Sketchy Sex

SketchySex: JESUS AND MY DUMPSTER (Bareback)


My roomie ass was getting pounded in the bedroom when I heard a knock on the door. It was the first time I’d stepped outside in days. Some hot young studs were talking about a dude named Jesus coming over later. They didn’t stick around long. I would have loved to suck on their teenage cocks. Bet they got plenty of big loads.

Sketchy Sex: INTERNALLY ADDICTED (Addison Blue, Gabriel Knight, Ryan Pitt, Boe, Kye, Jacob & Lance) (Bareback)


Fill that hole up. I need that load inside. I love the feeling! All that hot cum. Just let me breathe in these poppers while you
push it deep inside of me. Fucking me raw. Its the only way to go.

Sketchy Sex: BREED MY HOLE

BREED MY HOLE (Addison Blue, Gabriel Knight, Ryan Pitt, Steven DeLillo) (Bareback) at

I was taking loads all day. Big cocks full of hot yummy cum.

Sketchy Sex: RANDOM LOADS 2 (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet)

RANDOM LOADS 2 (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback) at

Here is a day in the life of a sex addict. A bunch of random footage of me taking loads from total strangers. They just drop it and leave. No big deal. What can I say. Im addicted to big dick and hot loads.

Sketchy Sex: LOAD AFTER LOAD (Brad Gemini, Cameron Boyd, Damien Nichols, Jos Alvarez and Tony Shore) (Bareback)

LOAD AFTER LOAD (Brad Gemini, Cameron Boyd, Damien Nichols, Jos Alvarez and Tony Shore) (Bareback) at

I was on my knees all day. Getting throat fucked non-stop. Loads dumped in my hole. I could feel my belly getting filled up with cum, and my sloppy ass hole was constantly dripping with cum. Load after load. I just couldn’t get enough.

Sketchy Sex: CAN’T GET ENOUGH! (with Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Tristan Sweet and Rebel)

CAN'T GET ENOUGH! (Bareback) at

The apartment was busy. Guys were cumming and going. I had a cock in both holes. Cum dripping down my chin. My ass was plugged full of it and more was on the way.

Sketchy Sex: CUM LIFE (Bareback)

CUM LIFE (Bareback) at

Was by the front door, taking loads on my knees all morning. Cum dripping down my chin. Lots of strangers coming in and out of the apartment. Ended up in one of the bedrooms. My dripping wet hole was passed around while a bunch random dudes watched. I don’t even know what day it is.

Sketchy Sex: JUST 1 MORE LOAD! (Bareback)

JUST 1 MORE LOAD! (Bareback) at

I was getting spit roasted. Sucking dick for so long. Couldn’t feel my jaw muscles anymore and my neck was killing me. That didn’t slow me down though. I just kept taking the loads. Deep throating em and sucking back all those warm cum.

Sketchy Sex: HOT LOADS (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback)

HOT LOADS (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback) at

I spent the afternoon on all fours taking loads from random dudes. Coming and going. Couldn’t get enough dick. Those big fat dick and hot loads felt so good inside of me. Keep em cuming guys!

Joss Gets Gang-Banged in ‘CUM AND FUCK ME’ at Sketchy Sex

CUM AND FUCK ME (Bareback) at

Spent the afternoon online inviting anyone over to breed my tight ass. After taking a dozen or so loads. A few hotties stayed behind. They spit-roasted me while some random guys watched. Fuck man, their cum was so good. I want more!

Sketchy Sex: SLOPPY, SLOBBERING HOLE (Bareback)


All this cum dump wants is big dick and big loads. He doesn’t give a fuck who dumps a load. As long as its big. Billy spent all day blind folded. Sucking the cum out of random dudes dicks and taking big loads up his sloppy hole.

Sketchy Sex: GIMME YOUR LOAD (Bentley, Dax Daniels, Joel, Landon, Rico, Sasha, Matie & Marco) (Bareback)

GIMME YOUR LOAD (Bareback) at

Haven’t slept in days. Just taking dick after dick. Load after load. The apartment was packed with hung dudes. All looking to blow their loads. I put my ass up for them in the bathroom. Guys were just coming and going. Dropping their loads then leaving. I didn’t even know their names. I don’t give a fuck. I just want their cum.

Sketchy Sex: INGEST THE BEST (Bareback)

INGEST THE BEST (Bareback) at

Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continuation of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities and concerns, such as work.

Sketchy Sex: Party Dumpster (Bareback)

Party Dumpster (Bareback) at

Long-term sex addiction results in changes to the brain. These changes in brain function can have many behavioral consequences, including the inability to control ones impulses despite adverse consequences. The defining characteristic of the addict.

Sketchy Sex: CHRONIC (Bareback)

CHRONIC (Bareback) at

Sex addiction is a chronic, often relapsing disorder that causes compulsive sex seeking behavior despite harmful consequences to the sex addict and those around them.

Sketchy Sex: SEED IT! (Bareback)

SEED IT! (Bareback) at

I was bent over the sofa taking dick all afternoon. My roommate’s cock is especially nice. I’ll let him fuck my hole anytime he wants. And all the random dudes that come in and out of this apartment. Just don’t forget to spit!

Sketchy Sex: FAT LOADS (Bareback)

FAT LOADS (Bareback) at

So many hot dudes up in my ass. Shooting their fat load into me. I just need their big dicks to pump my ass full of cum.

Sketchy Sex: TAKING LOADS (Bareback)

TAKING LOADS (Bareback) at

I was in my bedroom. Taking loads. Face down. Ass up. Had no idea who was fucking me. I don’t care. I just want some hot loads up in me. The apartment was jammed packed with a line our the door. They all wanted a piece of my hot ass. I love big dick. Can’t get enough. Please just keep em cumming!

Sketchy Sex: SLOBBERING FUCK HOLE (Bareback)


Sucking dick. Slobbering all over myself. I don’t give a fuck. I just need more cock. Cock in my mouth. Cock in my ass. All the cum you can get. Fuck that shit in me now. Dump your hot load in mouth. Fuck me in my dumpster. I will clean your cock with my mouth. Suck it dry.

Sketchy Sex: FEED ME YOUR LOAD (Bareback)

FEED ME YOUR LOAD (Bareback) at

I was getting my ass pounded by a bunch of dudes. Don’t even remember their names.I just wanted their fat loads punched into me. Nice and deep!

Sketchy Sex: BIG TOOL (Bareback)

BIG TOOL (Bareback) at

Guys were lining up outside our apartment building. My roomie was so busy taking loads he had a power tool fucking the cum in. This hot stud with tattoos grabbed the drill and pounded each of our holes. Our asses were dripping everywhere with his hot cum.

Sketchy Sex: Dripping Wet Dumpster (Bareback)

Dripping Wet Dumpster (Bareback) at

All day, all night. Random strangers coming in and out of this apartment with their fat cocks and big loads. Fucking their cum into my dripping wet dumpster. I can’t get enough!

Sketchy Sex: Neighborhood Watch (Bareback)

Neighborhood Watch (Bareback) at

Love getting my ass plowed by the window while the whole neighborhood watches. There is something hot about shocking normal people. Seeing their reaction as you take two big dicks up your ass, while swallowing a couple loads.