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Dick Dorm: Jay Fucks Ryan Kroger in ‘Filthy House Boy’

Filthy House Boy (Jay Fucks Ryan Kroger) (Bareback) at

Dick Dorm: Not only did the Filthy House Boy, Ryan Kroger, get his ass pounded by Jay, but he also gave that dildo a little doggystyle action.

Dick Dorm: Jay Fucks Trevor in ‘The Gift Of Bareback’

The Gift Of Bareback (Jay Fucks Trevor) (Bareback) at

Horny Jay got his roomie a very special birthday gift and couldn’t wait to get him home! He was quite pleased to find tattooed Trevor’s (a.k.a. Devon at Corbin Fisher) hot, naked bod tied down with his big ass bent over and spreading his cheeks open. The tall brunette got his mouth and asshole fucked wide open and took that raw cock with no fuss. This year’s birthday gift was truly a ‘succsex’!

Dick Dorm: Jay Fucks Leo Luckett ‘I Need A Favor’

I Need A Favor (Jay Fucks Leo Luckett) (Bareback) at

Red-haired Leo Luckett needs a favor and wanted to crash with Jay for the night. Jay and his big dick couldn’t wait to turn that ass around for a raw dick pounding.

Dick Dorm: Dante Colle and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Tobias in ‘His Tight Hole’

His Tight Hole (Dante Colle and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Tobias) at

Athletic hunk Tobias gets his tight ass pounded hard by stud Ashton McKay. Lush beau, Dante Colle, joins in on the action and stuffs Tobias’s mouth full of his fat cock. Soon, Tobias is getting way more dick than he expected!

DickDorm: Blaze Burton, Brandon Evans, Lorenzo Flexx and Jay in ‘Strip And Poke’

Strip And Poke (Blaze Burton, Brandon Evans, Lorenzo Flexx and Jay) (Bareback) at

This game quickly turns into an orgy fuck fest with beefy Lorenzo Flexx getting his curved cock sucked off by sexy Brandon Evans, while tattooed stud Blaze Burton gets a taste of hunky Jay’s uncut cock. After all the cock sucking comes the ass fucking and Brandon Evans is the lucky bottom who gets bred and creamed in the face.

Dick Dorm: Boxer Beatdown (Leon Lewis, Jay and Titus) (Bareback)

Boxer Beatdown (Leon Lewis, Jay and Titus) (Bareback) at

Leon Lewis, Jay, and Titus came up with an ingenious way to push their fantasies to a new level: attaching a massive dildo to a boxing dummy, and looking at Titus’ face, it’s definitely doing the job.

Dick Dorm: Blaze Burton Fucks Brandon Evans in ‘Bareback Wars’

Bareback Wars (Blaze Burton Fucks Brandon Evans) (Bareback) at

Brandon Evans and Blaze Burton are wrapped up in a game of a War and the stakes keep getting higher. When we decided the winner of the game gets to top, tension in the room instantly doubled down. But Brandon clearly loves getting fucked hard by a raw dick, so we’re pretty sure he lost on purpose. Watch his hard dick tick tock as he bounces on Blaze’s cock!

Dick Dorm: Dick Surprise (with Titus)

Dick Surprise (with Titus) (Bareback) at

Titus is hunting for dick. But why hunt when it’s delivered to your door? This is Dick Dorm afterall, and there’s always someone ready to play. Titus better hold on tight, cuz he’s about to get plowed raw!

Dick Dorm: Damien Stone and Steven Roman Tag-Team Titus in ‘Playing Games’

Playing Games (Damien Stone and Steven Roman Tag-Team Titus) (Bareback) at

It takes some special concentration to keep gaming while getting pounded hard from behind, but Titus does just that. By the time he’s got Damien Stone and Steven Roman on him though he can’t help but be swept away in the moment. You won’t want to miss this high energy bareback group-fuck along with the sweatiest spit roast we’ve ever seen at Dick Dorm!

Dick Dorm: Leon Lewis & Zane Anders Fuck Titus in ‘Fuck My Box’

Fuck My Box (Leon Lewis and Zane Anders Fuck Titus) (Bareback) at

Special delivery! We’ve all heard of Dick In A Box. Today we get Titus In A Box! Zane Anders and Leon Lewis take turns fucking his sweet ass raw, but it doesn’t end there. This box is full of surprises and Titus is downright cock hungry! Make sure to watch until the sticky sweet conclusion, when Titus turns into a full cum slut.

Brandon Evans, Ryan Sparks, Damien Stone & Levi Logging in ‘Simon Says’ at Dick Dorm

Simon Says (Brandon Evans, Ryan Sparks, Damien Stone & Levi Logging) at

The innocent game of Simon Says turns naughty when Brandon Evans, Damien Stone, and Ryan Sparks have some fun with their new friend Levi Logging.

Tom Faulk, Zane Anders, Aston Springs and Brandon Evans in ‘Train Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Train Fuck (Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans) at

Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans are rock-hard and ready to fuck. They’re so ready in fact that they spend very little time on blowing each other and almost immediately start barebacking each other. The four intensely fuck until they blow their loads all over.. and even then, they keep fucking.

Tom Faulk and Zane Anders Fuck Aston Springs in ‘Spit-Roasted’ at Dick Dorm

Spit-Roasted (Tom Faulk and Zane Anders Fuck Aston Springs) at

Aston Springs is taking on both Zane Anders and Tom Faulk’s huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can’t wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see.

Miles Taylor and Ryan Sparks Tag-Team Elye Black in ‘Peepers’ at Dick Dorm

Peepers (Miles Taylor and Ryan Sparks Tag-Team Elye Black) at

Two peeping toms, Ryan Sparks (formerly Jimmy Bona at GayHoopla) and Miles Taylor, are enjoying watching Elye Black (aka Dave at Corbin Fisher) get freaky on his own, until they decide to join in the fun. The three then partake in an intense bareback and big-dicked threesome we won’t soon forget.

Charlie Pattinson, Kyle, Tobias and Leon Lewis in ‘Beerback Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Beerback Fuck (Charlie Pattinson, Kyle, Tobias and Leon Lewis) at

A fun night of partying quickly turns into a bareback fuck-fest with our dudes going all out to satisfy their carnal urges. From power-bottoming their mates’ massive cocks, to getting hardcore face-fucked, to even using beer bottles in strange and exciting new ways. Nothing is off limits.

Dick Dorm: Fuck Him Until He Cums (Charlie Pattinson, Gunner Canon, Tobias & Leon Lewis) (Bareback)

Fuck Him Until He Cums (Charlie Pattinson, Gunner Canon, Tobias & Leon Lewis) (Bareback) at

Wanting to give a good show to their mates, these guys aren’t shy about exploring each other and what they can do. Kissing, then blowing each other, until it becomes not just a show, but a full on gangbang. And you’ll definitely want to see these hardcore and raw penetrations.

Str8 Chaser: Robert (He’s Not Shy When It Comes To Making Money)

Robert (He's Not Shy When It Comes To Making Money) at Str8 Chaser

Strapping young lad Robert (formerly Alex Griffen at GayHoopla) is sweet and handsome. He’s also a bit shy, but not when it comes to making some money. When I offered him enough cash, he was more than happy to play with my dick, and even sat on it with that beautiful ass of his.

Brandon Evans, Zane Anders, Tobias, Tom Faulk in ‘Ladder Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Ladder Fuck (Brandon Evans, Zane Anders, Tobias and Tom Faulk) (Bareback) at

Who knew fucking on a ladder could be so hot?! Apparently these guys did, since they knew exactly what to do when wrapping cum-guzzler Brandon to one and taking turns fucking him raw and breeding him.