Miles Taylor and Ryan Sparks Tag-Team Elye Black in ‘Peepers’ at Dick Dorm

Peepers (Miles Taylor and Ryan Tag-Team Elye Black) at

Peepers (Miles Taylor and Ryan Tag-Team Elye Black) at

Peepers (Miles Taylor and Ryan Tag-Team Elye Black) at

Two peeping toms, Ryan Sparks (formerly Jimmy Bona at GayHoopla) and Miles Taylor, are enjoying watching Elye Black (aka Dave at Corbin Fisher) get freaky on his own, until they decide to join in the fun. The three then partake in an intense bareback and big-dicked threesome we won’t soon forget.

//This scene will be available on RealityDudesNetwork May 19th//

Watch Ryan Sparks, Miles Taylor and Elye Black at RealityDudesNetwork

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throwawayforget says:

Whoa, I didn’t expect Dave/Elye’s first bottoming scene to be at Dick Dorm of all places.

DeeGee says:

There’s a lot of release time between now and May 19.

Bob Bilbert says:

Corbin must be pissed.

throwawayforget says:

They’re probably just grateful that a hot guy willing to do more than solo/straight stuff has signed on with them.

Loki says:

They knew this stuff was out there, that’s why they led with the Quinn scene. I was expecting it to from Active Duty tho.

gaycockluvr says:

I don’t have any interest in seeing Jimmy Bona top or Miles. I hope Jimmy plans on giving up that ass soon.

Lollipop says:

Me too, best ass ever

Dale Bergman says:

Dave/Elye Black sure is getting around. He went from fucking gay porn legend Quinn at Corbin Fisher to this site. That mattress looks downright nasty.

Target says:

Do they usually preview scenes more than two weeks in advance? Model war brewing between Corbin Fisher and Reality Dudes?

Lollipop says:

Oh my god! Jimmy bona!!! I love his ass

John Yah says:

I’m sorry I didn’t see this coming, Elye (Dave) just didn’t seem like the type to be a cock hungry bottom slut to get spit roasted this fast. He’s done the bare minimal on both the other sites, he didn’t even suck dick in his corbinfisher scene. I wonder how much he got paid for this scene compared to the others.

Starved36 says:

The tide has turned, A ‘straight’ Corbin Fisher cutie is a bareback gay slut at dick dorm. WHY o WHY do we have to wait till the 19th???

Kanaka says:

Dave…my man. Forget the shade I threw at you for the Corbin Fisher scene where you fucked Aunt Bailey. All is forgiven.

freater says:

Dave as a bottom slut whore is pretty fucking hot. Hope he keeps doing similar scenes!

Scrapple says:

Corbin gon’ be madddddd. Not only is “Dave” getting fucked at a lesser studio, he’s getting fucked by a former Corbin Fisher model. The shade is real, and it’s spectacular!

throwawayforget says:

So what studio is Elye currently with? Is this an old scene or is CF’s scene the old one? And where does Active Duty come into all of this? Elye is a hustler!

Scrapple says:

I don’t remember if AD posts dates on their vids, but I would think their scene is the oldest. The DD and Corbin Fisher scenes might’ve been shot around the same time. I can see a situation where he was waiting around to be called back (a problem Corbin Fisher has) and someone else came calling.

I love a good dick hustler!

Maximus says:

Miles Taylor looks like the gay lovechild of Duckface and Streisand. (Has anybody read him for that yet? Am I just rereading him? Oh well, sometimes a good read needs to be enjoyed multiple times.)

sanfv says:

Knew we’d see Bona again given him getting busted for stalking and domestic abuse.

Sask says:

A nice cup of T. Been waiting.

Scrapple says:

How the fuck do you think you’re going to stalk someone when you’re dragging all that ass?

sam my says:

Gets my right hand workout routine

No_No_No_Yes says:

I am so confused. So apparently is he with all the impressions and high expectations at Corbin Fisher I would think he… oh hahahaha I can’t even say this shit with a straight face anymore this IS gay porn.

DeeGee says:

This is a lot of repurposed shit.

david david says:

Woah! A preview for a May 19 release from Dick Dorm? Since when?! This is such a bitchy move. And Dave gurl, why Dick Dorm of all studios? I hope Corbin Fisher makes more videos of Dave after this. I need to see him get fucked with proper camerawork.

Atticus says:

DickDorm finally releases a new scene and they couldn’t find a single top. Mess.

JohnnyVooDoo says:

This is just further proof that Corbin Fisher is just fucking with you.
They act as if them having a straight scenes is mandatory for model return and yet your left waiting months on end wondering if he will ever come back.

But here he is a week later on another site bottoming and being spit roasted. Had he stayed at Corbin Fisher we would have suffered through so much bull shit — more str8 scenes and bi scenes and still he prob wouldn’t have sucked a dick or bottomed.
Thankfully there are some soley dedicated
gay porn sites left so.
Go Mind Geek/Reality Dudes!

peter says:

I don’t think he was exactly ‘suffering’ through his straight scenes. This one’s def. gay4pay.

JohnnyVooDoo says:

Oh never said he himself was suffering. I was referring to the studio — CF. Had he stayed at Corbin Fisher this would have never happened. You wouldn’t have seen it — ever. They would have made the viewers — suffer through a very long wait and non relevant sexual acts that’s simply arent gay. However, the moment he jumps ship to the next studio he’s now bottoming and sucking cock…

In don’t know how you misses that in the original message.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Dave taking two dicks & eating cum is a delight!!!