Helix Studios: Introducing Travis Berkley (with Lanson Vega)

Introducing Travis Berkley (with Lanson Vega) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

There’s nothing more naughty than a good boy gone bad! Ex Mormon masturbation magic makin’ newbie Travis Berkley is finally free to let his freak flag fly and Landon Vega is the lucky lad that gets the on screen deflower power! We always enjoy getting to know our newbies before the wild rumpus begins. This pretty pair has cock stretching chemistry galore so the conversation before the bang is fiery, feisty pre-fuck fun about their fantasies, families and first time fucks!

Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire in ‘Jock Cock’ at Helix Studios

Jock Cock (Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Corbin Colby is killin’ it shooting hoops alone on the basketball court while cutie Cole Claire sits on the bench getting a bird’s eye view of the baller’s HUGE bulge bouncing around in his shorts. When Colby’s ball rolls out of bounds towards the twink, he starts fantasizing about the balls in Corbin’s shorts hanging under his chin. Luckily, we get to crawl inside Cole’s cock filled imagination and it is down right dirty!!!!

8TeenBoy: Jump In (Dustin Cook and Adam Hunt) (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Jump In (Dustin Cook and Adam Hunt) (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at

It’s a sweltering hot day in sunny San Diego so adorable blond boy Adam Hunt decides to take a dip in the pool. Dustin Cook likes what he sees and pounces over like a happy puppy ready with a towel to get blondie nice and dry. All that towel rubbing has both boys horned up and thinking about getting rubbed the RIGHT way; so, they bring their hot young bodies to the bedroom to take it to the next level.

Helix Studios: Introducing Shane Cook (with Joey Mills)

Introducing Shane Cook (with Joey Mills) at HelixStudios

Newbie to the industry Shane Cook has been following twink super star Joey Mills for a while. Our specialty is making fantasies cum to life so we’ve paired the hunky St. Louis native with his twink crush whose also from St. Luis. Naturally the boys have a connection being from the same place but the connection is about to go even deeper. Porn pro Joey asks probes inside Cook’s cocky conscience, talking school, upbringing, and sexy questions about public sex and the thrill of being caught.

Helix Studios: Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire)

Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire) at HelixStudios

Luke Wilder is a sexy surfer and a fresh piece of manly meat cute twink Cole Claire has brought to Helix Studios. The guys discuss their first few meetings through Grindr with some funny stories and you can totally tell there’s great chemistry here.

Luke Wilder’s Surfer Solo at Helix Studios

Luke Wilder's Surfer Solo at HelixStudios

Sexy surfer Luke Wilder catches his last wave of the day and emerges from the ocean wet and ripped riding on his big board. His muscled body still looks elegant and graceful as he packs up his gear and changes shorts right there on the beach. The gorgeous setting ignites an orgasmic itch Luke needs to scratch so our beach boy finds a secluded spot to “wax his board.”

Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin in ‘Fuente De Amor’ at Helix Studios

Fuente De Amor (Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Super star Ashton Summers and gorgeous new boy Gabriel Martin make masturbation magic that will set your screen on FIRE! They flirt in their native language of lust, even if you don’t speak Spanish, the seductive sounds rolling off these golden god’s talented tongues will transport you to an exotic, erotic journey.

Gabe Isaac and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck in ‘Playing With Balls’ at 8TeenBoy

Playing With Balls (Gabe Isaac and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck) at

Fresh from a swim in towels and trunks, Dustin Cook and Gabe Isaac head inside for a feisty game of pool. Gabe breaks and the guys start a game, but between the phallic pool sicks in their hands and the banging of balls they both begin to hunger for the real McCoy; besides, Gabe’s stick out weighs any pool que in the room.

