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Dudes In Pubilc 14: Tavern (with Carter Michaels and Gavin Taylor)

Dudes In Pubilc 14: Tavern (with Carter Michaels and Gavin Taylor)

Carter Michaels is getting this party started and Gavin Taylor is invited. The bar-keep isn’t too keen on hosting a fuckfest but these two can’t contain themselves. The party isn’t over until Carter & Gavin’s cum-lust is satiated. This bar’s patron’s will have some juicy stories to tell!

Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver (with Cliff Jensen)

Dudes In Public 13: Dirty Driver (with Cliff Jensen)

There’s nothing quite like mixing business and pleasure and Cliff Jensen is the master of doing just that. Watch him stroke & drive like a pro while his passenger is none the wiser. How long will he get away with being such a dirty driver? He’s gonna stretch this public wank out as long as possible.

Dudes In Public 12: Understall (with Morgan Blake and Jeremy)

Dudes In Public 12: Understall (with Morgan Blake and Jeremy)

We love bathrooms. Any place with that much exposed junk is bound to be a good spot for some hot action. And man was that ever true for these two muscle hunks who turned a public bathroom into their private playroom. You do not want to miss the rapid-fire cumming when they get caught in the act!

RealityTHUGS: Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust

Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust at RealityDudesNetwork

Adonis Couverture & Ian Lust discuss the origins of their names while getting in the mood for some deep-ass dicking. But Adonis is a damn big man; did Ian bite off more than he could chew? Too late to back out now. Adonis gives him a ride he won’t soon forget!

Str8 Chaser: Titus (One Of My Best Conquests)

Titus (One Of My Best Conquests) at Str8 Chaser

Titus is a hottie! Hands down. His reaction when I started fucking his sweet ass got me even harder because of his eagerness. I didn’t think that he’d be able to take all of me, but man was I wrong about him. Titus was undeniably one of my best conquests.

Dudes In Public 11: Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James

Jack Kross Fucks Tobias James at Dudes In Public

Have you ever thought you were alone for a parking lot wank, then caught someone filming you? From what we can see, it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Jack Kross and Tobias James don’t hold back, with one backing up on a dildo & giving head, while his new buddy films every detail. Watch as they scandalize passerby’s to the point where you’ll wonder: will this public fuck land these two in jail?

Reality THUGS: Knight Fucks Assassin

Knight Fucks Assassin at RealityDudesNetwork

Knight & Assassin go way back, so they were pretty excited to be paired up for some hot ass fucking. Assassin knows how to get shit done, so he goes straight to work sucking and slobbering all over Knight’s massive cock. When it comes time to take Knight’s BBC in his hungry ass, Assassin enjoys every second of being filled up to capacity.

Str8Chaser: Teo (I Tapped His Gorgeous Ass)

Teo (I Tapped His Gorgeous Ass) at Str8 Chaser

When I found Teo talking on his mobile I was instantly attracted to his sexy accent and athletic body. When he claimed Europeans are more open-minded, I decided to test the theory. Hesitant but flattered, Teo warmed up to the idea of making some extra cash with me. He must have been speaking the truth because I mananged to convince him to suck me off right there in the park. After that it was easy getting him back to the hotel where I tapped his gorgeous ass.

Reality THUGS: Tru Fucks Mr. Magnificent

Tru Fucks Mr. Magnificent at RealityDudesNetwork

Mr. Magnificent & Tru are both Ohio boys who finally meet for some Reality Thugs business. Magnificent goes to town on Tru’s huge cock before getting his hole fully wrecked by a balls deep pounding. Tru discovers whether blondes have more fun, as he pushes Mr. Magnificent to his limits before cumming all over his body.

Str8 Chaser: Blake (A Nice Big Butt and Arms For Days)

Blake (A Nice Big Butt and Arms For Days) at Str8 Chaser

Soft spoken Blake loves to work out and it shows: he’s got a nice big butt and arms for days. Jobless and trying to pay for school, I was able to get Blake out of his comfort zone with the promise of some easy money. Strapped for cash, Blake couldn’t refuse my offer, but in the end I think he really loved handing his muscle ass over to me.

Dudes In Public 10: Jimmy & William

Jimmy & William (Flip-Fuck Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Every bartender deserves a barback like this. Someone eager to suck, rim & fuck despite how many customers are around. Taking a break from slinging drinks for a moment gives these two babes the opportunity to cum hard, no matter the consequences.

Leon Fucks Shawn Heart at RealityTHUGS

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at RealityDudesNetwork

Shawn Heart is taking on Leon’s thick cock and eases into it by blowing Leon until he’s rock hard and ready. Since Leon is so thick, Shawn had to “stretch” himself up before Leon flips him on all fours and dives deep into Shawn’s tight ass. The rest is a hardcore fuckfest you won’t want to miss.

