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8TeenBoy: Paxton Ward Fucks Cody Wilson in ‘Horny Pool Boys’

Horny Pool Boys (Paxton Ward Fucks Cody Wilson) (Bareback) at

8TeenBoy: Paxton Ward floats around in the water gazing at hot blond Cody Wilson glowing golden as he suns himself at the pool’s edge.

Helix Studios: Calvin Banks Fucks Dylan Hayes in ‘Movie Lovers’

Movie Lovers (Calvin Banks Fucks Dylan Hayes) at HelixStudios

Calvin Banks always likes to do things big. So, rather than “Netflix & chill,” he brings his new boy interest, Dylan Hayes to his pimped out, private home theater.

8TeenBoy: Paxton Ward and Tristan Adler Flip-Fuck in ‘Pounded Pretty Boys’

Pounded Pretty Boys (Paxton Ward and Tristan Adler Flip-Fuck) at

8TeenBoy: Paxton Ward, looks like the love child of Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford right down to the beauty mark. Naturally, we paired him with Tristan Adler.

French Twinks: Paul Delay, Doryann Marguet and Chris Summers in ‘US Road Dick, Episode 3’

US Road Dick, Episode Three (feat. Paul Delay, Doryann Marguet and Chris Summers) at French Twinks

French Twinks: After an orgy and many adventures, the US Road Dick movie ends with a dispute between Paul Delay and Doryann Marguet, which will allow the two lovers to define the rules of their relationship and to reconcile on the side the young Chris Summers… before making a promise for life.

Helix Studios: Jared Scott Fucks Zach Letoa in ‘Spring Fever’

Spring Fever (Jared Scott Fucks Zach Letoa) at HelixStudios

Tight bodied track star and Helix Studios newcomer, Zach Letoa, jogs by and is very impressed with the gardener, Jared Scott’s talent with his tools.

Helix Studios: Johnny Hands Fucks Aiden Garcia in ‘Hard Bargain’

Hard Bargain (Johnny Hands Fucks Aiden Garcia) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Johnny Hands and Aiden Garcia have taken their relationship to the next level and moved in together. Mr. Fix It, Johnny is sprucing up the place with a little paint and would love a little help from his new live in lover; but, Aiden isn’t the “do it yourself type.”

8TeenBoy: Paxton Ward [Solo Session]

Paxton Ward [Solo Session] at

8TeenBOY: Paxton Ward is ready to take the porn world by storm! Max Carter directs the college cutie in this blazing hot bone stroker that’ll have you head over heels!

8TeenBoy: Cade Russels in ‘Texas Twink Solo Session’

Cade Russels in 'Texas Twink Solo Session' at

8TeenBoy newcomer and Texas twink, Cade Russels, is a college cutie who’s smart and sexy with a giant juicy jock that’ll make your jaw drop!

Helix Studios: Introducing Clay Turner (with Luke Wilder)

Introducing Clay Turner (with Luke Wilder) at HelixStudios

Small town Georgia boy and Helix Studios newcomer, Clay Turner, is a beautiful blond twink with the sexiest southern twang you’ve ever heard!

Brother Crush: Dublin Grey Fucks Austin Lock in ‘Running Away’

Running Away (Dublin Grey Fucks Austin Lock) at Brother Crush

Brother Crush: Austin Lock packs a bag and decides he’s running away. Except, his stepbrother, Dublin Grey, catches him in the act and devizes a plan to make him stay!

8TeenBoy: Riley Finch Solo Session

Riley Finch Solo Session at

It doesn’t get ANY fresher than Riley Finch! This fine ass, fresh faced, 18 year old is from Colorado Springs. He loves hiking, dogs, older dudes AND, showing off his body!

Helix Studios: Corey Marshall Fucks Danny Nelson in ‘Dick Distraction’

Dick Distraction (Corey Marshall Fucks Danny Nelson) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios: Corey Marshall is having writer’s block trying to write a three page essay while boyfriend Danny Nelson is giving some yoga positions a go.

