Next Door Buddies: Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black in ‘Friendly Hands’

Friendly Hands (Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black) at Next Door Buddies

Friendly Hands (Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black) at Next Door Buddies
Friendly Hands (Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black) at Next Door Buddies

Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black in ‘Friendly Hands’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS:

With his back hurting him something awful, Elye Black has asked buddy Miles Matthews if he can work a little bit of his massage magic on his ailment.

Miles Matthews is happy to help a friend, and as he begins to work Elye Black’s sore muscles. Elye feels the pain begin to dissipate. Telling Elye that all the muscles are connected, Miles continues to give Elye his rub down. But Elye is beginning to get a sensation in other areas of his body.

He flips over and reveals his rock hard cock. Miles Matthews double takes but when Elye Black tells him it’s ok. Miles then grips it and bends down for a taste. As he wraps his lips around the head of Elye’s cock, Elye closes his eyes and lets out a moan. Forgetting all about his sore back, Elye returns the favor before Miles offers a more prodding internal massage.

Elye Black climbs aboard Miles Matthews’ cock and gives it a ride. He begins bouncing up and down on Miles bareback dick as it stretches his hole wide open. Miles proceeds to fuck Elye in every different position until Elye is ready to cum.

Flipping him onto his back, Miles Matthews fucks the cum out of Elye Black before pulling out and blasting his load all over Elye. As Elye rests his head back on the bed, he exhales with satisfaction, barely even remembering what was hurting him in the first place.Enjoy!

Watch as Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch as Miles Matthews Fucks Elye Black at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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C A says:

Elye is so fucking cute!

Scrapple says:

I don’t know why they insist on putting Elye with these basic models.

andrew says:

Miles lucks out and gets to tap Elye’s plump booty.

moondoggy says:

God, how many cocks has Elye let fuck him raw? And why can’t mine be next?

No_No_No_Yes says:

Who says you can’t be next.. Got a Snickers bar and an old bus pass?

Jasper Taft says:

Love Eyle getting massaged before getting fucked.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Between AD and this site you can almost touch the desperation in the air. So this is where the “Toys R Us” kids wound up when the store closed. Elye, that hungry ass of yours needs direction, you can’t just continue to let it vacuum up random dicks. It is pulling your property value down. Did you learn NOTHING watching “he who shan’t be named” fuck the entire internet?

At this rate bitches will be able to wear your asshole as a sombrero.

freater says:

Even elye couldn’t save this boring ass scene. He’s still fucking gorgeous tho

JK3 says:

Sigh… Miles needs to go. He’s cute, but he’s an amazingly boring fuck and that stands out like a sore thumb when topping. That being said, I love a good massage seduction so I’ll watch the beginning at least.

Moof Nixon says:

I think Miles is sooo cute. He has an adorable face. His dick is not that big but it’s acceptable and seems to get the job done. He’s really hot to me and I love it when he pops up in a scene.

Scrapple says:

Elye is such a fucking ham with his line reads and I love it. But my baby needs to stop playing in the sun without protection.

I have to give Miles credit, this is probably the cutest he has looked this is the first time I’ve felt he was truly engaged and not timid. He made an effort to give Elye a proper working over, which hasn’t always been the case at ND. It was interesting watching their different sucking skills, but they both got in some ball love. Miles seemed confident and focused during the fucking and Elye’s dick responded accordingly.