Dudes In Public 9: Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback)

Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Watch as Gage Unkut and Michael DelRey fuck and suck all over a public bathroom without a care in the world.

Str8Chaser: Jackson Traynor (Money Flowing, Inhibitions Going)

Jackson Traynor (Money Flowing, Inhibitions Going) at Str8 Chaser

Jackson Traynor is a sweet southern boy with a cute face and a runner’s body. But don’t let his shyness fool you, Jackson drives a hard bargain. It was definitely worth the extra time it took to convince him to loosen up for me. His inhibitions dropped once the money started flowing and when we were in private he and his big dick were all mine.

Brandon Evans, Ryan Sparks, Damien Stone & Levi Logging in ‘Simon Says’ at Dick Dorm

Simon Says (Brandon Evans, Ryan Sparks, Damien Stone & Levi Logging) at

The innocent game of Simon Says turns naughty when Brandon Evans, Damien Stone, and Ryan Sparks have some fun with their new friend Levi Logging.

Dudes In Public 8: Dane Stewart Fucks Zander Cole (Bareback)

Dane Stewart Fucks Zander Cole (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Horny and utterly carefree, Zander and Dane go all out on each other in the middle of the gym. Deep-throating, rimming, full-on bareback action, with some hot cumshots, all the while the gym patrons are obliviously walking by.

Str8 Chaser: Daniel (I Made a Meal Of That Hot Ass For The Right Price)

Daniel (He Showed Me What He Was Packin' For a Few Bucks) at Str8 Chaser

I saw Daniel jogging on an empty path and seeing his bulge sway back and forth in his basketball shorts gave me an instant hard-on. I just HAD to have a taste of that fine piece, and for the right price, I made a full meal of that hot ass.

Tom Faulk, Zane Anders, Aston Springs and Brandon Evans in ‘Train Fuck’ at Dick Dorm

Train Fuck (Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans) at

Zane Anders, Aston Springs, Tom Faulk and Brandon Evans are rock-hard and ready to fuck. They’re so ready in fact that they spend very little time on blowing each other and almost immediately start barebacking each other. The four intensely fuck until they blow their loads all over.. and even then, they keep fucking.

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at Reality THUGS

Aston Long Fucks Juan Carlos at RealityDudesNetwork

Aston Long and Juan Carlos fuck ‘Reality Thugs Style’! Picking up ladies at bars might be easy for them, but will an ass penetration be equally easy? Lubricant’s on the table for a reason.

Str8 Chaser: Devin (He Showed Me What He Was Packin’ For a Few Bucks)

Devin (He Showed Me What He Was Packin' For a Few Bucks) at Str8 Chaser

I found cute Devin camping in the middle of nowhere. He needed some hard cash to complete his trip and I was happy to help him out. For a few bucks he really showed me what he was packin’ on his hiking trip, for a few more dollars he took my package in his bearded mouth. With no one coming by, it gave me the confidence to ask if he would let me fuck him. He went for it, and so did I.

Dudes In Public 5: Miles Taylor Fucks Lucky Daniels

Scene 5 (Miles Taylor Fucks Lucky Daniels) (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Another beautiful day outdoors, another golden opportunity to plow some ass behind some bushes. that’s exactly what Miles Taylor and Lucky Daniels did, and we’re all the more grateful for it.

Str8 Chaser: Jimmy (I Was Not Gonna Let His Loud-Mouthed GF Stop Me!)

Jimmy (I Was Not Gonna Let Jimmy's Loud-Mouthed GF Stop Me!) at Str8 Chaser

I normally don’t do this, but Jimmy was just too cute and I was not gonna let his loud mouthed girlfriend stop me. They both openned up with an offer of cash. I knew I had him once I got him to take off his shirt. I guess I went a step too far asking to see his big dick as his girlfriend got pissed and took off. Luckily, Jimmy only had my hard cash on his mind.

RealityTHUGS: Intrigue Fucks Scotte Millie

Intrigue Fucks Scotte Millie at RealityDudesNetwork

Scotte Millie’s first encounter with us is one he won’t soon forget because he got a taste of the great Intrigue. as soon as Intrigue whips his dick out, Scotte is all over that tick juicy meat. he blows Intrigue for a while before he gets flipped over and has his ass eaten out. Intrigue then starts fucking Scotte hard and fast until he’s ready to unload onto Scotte’s face.

Miles Taylor and Ryan Sparks Tag-Team Elye Black in ‘Peepers’ at Dick Dorm

Peepers (Miles Taylor and Ryan Sparks Tag-Team Elye Black) at

Two peeping toms, Ryan Sparks (formerly Jimmy Bona at GayHoopla) and Miles Taylor, are enjoying watching Elye Black (aka Dave at Corbin Fisher) get freaky on his own, until they decide to join in the fun. The three then partake in an intense bareback and big-dicked threesome we won’t soon forget.