Evan Parker Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Irresistible’ at Helix Studios

Irresistible (Evan Parker Fucks Leo Frost) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Unable to control their carnal desires, Evan Parker slams Leo Frost up against the wall the minute they open the door and get in the house! Horny as hell with hard cocks pressing against their zippers eager to escape, the guys kiss every available inch of each other as they rip clothes off, anxious to get at the goods

Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills Flip-Fuck in ‘#HELIX’ at Helix Studios

#Helix (Gabriel Martin Fucks Joey Mills) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

This edition of #Helix is the holy grail for our twink fans! Joey Mills is the ultimate twink super star with a legion of devoted fans, which makes for a fabulous fit to this popular series all about fan’s questions and kinky requests! He’s paired with one of the freshest new faces in porn, gorgeous Gabriel Martin. Gabriel is the total package, gorgeous, gifted on both ends, succulently smooth and smart as hell. His intelligence matches his swarthy, sexy good looks and even just listening to the lusty latin speak is boner inducing…

Greg Noll Fucks Bjorn Nykvist in ‘Out Of The Woods’ Scene 4 at STAXUS

Out Of The Woods (Greg Noll Fucks Bjorn Nykvist) (Scene 4) at Staxus

Those with an inclination for seeing two guys hammer it out in a stick-fight are definitely in for a treat during the early moments of this horned-up encounter between STAXUS favourite, Bjorn Nykvist, and new kid on the block, Greg Noll. But the intensity of the head-to-head is only magnified when the two buddies change weapons, so to speak – both abandoning their clothes and engaging in a dick-fight instead! It’s not exactly conventional warfare, of course, but the sight of these two beauts slugging it out with their cocks is sure to appeal to pretty much all our fans; and sets the scene up nicely for a more orthodox set-piece, as Nykvist dives down to consume Noll’s mouth-watering shaft with his lips.

Josh Brady Fucks Ben Masters in ‘On Pointe’ at HelixStudios

On Pointe (Josh Brady Fucks Ben Masters) at HelixStudios

Ben Masters is a magnificent example. He spies top jock Josh Brady out of the corner of his eye as he’s rehearsing in the park. Masters moves like a snake charmer, seducing the sexy stud until Brady wants nothing more than that tight, smooth ballet boy in his bed.

Helix Studios: Introducing Leo Frost (Fucked Bareback By Cameron Parks)

Introducing Leo Frost (Fucked Bareback By Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

Florida native Leo Frost is the freshest piece of new meat on our menu! Big cocked Cameron Parks gets the honor of grilling this tender piece for us. Cam coerces some cock stretching stories from the lusty lad. They dig DEEP about exploring domination desires, coming out, high school and Leo’s hot beefy twin bro.

Alan Davis and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck in ‘Morning Bang’ at 8TeenBoy

Morning Bang (Alan Davis and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck) at

Dustin Cook’s parents are away and they’ve trusted him to take care of their beautiful home while they’re on vacation. He wakes up and, being the good little boy he is we find him cleaning the house in his skivvies. A hot house guest from last night appears to have just woken up and we realize Dustin isn’t the angel we thought he was! Alan Davis emerges looking sexy as fuck from the bedroom…

Adrian Kelley Fucks Marcell Tykes in ‘Boyfriend Bang’ at Helix Studios

Boyfriend Bang (Adrian Kelley Fucks Marcell Tykes) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Get to know real life boyfriends Marcell Tykes and Adrian Kelly (who’s filming for the first time!) This musically talented couple go in DEEP on the in and outs of their relationship, their perfect dates, arguments and of course sex! After the couple share so much, the voyeuristic quality to watching the dynamic duo do the deed is scorchingly hot! See the passion in every hot kiss, the arguments and love in every hard thrust, this is truly a unique porn experience.

Josh Brady Fucks Gabriel Martin in ‘Natural Curiosity’ at Helix Studios

Natural Curiosity (Josh Brady Fucks Gabriel Martin) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

As the sun sets on a beautiful San Diego beach, sexual tension rises between Gabriel Martin and Josh Brady. Tucked in a secluded cove the guys swap sex stories about kinks, domination and spanking. Then, Josh busts out with a naughty outdoor sex story that heats up gorgeous Gabriel to the pervy point where he wants to give it a go! After the cock filled convo created all that sexed up suspense, the guys hit it hard from the first kiss. They suck face and grab one another with animalistic hunger.

Ashton Summers Fucks Tyler Hill in ‘Pride Pound’ at Helix Studios

Pride Pound (Ashton Summers Fucks Tyler Hill) at HelixStudios

There’s always a special kind of magic in the air during Gay Pride. After a full day of fun Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill head back to the house to shower off, sweaty from a long day’s celebration. Tyler looks tasty as hell dripping wet while sudsing up his supple plump back side.

