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MEN Series: Diego Sans, Tobias and Roman Todd in ‘Timid, Part 3’

Timid, Part 3 (Diego Sans, Tobias and Roman Todd) at Drill My Hole

Diego Sans, Roman Todd and Tobias suck each other’s cocks balls deep and get their throbbing dicks anally pleasured in Part 3 of MEN’s Series: ‘Timid‘.

Dick Dorm: Dante Colle and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Tobias in ‘His Tight Hole’

His Tight Hole (Dante Colle and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Tobias) at

Athletic hunk Tobias gets his tight ass pounded hard by stud Ashton McKay. Lush beau, Dante Colle, joins in on the action and stuffs Tobias’s mouth full of his fat cock. Soon, Tobias is getting way more dick than he expected!

IconMale: Daddy Issues Vol. 2, Scene 3 (Tobias Fucks Michael Roman)

Daddy Issues Vol. 2, Scene 3 (Tobias Fucks Michael Roman) at Icon Male

Tobias and Michael Roman cozy up on the couch as things get heated quickly in this episode of IconMale’s ‘Daddy Issues Vol 2‘. The men share passionate kissing and quickly proceed to sucking each other’s cocks. Accordingly, the begin fucking each other like crazy. This older younger duo won’t stop till they’re both finally exploding with cum!

Icon Male: The Married Man, Scene 4 (Tobias Fucks Roman Todd)

The Married Man, Scene 4 (Tobias Fucks Roman Todd) at Icon Male

Sexy married man Roman Todd tries to avoid his wife so he can spend some time with his new crush — straight college sports jock Tobias. Watch these two bros give in to their forbidden attraction and succumb to their burning desire to fuck while Roman’s wife is at work. Bros cum before hoes!

MEN Series: Nostalgia, Part 3 (Diego Sans and Tobias Tag-Team Blaze Austin)

Nostalgia, Part 3 (Diego Sans and Tobias Tag-Team Blaze Austin) at Drill My Hole

Tobias is done being nostalgic and heads home to work things out with his husband Diego Sans. He invites Blaze Austin over to help spice things up with a hot threesome.

IconMale: The Married Man, Scene 2 (Tobias Fucks Billy Santoro)

The Married Man, Scene 2 (Tobias Fucks Billy Santoro) at Icon Male

Predatory older man Billy Santoro can’t resist the urge to seduce young, straight college boy Tobias, while Billy’s young twink boyfriend sleeps alone upstairs. While Tobias does his best to resist Billy’s advances, he can’t hide the huge hard-on he needs to take care of…and Billy is only too happy to lend a helping hand and hot wet mouth! The two fuck hard, cumming with pent-up lust.

MEN Series: Brian Michaels Fucks Tobias in ‘Nostalgia, Part 1’

Nostalgia, Part 1 (Brian Michaels Fucks Tobias) at Drill My Hole

Tobias is having some marital issues and needs a little space. He ends up spending a few days with his ex Brian Michaels and things soon heat up into a nostalgic moment.

Ashton McKay, Tobias and Damien Kyle in ‘Dick Patrol’ Part 2 at MEN

Dick Patrol (Ashton McKay, Tobias and Damien Kyle) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Ashton McKay gets called in to check out a disturbance complaint and to his surprise finds Damien Kyle and Tobias with his dick out. Instead of hauling them in, he offers to join in on the action.

Damien Stone Fucks Tobias in ‘The Bayou’ Part 2 at

The Bayou (Damien Stone Fucks Tobias) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Tobias finds himself tied up with bloody tarps everywhere. He manages to break loose and runs into Damien Stone for help. Damien helps clean him up, with his hungry mouth.

Tobias Fucks Paul Canon in ‘The Bayou’ Part 1 at

The Bayou (Tobias Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Tobias and Paul Canon are on a couples road trip towards the backwoods bayou and somehow manage to get lost. They find reprieve in a stranger’s offer to stay for the night, but Paul can’t help but feel very nervous…and for good reason.

Ashton McKay Fucks Tobias in ‘Raw Studs’ at BROMO

Raw Studs (Ashton McKay Fucks Tobias) (Bareback) at BROMO

Ashton McKay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. It’s a rush to see the sparks fly between them, as they feverishly go to town sucking, rimming and fucking raw. When you witness Tobias’s asshole quiver in anticipation, you’ll want to jump through the screen yourself to join this bareback madness! Can you make it all the way to the end?

Cliff Jensen Fucks Tobias in ‘Desperate Househusband: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 3 at

Desperate Househusband: A Gay XXX Parody (Cliff Jensen Fucks Tobias) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

Cliff Jensen gets a surprise a.m. visit from an eager cock hungry Tobias. He goes all the way down getting it ready and wet enough to drill his hole. Unfortunately for Cliff, the maid catches him in full action! His wife definitely won’t be happy about this.

Vadim Black and Todd Fuck Tobias in ‘Alarm Clock’ at

Alarm Clock (Vadim Black and Todd Fuck Tobias) at Drill My Hole

Tobias has the most annoying alarm clock that never seems to wake him up. It does, however, wake up Vadim Black every morning, who after a few days becomes frustrated and threatens to wake Tobias up with his cock in his face. Tobias being sneaky puts it to the test and sure enough, Vadim makes good on his word.

Roman Todd Fucks Tobias in ‘Fire Island Fuckfest’ Part 2 at

Fire Island Fuckfest (Roman Todd Fucks Tobias) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

It’s summertime and the lads are heating up the coastline. Tobias puckers his hole for a strong pounding from Roman Todd’s dick. He humps his rod down to the hilt, setting Tobias’ desire for cum off the charts.