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Active Duty: Quentin Gainz Barebacks Owen Steal

Quentin Gainz Barebacks Owen Steal at ActiveDuty

Owen Steal is the first to get his mouth wrapped around Quentin Gainz’s hard cock. He takes his time with it by slowly sucking and stroking Quentin’s shaft while rubbing his firm muscular legs.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz and Elye Black Flip-Fuck

Quentin Gainz and Elye Black Flip-Fuck (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Quentin Gainz loves to start off sucking some new fresh recruit cock and he does just that. He wraps his eager mouth around Elye Black’s (Formerly Dave II at Corbin Fisher) very impressive hard cock and gives him a BJ to remember. Elye tests out Quentin’s wet mouth by fucking deep into it to see how much he can take. All the spit and slobber comes dripping out of Quentin’s mouth making Elye’s throbbing cock get even harder…

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Quentin Gainz Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Raw ConCOCKtion’

Raw ConCOCKtion (Quentin Gainz Fucks Leo Luckett) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

When Leo Luckett finds buddy Quentin Gainz in the kitchen, he asks why Quentin’s been ignoring him. Quentin plays it off that he’s been busy cooking for his girlfriend, forgetting that Leo can see the empty box in the trash.

ActiveDuty: Laith Inkley Fucks Quentin Gainz (Bareback)

Laith Inkley Fucks Quentin Gainz (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Laith Inkley doesn’t want to waste any time and once the interview is over he wraps his luscious lips around Quentin Gainz’s hard cock and begins deep throating him. He rubs his face all over Quentin’s full balls while stroking his throbbing cock…

NextDoorRAW!: Home & Hard (Quentin Gainz & Luke Reed Flip-Fuck)

Home & Hard (Quentin Gainz & Luke Reed Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Finally home after a long day of running errands, Quentin Gainz and boyfriend Luke Reed barely make it to the sofa before their passion for one another explodes. Quentin throws Luke down onto the couch and they kiss long and hard as both of them clumsily work their way out of their clothing.

NextDoorBUDDIES: Carter Woods Fucks Quentin Gainz in ‘Perfect Score’

Perfect Score (Carter Woods Fucks Quentin Gainz) at Next Door Buddies

Quentin Gainz is in need of a little rest and relaxation after a little motorcycle accident has roughed him up a bit. Add to that the fact that he’s knee deep in his studies and there’s just no chance that he can join roomie Carter Woods out for a night on the town. Visibly swamped and in a little pain, Quentin tells him he’d like to go but just can’t. Carter understands, and quickly moves to see if he can help take care of his buddy in another way.

ActiveDuty: Spencer Laval Fucks Quentin Gainz (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Quentin Gainz (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Quentin Gainz and Spencer Laval introduce themselves and right after Quentin asks Spencer how his first man on man experience was with Ryan. Spencer tells us that he had an amazing time and didn’t know it would be some much fun and pleasurable. Today Spencer will once again break some barriers that he didn’t do last time which is kissing and sucking on some cock. Quentin warms up Spencer with some slow kissing which begins to turn him on.

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Spencer Laval Tag-Team Johnny B (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz and Spencer Laval Tag-Team Johnny B (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Quentin Gainz leads the way into the battle field where cocks are being sucked and asses are being licked from every direction. The naked bodies seen are just utterly amazing as they all have cock in their mouths or have their face buried deep between some sexy butt cheeks. Quentin and Spencer Laval take turns fucking Johnny B’s eager tight hole.

Quentin Gainz and Princeton Price Flip-Fuck in ‘Rooming For Fun’ at NextDoorRAW!

