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CockyBoys: Ken Summers & Valentin Braun (Flip-Fuck)!

Ken Summers & Valentin Braun (Flip-Fuck)! at

Ken Summers is so happy to finally shoot with Cocky Boys that his enthusiasm practically leaps off the screen! He’s also eager to share his scene with Valentin Braun and his love of morning sex. He wakes up hard in Valentin’s arms and slowly they exchange soft caresses and gentle kisses. These give way to Valentin fingering Ken and Ken teasing his joyful bed mate’s cock and sucking him deep. While still having fun they soon settle in for some seriously sensuous sex.

Santiago Figueroa Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Cuties That Like It Raw’ at FuckerMate

Cuties That Like It Raw (Santiago Figueroa Fucks Ken Summers) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week we bring you a hot new mate here on Fuckermate: Santiago Figueroa comes from Puerto Rico and apart of his gorgeous face and his perfect body, he got also another big quality that he’ll love to show you. For a handsome guy we needed to find a mate just as cute and so we made Santiago meet with his friend Ken Summers, one of our hottest young mates.

Paddy O’Brian, Ken Summers and Jean Favre in ‘The Couple That Fucks Together’ Part 1 at

The Couple That Fucks Together (Paddy O'Brian, Ken Summers and Jean Favre) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian, Jean Favre, and Ken Summers get together for a romping threesome, filling those dark open holes with meaty cum-filled dicks.

Alejandro Torres Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Raw Heats’ at Fuckermate

Raw Heats (Alejandro Torres and Ken Summers) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week follow us and our two gorgeous mates to the beach to enjoy an unforgettable outdoor fuck. Alejandro Torres and Ken Summers went together to Sitges to relax under the hot Spanish sun. They take a bath in the fresh water and began to kiss and touch each other between the rocks, catching the eye of the people at the beach. Soon the guys decide to move into the woods to find a quiet place to satisfy their cravings for outdoor bareback sex.

Five-Man Double-Penetration Orgy with Ken Summers, Dani Robles, Logan Rogue, Ralph Novak and Sean Xavier in ‘Raw Double Penetrations 05’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainement

Raw Double-Penetrations 05 (Dani Robles, Ken Summers, Logan Rogue, Ralph Novak and Sean Xavier) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

Ken Summers loves group sex – the more men who come his way the better. He might be a little guy, but he’s not shy. He teams up with fellow bottom Dani Robles as they submit to serving Sean Xavier, Ralph Novak, and Logan Rogue. Ken loves being the center of attention, and when he’s taking Ralph and Logan’s cocks up his ass at the same time while sucking off Dani and Sean, it’s clear the production team gave him exactly what he wanted!

Mario Galeno Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Daring Mates’ at FuckerMate

Daring Mates (Mario Galeno Fucks Ken Summers) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

Our sexy Latin Ken Summers recently moved to a new flat, but he has to share his room with a boring flatmate who never leaves and remains always at home. So when his Brazilian friend Mario Galeno goes to visit him, they are forced to stay in the living room. Both guys are horny and Ken want to try Mario’s big cock; soon their excitement wins the fear of being caught and the twink bottom gets on his knees to receive the Brazilian thick rod deep in his mouth. Mario cannot wait to please his bottom mate and after a quick rimming session, Ken’s succulent ass gets ready to be banged raw and deep. Finally the right reward also comes and Ken finds his face and mouth full of hot cum!

Jean Franko Fucks Ken Summers in ‘The Parlor’ Part 3 at

The Parlor (Jean Franko Fucks Ken Summers) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Ken Summers and Jean Franko enter the parlor for a sensually good time. After taking turns slobbering each other’s rods, the guys enjoy some good ole’ fashioned butt fucking resulting in massive loads of cum.

Sean Xavier Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Bareback Auditions 6’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 6 (Sean Xavier Fucks Ken Summers) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

As far as Ken Summers is concerned, the bigger the better. He’s taken some big dicks from our hottest tops, but Ken’s never had a big black dick like Sean Xavier’s — until now. Sean is one of the nicest guys in porn: this fact makes it a lot of fun to watch him shed that kind disposition, get naked, and relentlessly use his dick on a bottom’s throat and hole. Ken Summers, it’s time for you to step up to your greatest bottoming challenge yet!

Diego Reyes Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Fallen Angel’ Part 2 at

Fallen Angel (Diego Reyes Fucks Ken Summers) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Diego Reyes and Ken Summers embrace and taste each other’s bodies, basking in their sexual energy. Diego’s tongue opens Ken’s ass for a welcome pounding. His rod travels deep to the hilt, massaging Ken’s anal passages until the floodgates send their hot semen cumming.

Patrick Dei Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Come Over and Fuck Me!’ at FuckerMate

Come Over and Fuck Me! (Patrick Dei Fucks Ken Summers) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

Our power bottom Ken Summers is alone and annoyed at home, doing his homeworks, while his newcomer friend Patrick Dei, recently arrived in Barcelona, call him to hang out for some drink. – Ok, let’s go out! I’ll wait for you here at home!

Kayden Gray & Josh Milk Double-Penetrate Ken Summers in ‘4K 3-WAY’ at Dominic Ford

Kayden Cross & Josh Milk Double-Penetrate Ken Summers at

When you put Kayden Gray, Josh Milk and Ken Summers in the same room, only one thing can happen: cum will fly everywhere. And Ken will get double penetrated. This scene opens on a terrace in Barcelona where Kayden and Josh are making out. Soon, Ken joins them and starts blowing them outside before they all head inside to fuck. The fuck and suck each other, and double penetrate Ken. Kayden fucks Ken, and then fucks Josh. This scene is hot, and culminates in explosive cumshots you need to see to believe.

