dildo. Uhhh it felt so good. Why can’t I stop doing this?!

SketchySex: CUM FUCK ME (Bareback)

CUM FUCK ME (Bareback) at

I’d been taking loads for days. A constant flow of strangers coming in and out. Just dumping their loads and leaving. One dude would fill me up and I’d already be wanting another one. I can’t get enough. I’m addicted.

DickDorm: Bareback Gangbang

Bareback Gangbang at

What’s better than a hot gangbang? A hot Bareback Gangbang! These frat guys don’t hold back on their new pledge. They take turn throat-fucking him with their huge cocks, then take turn plunging deep into his tight ass RAW. You’ll enjoy seeing this hottie get mounted bareback and hearing his loud moans.

5-Man Orgy feat. Sebastian Young, Eli Hunter, Zane Anders, Donny Forza & Rocko South in ‘Barebacked In Prison’ Part 4 at Bromo

Barebacked in Prison (Sebastian Young, Eli Hunter, Zane Anders, Donny Forza & Rocko South) (Part 4) at Bromo

Zane Anders, Sebastian Young, Donny Forza, Eli Hunter, and Rocko South all find themselves assigned to the same cell, and they’re not too thrilled about it. However, these inmates have an idea to ease the tensions. When Eli starts sucking on Rocko’s big dick, the other inmates follow and the rest is one epic prison bareback orgy, topped off by all the guys giving Zane a facial you’ll definitely want to see.

Will Braun Fucks Zane Anders in ‘Dad’s Diary’ Part 2 at

Dad's Diary (Will Braun Fucks Zane Anders) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Will Braun is getting married soon but can’t stop thinking of his younger days when he enjoyed fucking dudes. He recalls when Zane Anders came over to his parents house to do some work in the yard. Will had Zane work on his cock instead.

Gunner Canon & Zane Anders Double-Penetrate Brenner Bolton in ‘Breed My Boyfriend’ Part 4 at Bromo

Breed My Boyfriend (Brenner Bolton, Gunner Canon & Zane Anders) (Part 4) at Bromo

Turned on by the idea of barebacking someone else’s boyfriend on camera, Brenner Bolton and Zane Anders decide to have a threesome with Gunner Canon and film it for his boyfriend. The guys don’t waste any time and right away start sucking on each other’s big cocks. Before long, Zane is pounding Brenner’s hot ass raw, then moves on to Gunner. The rest is something Gunner’s boyfriend will definitely beat his meat to, and so will you.

Gunner Canon Fucks Zane Anders in ‘Breed My Boyfriend’ Part 3 at Bromo

Breed My Boyfriend (Gunner Canon Fucks Zane Anders) (Part 3) at Bromo

Next up on Gunner Canon’s list is Zane Anders. This pretty boy comes with a hot body, amazing ass, and a massive cock, which Gunner can barely fit in his mouth. As Gunner slowly slides raw into Zane’s hot ass, their loud moans, and hot bareback action is sure to please his horny boyfriend while he’s away.

Zane Anders & Rocko South Flip-Fuck in ‘Barebacked in Prison’ Part 1 at Bromo

Barebacked in Prison (Zane Anders & Rocko South Flip-Fuck) (Part 1) at Bromo

Prison can be hard for anyone, but especially when you’re the new guy. That’s what new inmate Zane Anders found out when his new cellmate (Rocko South) started getting undressed to reveal his rock hard cock. Without hesitation, Zane takes that dick deep down his throat and before long he is thrusting bareback, deep inside Rocko’s hairy and hungry hole. The two inmates intensely flip-fuck until they both shoot their loads all over the cell floor.

Zane Anders, Chandler Banks & Brenner Bolton in ‘The Bell Boys’ Part 3 at

The Bell Boys (Zane Anders, Chandler Banks & Brenner Bolton) (Part 3) at Bromo

Back in his hotel room after a long work day, attorney Brenner Bolton is looking for a quick stress relief. He calls up the reception, and up come not one bellboy but two. Eager to please, Chandler Banks and Zane Anders get right down to business feeding Mr. Bolton their huge juicy cocks. Still wearing his suit jacket, Mr. Bolton gets rammed bareback by Chandler while deep-throating Zane. The hot action gets even hotter when Zane starts pounding Mr. Bolton until he cums on his ass, and lets Chandler do the same on that perfect ass.

Zane Anders Fucks Cameron Kincade in ‘The Bellboys’ Part 2 at Bromo

The Bell Boys (Zane Anders Fucks Cameron Kincade) (Bareback) at Bromo

When he hears the rumors surrounding the hotel’s bellboys, entrepreneur Cameron Kincade definitely wants a piece of that pie.

DallasReeves: Nicoli Cole & Zane Anders (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Nicoli Cole & Zane Anders (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at

Nicoli Cole comes home from the gym horny, and fortunately for him, he finds Zane Anders all alone at the breakfast table. Without much coaxing, Nicoli has his cock in Zane’s mouth quickly. It seems like Zane has been hungry for something other than cereal!

Str8-To-Gay: My Brother In-Law (Johnny Rapid & Zane Anders) (Part 2)

My Brother In Law (Johnny Rapid & Zane Anders) (Part 2) at

Poor Zane Andrews is just a clueless straight dude trying to send his wife some sexy selfies. Johnny Rapid happens by and takes pity on Zane who needs some help to get the shots right. Step one: get that cock hard. Since Johnny is in a hurry, he sucks it stiff, but then gets the tingle himself. Before long, Johnny is on all fours getted pounded by his sister’s hot husband!

Coming Soon to Sebastian Young’s 1st Bareback Bottom Scene (w/ Jack King & Zane Anders)

Sebastian Young's 1st Bareback Scene (w/ Jack King & Zane Anders) with the Forza Brothers at

Soon to be released at Sebastian Young’s first bareback scene with Jack King and Zane Anders. Be on the lookout, this scene goes live 7-25-14.