Rooming For Fun (Quentin Gainz and Princeton Price Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

As Princeton Price wakes up and takes his morning piss, roomie Quentin Gainz is already in the shower. Princeton can’t help but notice Quentin’s ripped abs and tight body as he washes off, but as Quentin turns and sees Princeton looking on, they share an awkward glance that sends Princeton scrambling. Quentin finishes his shower and finds Princeton sitting on the bed wallowing in his embarrassment.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz Fucks Johnny B (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz Fucks Johnny B (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Our sexy men have a passionate connection as they begin to kiss right after introductions. The slow moving kissing and rubbing soon leads straight into them on the bed in just some red underwear with their big bulge’s very noticeable. Johnny B wraps his fresh recruit mouth around Quentin Gainz’s hard waiting cock. Quentin wants to see just how good this rookie really is…

Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd Flip-Fuck in ‘A Big Spiritual Gift’ at NextDoorBUDDIES

A Big Spiritual Gift (Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

Underneath the Buddha statue, Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd forge a bond that goes beyond physical, as they share their passion for one another. Cameron is in heaven as Quentin kisses his way down Cameron’s body, removing his pants and unveiling his hard cock. Quentin quickly takes it into his mouth, downing it in one fell swoop as Cameron closes his eyes and moans in pure delight. He returns the favor, working Quentin’s shaft and making his way down to his hole, moistening it up in preparation for his hard dick.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan and Alex Michaels (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan and Alex Michaels (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Ryan Jordan is the first to kick back and let Quentin Gainz service his big cock while Alex Michaels feeds his cock deep into his open mouth. Ryan gags on Alex’s big dick as Quentin worships Ryan’s throbbing dick. Ryan takes a quick break and lets Alex in on the action.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With His Buttplug & Dildo)

Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With A Buttplug & Dildo) at ActiveDuty

This is by no means like our usual solos. Quentin Gainz takes the reigns and shows all the new recruits out their how to pull off a solo the proper vet way. He begins by showing off his rock solid body. He has spent countless hours in the gym working on his physique and it looks like perfection.

Quentin Gainz, Gunner Canon, Eric Turner and Zey Hardy in ‘Bros Before Hoes’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Bros Before Hoes (Quentin Gainz, Gunner, Eric Turner and Zey Hardy) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

When buddies Quentin Gainz and Eric Turner make their way over to their bros house to see what’s happening, they can hardly believe what they see through the window: their boy Gunner Canon half naked and sucking off fellow bro Zey Hardy in the dining room. Seeing that they are clearly unashamed, Quentin and Eric decide they might like to join them, so instead of knocking, they burst through the door and confront their bros with the proposition…

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz Fucks Mathias (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz Fucks Mathias (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Mathias is ready to take it to the next step but first he has Quentin Gainz wrap his mouth around his cock for a nice sultry BJ. Quentin loves Mathias’s veiny hard cock throbbing in his mouth and he is fired up to take that virgin ass. Quentin will be doing all the work so he kicks back and lets Mathias worship his rock hard cock.

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Ryan Jordan (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Quentin Gainz & Ryan Jordan (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ActiveDuty

Quentin Gainz lubes up Ryan Jordan’s ass with his tongue as he fucks him with it. He gets it dripping wet and then teases Ryan’s hole with his raw cock. He doesn’t push in just yet but they have a sword fight and Quentin takes the reigns…

Active Duty: Kevin Grey & Quentin Gainz (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Kevin Grey & Quentin Gainz (Flip-Fuck Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Kevin Grey jumps onto the bed and Quentin Gainz jumps onto his cock with his eager mouth and starts deep throating his shaft. Kevin has his arms up taking in all the enjoyment from a professional cock sucker as every inch of his cock is perfectly paid attention to. Kevin doesn’t want to nut in Quentin’s mouth so they flip positions and Kevin starts to suck on Quentin’s hard cock.

Quentin Gainz Fucks Tyler Carver in ‘Tyler’s First Choice Fuck’ at NextDoorBUDDIES

Quentin Gainz Fucks Tyler Carver at Next Door Buddies

When given a choice for scene partners, Tyler Carver says he took one look at Quentin Gainz’ abs and said, ‘Yup. That’s the one.’ Quentin’s ‘aw shucks’ demeanor is on full display upon hearing this anecdote, and he says he feels honored. It doesn’t hurt that Tyler’s furry chest and striking good looks make him a fantasy pairing for anyone, especially when he tells the members that his favorite thing to do is ride a dick.