Bogdan Gromov, Dominic Arrow, Ken Summers, Viktor Rom Visser in ‘Raw Double Penetrations 04: Stuffed’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Raw Double Penetrations 04: Stuffed (Bogdan Gromov, Dominic Arrow, Ken Summers, Viktor Rom Visser) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Ken Summers and Dominic Arrow are the hot and horny bottoms passed around between Viktor Rom Visser and Bogdan Gromov, who is in training of sorts learning to be a stronger top by following the example of Viktor. Viktor Rom is the total top in charge of the situation, and Ken and Dominic take turns gets fucked at the same time by Viktor and Bogdan.

Rico Marlon And Sergeant Miles Double-Penetrate Ken Summers in ‘Breeding Prince Charming’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Breeding Prince Charming (Rico Marlon And Sergeant Miles Double-Penetrate Ken Summers) (Scene 2) at Lucas Entertainment

Sergeant Miles doesn’t know what’s going on with his relationship (or lack thereof) with Brian Bonds, the star of “Breeding Prince Charming.” He sees the other contestants around him getting a shot to raw-dog the slutty prince, but Sergeant is sitting on the sidelines and his balls are getting fuller and fuller with each passing day. At this point, he doesn’t care if he gets any time with Brian or not — he just wants to nut.

Paddy O’Brian Fucks Ken Summers in ‘Satisfied’ at

Satisfied (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Ken Summers) at Gods Of Men

Paddy O’Brian and Ken Summers share an intimate moment after an endless make-out session. Ken worship’s Paddy’s rod, savoring every inch of that pulsing thick meat. Paddy’s perfect cock head pops and pumps into Ken’s tight little hole. He fucks him from behind before Ken hops on top and rides that massive piece of meat to completion.

Ken Summers Gets Gang-Banged by Alex Kof, Bulrog & Viktor Rom Visser in ‘Raw Roughnecks’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Raw Roughnecks (Alex Kof, Bulrog, Ken Summers & Viktor Rom Visser) (Scene 4) at Lucas Entertainment

Ken Summers is the new guy around the farm, and he took the job because he knows the reputation of the other guys that work there. He bumbles on his first day to tempt the impatience of Viktor Rom, Bulrog, and Alex Kof — three of the alpha-ale tops working on the farm. No work gets done: Ken is too busy surrendering his body to the tops around him, and they’re not shy about using what’s offered. At one point Alex and Bulrog test Ken’s limits and double-penetrate him at 8:20. Ken is all about service, and this is a hot introduction for him. Alex, Viktor, and Bulrog love using Ken as a cum-hungry pig!

Zander Craze Fucks Ken Summers in ‘RAW BIKER’ at Fuckermate!

RAW BIKER (Zander Craze Fucks Ken Summers) at Fuckermate

This week we bring you a second release with our new mate Zander Craze and power bottom Ken Summers. We caught them on the street, right after Ken, riding his bicycle in hot and sexy sporty clothes, came across Zander, talking on the phone. Our Italian newcomer Zander doesn’t waste time eating and fingering Ken’s ass for his pleasure and Ken answers obeying his man. You can’t miss how those guys enjoy each other with a hot passionate fucking!

TimTales: Tim Kruger Fucks Ken Summers

Tim Kruger Fucks Ken Summers at TimTales

It’s storming here in Barcelona. There is thunder outside…and inside! Tim Kruger shows Ken Summers his dark side. He takes possession of his hole like no one before. He fucks him deep all over the dining table and living room. Check out for Ken riding that massive cock. That little guy knows how to take cocks!

Ansony Fucks Ken Summers Raw in ‘Dirty Thoughts’ at Fuckermate

Dirty Thoughts (Ansony Fucks Ken Summers Raw) at Fuckermate

The mind of our power bottom Ken Summers is always filled with dirty thoughts, and even more so when he meets our hung Latin top Ansony. You know Ken has a wild passion for big cocks and today his daddy Ansony has got a huge one for him to enjoy till the end. Watch how Ansony first enjoys Ken’s hungry mouth and then hammers and sticks his XXL dick into that perfect ass until the young fuck-buddy can take no more.

TimTales: Rodolfo Fucks Ken Summers (Bareback)

Rodolfo Fucks Ken Summers (Bareback) at TimTales

It’s the initiation of Ken Summers at Timtales. Rodolfo is simply the best to fill that position, and filling, he does! He saw himself as mentor to Ken; teaching him some serious positions. Let’s just say that he knows his topic very deeply. And Ken, well, we were surprised to see how passionate he took Rodolfo’s massive cock. He just loves so much getting fucked, we’ll get him more cocks soon on Timtales ;)

Viktor Rom Visser Fucks Ken Summers Bareback in ‘Latin Power Strikes Back’ at Fuckermate

LATIN POWER STRIKES BACK (Viktor Rom Fucks Ken Summers Bareback) at Fuckermate

Since our newest mate Ken Summers made his debut with us a few weeks ago, we received a lot of messages from fans, crazy to watch him in action again. This week we are happy to please them with a memorable scene, the like of which is unlikely to be repeated in the future.