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8TeenBoy: Riley Finch Solo Session

Riley Finch Solo Session at

It doesn’t get ANY fresher than Riley Finch! This fine ass, fresh faced, 18 year old is from Colorado Springs. He loves hiking, dogs, older dudes AND, showing off his body!

8TeenBoy: Kurt Niles (Solo Session)

Kurt Niles (Solo Session) at

8TeenBoy: Kurt Niles has been fantasizing about being in fuck flicks since he was 15. The Portland porn aficionado just turned 18.

8TeenBoy: Jimmy Andrews and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck in ‘Nerd Lust’

Nerd Lust (Jimmy Andrews and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck) (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at

Hot nerds are all the rage, and never have there been two more fiercely fuckable four eyed fellas than Dustin Cook and Jimmy Andrews!

8TeenBoy: Julian Bell and Tristan Adler Flip-Fuck in ‘Creamed Raw’

Creamed Raw (Julian Bell and Tristan Adler Flip-Fuck) at

Julian Bell and Tristan Adler are both ripe for the fucking and haven’t cum in days. They tear into one another like the ultra hot horny teens they are from the word action.

8TeenBoy: Adam Hunt Fucks Cody Wilson in ‘Tight Twinks’

Study Break (Caleb Gray & Adam Hunt) (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at

Fresh out of the gate, 8TeenBoy twink porn star Cody Wilson cums out swingin’ in his first ever, non-solo fuck flick with Adam Hunt!

8TeenBoy: Trevor Harris and Milo Harper Flip-Fuck in ‘FLIPPED’

FLIPPED (Dustin Cook Fucks Nicholas Romero) (Bareback) at

We join Milo Harper and Trevor Harris after the boys meet at the beach. The tall, tight bodied twinks both toss their surfboards against the wall.

8TeenBoy: Introducing Dylan Hayes (with Tristan Adler)

Introducing Dylan Hayes (with Tristan Adler) (Bareback) at

Today Tristan Adler is introducing Dylan Hayes. They are hitting it off amazingly on their first date! The guys get to know each other during a deliciously intimate conversation on a sunny summer day.

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott Fucks Julian Bell in ‘After School Slam’

After School Slam (Jared Scott Fucks Julian Bell) (Bareback) at

Julian Bell and Jared Scott start the day off in bed with snuggles and sultry kisses. Jared amps things up when he takes a trip down below to blow Bell’s protruding blond boy boner.

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Jamie Ray and Dustin Cook in ‘Summertime Spit-Roast’

Summertime Spit-Roast (Jared Scott, Jamie Ray and Dustin Cook) (Bareback) at

Jared Scott and Dustin Cook are splashing about at the pool when Jamie Ray comes by to catch some rays. He also catches an eyeful of fun when the tasty twosome’s splashing turns into smashing!

8TeenBoy: Julian Bell and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck in ‘Bathroom Bang’

Bathroom Bang (Julian Bell and Dustin Cook Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Julian Bell is fresh from the shower and putting the final spritz of spray to his perfect do when boyfriend Dustin Cook walks into the bathroom unable to resist the blond boy who IS looking luscious. Bell is helpless against Cook’s charms AND cock and gives in. This ignites a four alarm fire fuck in the bathroom!

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray and Ethan Helms Flip-Fuck in ‘Liquid Love’

Liquid Love (Caleb Gray and Ethan Helms Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Long-donged twink porn star, Ethan Helms, is “handling” his business in a gorgeous glass rain shower. Caleb Gray stumbles into the bathroom and is MORE than willing to help Ethan with his incredible appendage. This shower is top of the line complete with a convenient bench for sitting…and fucking!

8TeenBoy: Fiery Flipfuck (Tristan Adler and Milo Harper)

Fiery Flipfuck (Tristan Adler and Milo Harper) (Bareback) at

Milo Harper and Tristan Adler sizzle the second they appear on screen. This time in a torrid, tongue twirling make out session. The two teens take their time tasting one another’s smooth young flesh.

8TeenBoy: Jimmy Andrews Fucks Adam Hunt in ‘Sneaking In’

Sneaking In (Jimmy Andrews Fucks Adam Hunt) at

Mom and Dad are asleep and Adam Hunt has a new boyfriend AND a plan! After texting his horny twink heartthrob Jimmy Andrews, he sneaks the dirty blond boy in the backdoor conveniently located next to his bedroom door!

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray Fucks Nicholas Romero in ‘Shut the Door’

Shut the Door (Caleb Gray Fucks Nicholas Romero) at

In this 8TeenBoy Scene titled ‘Shut the Door’ we find Twink porn star Caleb Gray on the hunt for cock. Nicholas Romero has the lucky fuck-me fortune of being at the right place at the right time. He enters Caleb’s bedroom and gets the hot hint. The pair get right down to business, ultimately steaming up your screens!