Joey Mills and Cole Claire Flip-Fuck in ‘Raw Rollers’ at Helix Studios

Raw Rollers (Joey Mills and Cole Claire Flip-Fuck) at HelixStudios

Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day roller blading and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy hot kiss on a pier that ends with mischievous Mills pushing Cole in the bay! Afterwards Joey offers the soaking wet sexpot a towel in his car and a dryer at his place and we quickly catch on to Mills master plan. Cole catches on too, but plays along since he’s anxious to get at that anaconda Joey is famous for.

Wes Campbell Fucks Ben Masters in ‘Haunted Holes’ at Helix Studios

Haunted Holes (Wes Campbell Fucks Ben Masters) at HelixStudios

A gorgeous group of Helix hotties swap Halloween stories before gathering up the nerve to enter a spooky haunted house. Out and on the other side of the scares the boy’s hearts are pumping and adrenalin races through their veins. Wes Campbell and Ben Masters decide to take advantage of the extra excitement. Once back at their place Campbell can’t take his tongue away from the blood flow throbbing through Ben’s thick main vein as he gobbles cock like Halloween candy!

Helix Studios: Introducing Marcell Tykes (Josh Brady Fucks Marcell Tykes)

Introducing Marcell Tykes (Josh Brady Fucks Marcell Tykes) at HelixStudios

Minnesota native Marcell Tykes is fresh out of the gate and ready to take a big bite from all life has to offer! He’s the newest guy on our roster so we’ve hooked him up with beef cake Josh Brady to check things out. The boys talk raves, Marcell’s Florida move as well as coming out AND that Tykes has a boyfriend who is also in porn. Naturally that little juicy nugget allows the chat to get pretty sexy. Josh asks Tykes about his kinks and what his sweet spots are. Josh catalogues some spicy info to use in the bedroom later…… #SensitiveNips #LovesToSuckDick -Josh is hooked and ready to roar!

Wes Campbell Fucks Cameron Parks in ‘Boulevard Bareback’ at Helix Studios

Boulevard Bareback (Wes Campbell Fucks Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

It’s the end of the night and the club is closing but after some heavy flirting that turns into a hot make out session outside, Cameron Parks and Wes Campbell decide to keep the party going in private. Cameron can’t wait to got on pretty boy Campbell’s cock and by the look of the growing bulge in his drawers Wes is just as anxious to get his knob gobbled! Parks pulls at the beautiful blond boy’s red hot underwear and out flops his gorgeous engorged groin with a hefty bounce.

HelixStudios: Marcell Tykes (Stretching Out)

Marcell Tykes (Stretching Out) at HelixStudios

Smooth and stunning with the body of a dancer, Marcell Tykes stretches as he does every morning, only today we get to peep in! We catch a glimpse of the goods peeking out from the crotch of his tiny shorts as he spreads his legs. He extends his flexible body, reaching for his ankles he gets into some seriously arousing and impressively agile positions.

Corbin Colby Fucks Joey Mills in ‘Big And Raw’ at Helix Studios

Big And Raw (Corbin Colby Fucks Joey Mills) at HelixStudios

There’s nothing like a beautiful boy with a big dick, except for when you have TWO! Twink superstar (looking super gorgeous here with his new clean cut look) is SUPER sensual with big dicked dynamo Corbin Colby from the opening shot where the epic duo are wrapped up in one another’s essence, making out like horny high schoolers. Corbin loves cock and he knows the piece of meat Joey Mills carries between his legs, so our big beautiful beef cake is anxious to get at it.

Landon Vega and Jack Donovan Flip-Fuck in ‘Show & Tell’ at Helix Studios

Show & Tell (Landon Vega and Jack Donovan Flip-Fuck) at HelixStudios

Tattooed hotties Landon Vega and Jack Donovan share the stories behind each one of their sexy tattoos. It’s also a good way to get your date to disrobe quickly! Story time ends because it’s hard to talk with a huge dick down ones throat, and these boys are packin’!