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MEN Series: Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr and Lucas Fox in ‘Telenovela, Part 2’

Telenovela, Part Two (Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr and Lucas Fox) at Drill My Hole

Telenovela: Klein Kerr suspects something is going on between Lucas Fox and Massimo Piano and is shocked to find his chiseled boyfriend riding Lucas’s big, uncut dick.

MENatPLAY: Making It BIG: The Fitting (Manuel Skye Fucks Klein Kerr)

Making It BIG: The Fitting (Manuel Skye Fucks Klein Kerr) on MenAtPlay

Part three of MENatPLAY’s Making It Big series shift gears at bit, but still cranks up the heat. Manuel Skye oozes sex appeal as a movie star getting a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming film. Klein Kerr, the stylist, is undeniably hot, and Manuel knows it.

MenAtPlay: Klein Kerr and Geordie Jackson in ‘XLingo’

XLingo (starring Klein Kerr and Geordie Jackson) on MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay welcomes Geordie Jackson this week in XLingo. Geordie, a blonde, handsome stud from the UK, has a new language translation app to promote, and with work partner Klein Kerr’s assistance, it could be a big hit. Yet the pair soon decide that instead of filming an advert, they would rather bang like crazy in front of the camera.

Paddy O’Brian, Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr in ‘The Couple That Fucks Together’ Scene 3 at

The Couple That Fucks Together (Paddy O'Brian, Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Muscled European meat is jammed into tight back entrances, thrusting to a prostate punch letting loose the flood gates of cum stored within their fertile testes.

Klein Kerr Fucks Gabriel Lunna in ‘Face Off’ at MenAtPlay

Face Off (Klein Kerr Fucks Gabriel Lunna) on MenAtPlay

This week we’re all about Gabriel Lunna, and so apparently is Klein Kerr. Two sexy suited men having a quiet drink , turns in to an accusation, which escalates in to a bar brawl and moves in to super stacked Gabriel getting stripped and fucked by our beautiful Mr. Kerr.

Klein Kerr Fucks Sunny Colucci in ‘Up A Gear’ at MenAtPlay

Up A Gear (Klein Kerr Fucks Sunny Colucci) on MenAtPlay

Klein Kerr is ready to go before he’s even put the keys in the ignition, when he finds himself seated next to the hot garage manager Sunny Colucci.

Carlos Leão Fucks Klein Kerr in ‘Raw Milky XMas’ at FuckerMate

Raw Milky XMas (Carlos Leão Fucks Klein Kerr) at Fuckermate

As children we all wanted to see Santa Claus close up and touch his long white beard while receiving a nice gift directly from his hands. But once we grow up, how do we imagine him? Our sexy Spanish stud Klein Kerr for example, would like to meet a nice black Santa Claus, with a long piece of meat between his legs, in place of the long white beard and to be his obedient reindeer!

Klein Kerr Fucks Dario Beck in ‘Gents 3’ at MenAtPlay

Gents 3 (Klein Kerr Fucks Dario Beck) on MenAtPlay

Dario Beck is probably one the most clean-cut men we’ve met, but even the most preppy “Men at Play” have a filthy streak that comes out every now and then. And when Dario’s in a dirty mood, his favourite spot to get some cock-action is the mens-room.

Dato Foland and Rogan Richards Tag-Team Klein Kerr in ‘Double-Stakes’ on MenAtPlay

Double-Stakes (Dato Foland and Rogan Richards Tag-Team Klein Kerr) on MenAtPlay

With the return of Australian Beefcake Rogan Richards, the SuperPorn Star Dato Foland and the undeniably stunning Klein Kerr this scene packs a mighty-meaty punch the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while on Menatplay. I mean three-ways are always a cock pumper but seriously, these three together? This is going to be a ride to remember. Dato, Rogan and Klein are among the top hottest men on the web and they cum together in this new Menatplay scene “Double Stakes”.

Johan Kane Fucks Klein Kerr in ‘Dapper’ at MenAtPlay

Dapper (Johan Kane Fucks Klein Kerr) on MenAtPlay

A few weeks ago we gave you an exclusive first look at porn newcomer Johan Kane… but that was just a taster. This week he gets in total Menatplay mode with a little help of a bespoke suit, and devilishly handsome scene-partner Klein Kerr.

Paddy O’Brian Fucks Klein Kerr in ‘The Weekend Away’ Part 1 at

The Weekend Away (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Klein Kerr) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian and Darius Ferdynand have finally made it away. While Darius showers, Paddy contacts the bell-boy Klein Kerr for a hot fucking tryst in the less-traveled upper floors of the hotel. Darius watches from afar as Paddy fills Klein’s hole with his throbbing chunk of man meat.

Klein Kerr Fucks Carter Dane in ‘Get Even’ on MenAtPlay

Get Even (Klein Kerr Fucks Carter Dane) on MenAtPlay

Carter Dane plays the arrogant, well-groomed elitist so perfectly. His condescending tone to young bronzed Klein Kerr, his manservant, is so convincing that to see the down trodden assistant force feeding his huge long cock down Mr Danes throat until tears are forced from his eye ducts is just pure power-reversal heaven!

Hector de Silva, Jessy Ares, Klein Kerr, Paddy O’Brian & Will Braun in ‘Lost Boy’ Part 3 at

Lost Boy (Hector de Silva, Jessy Ares, Klein Kerr, Paddy O'Brian & Will Braun) (Part 3) at JizzOrgy

Will Braun is relieved when he sees Paddy O’Brian. Watch as Will sucks his fat cock while Klein Kerr, Hector De Silva, and Jessy Ares join the reunion. See the gorgeous men suck and fuck each other in this hot orgy until they shower Will with their loads.

Klein Kerr Fucks Zander Craze in ‘Cum-Pumping Papis’ Scene 1 at LucasEntertainment

Cum-Pumping Papis (Klein Kerr Fucks Zander Craze) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

During this production in Greece, Zander Craze certainly spent his time on set well. He first got a chance to show Viktor Rom his stuff, and his efforts as a bottom paid off: Viktor was left satisfied and smiling after pumping out a load with Zander.

Klein Kerr Fucks Dylan O’Hardy in ‘Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded (Klein Kerr Fucks Dylan O'Hardy) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

During a Greek business retreat, the young up-and-comer Dylan O’Hardy neglects his responsibilities and blows off a meeting. Though, I think you’d make the same decision if it meant sneaking away with Klein Kerr, who looks amazing when dressed to the nines — and even better stripped down.

Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr & Dani Robles in ‘…And Thensome’ at MenAtPlay

...And Thensome (Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr & Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

Real life boyfriends Massimo Piano & Klein Kerr are pure fireworks to watch as they fuck on camera, and when you throw in a third stud for them to experiment with the result is suited-threesome heaven. And even more so when that third guy is a cum-hungry bottom like Dani Robles. Massimo and Klein begin by feeding Dani their delicious, uncut dicks, and Dani has a total feast with them… well who wouldn’t right?