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Jamie Ray and Dustin Cook in ‘Summertime Spit-Roast’

Summertime Spit-Roast (Jared Scott, Jamie Ray and Dustin Cook) (Bareback) at

Jared Scott and Dustin Cook are splashing about at the pool when Jamie Ray comes by to catch some rays. He also catches an eyeful of fun when the tasty twosome’s splashing turns into smashing!

Helix Studios: Tyler Hill Barebacks Danny Nelson in ‘Tyler Tops’

Tyler Tops (Tyler Hill Barebacks Danny Nelson) at HelixStudios

Helix Studios has given superstar bottom Tyler Hill a tasty topping roll. He takes Danny Nelson by the neck, then works his way down to the boy’s beautifully smooth butt.

8TeenBoy: Julian Bell and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck in ‘Bathroom Bang’

Bathroom Bang (Julian Bell and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Julian Bell is fresh from the shower and putting the final spritz of spray to his perfect do when boyfriend Dustin Cook walks into the bathroom unable to resist the blond boy who IS looking luscious. Bell is helpless against Cook’s charms AND cock and gives in. This ignites a four alarm fire fuck in the bathroom!

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray Fucks Nicholas Romero in ‘Shut the Door’

Shut the Door (Caleb Gray Fucks Nicholas Romero) at

In this 8TeenBoy Scene titled ‘Shut the Door’ we find Twink porn star Caleb Gray on the hunt for cock. Nicholas Romero has the lucky fuck-me fortune of being at the right place at the right time. He enters Caleb’s bedroom and gets the hot hint. The pair get right down to business, ultimately steaming up your screens!

Helix Studios: SPLASH Bareback Fuckfest (feat. Corbin Colby, Luke Wilder, Angel Rivera, Josh Brady, Joey Mills and Cameron Parks)

SPLASH Bareback Fuckfest (feat. Corbin Colby, Luke Wilder, Angel Rivera, Josh Brady, Joey Mills and Cameron Parks) at HelixStudios

Jump in to this ORGY and SPLASH around with all of your favorite Helix Studios porn stars: Angel Rivera, Cameron Parks, Corbin Colby, Joey Mills, Josh Brady and Luke Wilder! With all that sexiness in tiny swim trunks swingin’ around, things are BOUND to get GOOD and they definitely do!

Helix Studios: Corbin Colby Fucks Tyler Hill in ‘Jacuzzi For Two’

Jacuzzi For Two (Corbin Colby Fucks Tyler Hill) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Through the scorching heat of the summer sun, Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill’s hot golden bodies glisten while they relax at an outdoor resort. , Corbin is feeling frisky as he splashes a sun bathing Tyler till he gets his attention. Tyler hops in and gives Colby a kiss, which is all the hunk needs to get fired up!

8TeenBoy: Hot Tub Twink Machine (Caleb Gray and Hunter Graham Flip-Fuck)

Hot Tub Twink Machine (Caleb Gray and Hunter Graham Flip-Fuck) at

Warm water and massaging bubbles tickle tantalizing twink Caleb Gray in an outdoor jacuzzi (Hot Tub Twink Machine). And, just when he thinks this day couldn’t get any better, hottie Hunter Graham slides into the water!

Staxus: Stretched To The Max, Scene 4: (George Udall, Michal Tovi, Navon Raffi and Ron Negba)

Stretched To The Max, Scene 4: (George Udall, Michal Tovi, Navon Raffi and Ron Negba) at Staxus

Gambling can be a dangerous pastime – you should only ever gamble what you are prepared to lose. But it can also be wildly exciting, not least of all when the stakes are high and the adrenalin is pumping. This is something that Navon Raffi, Ron Negba and George Udall discover when they visit their local casino and place all their gambling chips against sexy croupier, Michal Tovi.