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Ryan Bones (Batman) Fucks Johnny Rapid (The Flash) in ‘Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 1 at

Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody (Ryan Bones (Batman) Fucks Johnny Rapid (The Flash)) (Part 1) at

With Superman’s death, the country is reeling from the loss. Batman (Ryan Bones) has to get to work to get hopes back up for everyone again. But first, The Flash (Johnny Rapid) stops by to encourage Batman in a way he thinks will not only bring his confidence back up, but his big throbbing cock too.

Jordan Levine Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Pool Dick’ at

Pool Dick (Jordan Levine Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

It’s closing time at the bar and Jordan Levine is taking his sweet time finishing up his pool game. When Johnny Rapid comes around for last call, Jordan’s stick ends up right between Johnny’s ass.

John Magnum Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The DILF Diaries’ Part 1 at

The DILF Diaries (John Magnum Fucks Beaux Banks) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Beaux Banks’ crush on his friend, Johnny Rapid, leads him to ask for a mutual jerk off session. Someone agrees, but it’s not his friend…

Hunter Adrian Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Neighborhood Pervert’ at

Neighborhood Pervert (Hunter Adrian Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

The neighborhood scoundrel, Johnny Rapid, is at it again and gets caught by his lover’s partner. Looking for an escape he runs right into Hunter Adrian’s home where he shows Hunter why he’s the go-to dick in the surrounding area.

Johnny Rapid Fucks Jake Ashford in ‘First Date Fuck’ at

First Date Fuck (Johnny Rapid Fucks Jake Ashford) at Str8 To Gay

Johnny Rapid’s first date is not going as planned so Jake Ashford takes that opportunity to let him pound into his ass and bust a nut knowing he probably won’t be getting any from his lousy date.

Trevor Long Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Second Time’ at

Second Time (Trevor Long Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Str8 To Gay

After hooking up with Johnny Rapid once, Trevor Long finds his way back to Johnny’s front door inexplicably. Johnny’s behind slurps up yet another horny stick of man meat.

Myles Landon Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Daddy’s Secret’ Part 1 at

Daddy's Secret (Myles Landon Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

By day, Myles Landon is the picture perfect father. That is until his son finds a picture of Johnny Rapid in his room. Unbothered with his son’s quest to uncover his dirty secret, Myles ravenously slams Johnny’s open hole with his thick veiny cock.

Johnny Rapid Fucks Damien Kyle in ‘Hands-On Learning’ at

Hands-On Learning (Johnny Rapid Fucks Damien Kyle) at BigDicksAtSchool

Johnny Rapid knows just how to help Damien Kyle memorize the muscles in the human body. Using his body as the study chart, Damien gets hands-on tips—including Johnny’s dick tip ramming in his hole.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Video Chat Meltdown’ at

Video Chat Meltdown (Cliff Jensen Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen takes command of Johnny Rapid’s little pink hole, plunging deep and hitting all the right spots causing Johnny’s deluge of cum.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Peepers’ Part 8 at

Peepers (Dalton Briggs Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 8) at Drill My Hole

Dalton Briggs is caught trying to sneak a peak of Johnny Rapid and gets more than he ever could’ve hoped for. Dalton hunkers down and sucks Johnny’s cock, then whips out his huge dick for a foot-job from the biggest name in gay porn. Johnny’s hole welcome’s Dalton’s big dick as he fucks him over the hotel room desk.

Johnny Rapid, Leo Fuentes and Noah Jones in ‘Peepers’ Part 7 at

Peepers (Johnny Rapid, Leo Fuentes and Noah Jones) (Part 7) at Drill My Hole

Noah Jones, Johnny Rapid, and Leo Fuentes get together for a dripping hot threeway fuck. Noah wields his dick to yield ultimate pleasure as all guys work off their steam and unload a warm batch of cum.

Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Durano, Gabriel Cross and Teddy Torres in ‘Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 3 at

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody (Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Durano, Gabriel Cross and Teddy Torres) (Part 3) at

Johnny Rapid learns the dangers of the cursed treasure he wears around his neck. Once “rescued” by Paddy O’Brian and Gabriel Cross, he learns of their true motives. He assists Jimmy Durano and Teddy Torres in tempting Gabriel Cross to get them out of their current predicament, seducing the captain’s guard with some good ole fashion pirate pillaging.

Johnny Rapid Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 1 at

The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody (Johnny Rapid Fucks Gabriel Cross) at

Witness The Flash’s (Johnny Rapid) origins as he realizes his potential to become the fastest superhero there is. His capabilities are put to the test by Dr. Snow (Gabriel Cross), who gets a grasp on more than just his abilities. The Doctor delights in sucking that cock, priming The Flash for some super fucking.

Johnny Rapid, Will Braun, Tobias, Wesley Woods & Brendan Phillips in ‘Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 3 at

Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody (Johnny Rapid, Will Braun, Tobias, Wesley Woods & Brendan Phillips) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Johnny Rapid exposed! Pop Star can sing…and fuck? An anonymous source has leaked this crooner’s personal stash of homemade sex tapes. Does his performance in bed measure up to his vocal talents? Watch as he enjoys the company of Tobias, Brendan Phillips, Will Braun, and Wesley Woods in a hot jizz orgy.

Johnny Rapid Fucks Wesley Woods in ‘Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 2 at

Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody (Tobias Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Johnny Rapid swings by in his Lamborghini and picks up Wesley Woods for some discrete fun. Ready to get right down to business, Johnny commands Wesley to suck his dick while he primes that hot juicy ass. A hot finger fuck later and Johnny is ready to pump Wesley’s tight ass full of cock.

Tobias Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody’ Part 1 at

Pop Star: A Gay XXX Parody (Tobias Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Johnny Rapid is The Pop Star; the girls want him, and the guys want to be him. After a revealing photo shoot, Johnny uses his connections to find the hottest hook-up in Hollywood: Tobias. Johnny knows what he wants and how to get it! Tobias fits his perfect lips around his cock, and after eating him out he slides his dick into that entitled superstar hole for a good fucking.

Romeo Alfonzo Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Online Identity’ at

Online Identity (Romeo Alfonzo Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Str8 To Gay

Romeo Alfonzo has been catfished! Wanting to fuck “Alexis”, it is quite a surprise when Johnny Rapid shows up at his doorstep. Desperate to get his dick wet, Romeo allows Johnny to suck him off before fucking that tight boy hole.

Johnny Rapid and Sam Truitt Flip-Fuck in ‘Fauxtographer’ at

Fauxtographer (Johnny Rapid and Sam Truitt Flip-Fucks) at BigDicksAtSchool

Johnny Rapid is posing for photographer Sam Truitt to help him build his photo portfolio. Things take a sensual turn once Johnny jumps in the shower, revealing his body through his wet white clothes.

Johnny Rapid, Chip Young & K. Kaleb in ‘I See You’ at

I See You (Johnny Rapid, Chip Young & K. Kaleb) at Gods Of Men

Chip Young and K. Kaleb think they’re alone in the locker room when they start to hook up. Little do they know that Johnny Rapid is beating off in the stall next to them, secretly getting off to their cock sucking. A slip off the toilet is all it takes for Johnny to join the boys in their locker room tryst. It doesn’t take long for a sloppy full-force fuck fest to begin.