Articles Featuring: Spencer Laval

Spencer Laval’s body is flawless and his build is what a gay porn God looks like. When he drops his clothes, he reveals his beautiful cock which is thick with a sexy vein right down the middle.

Active Duty: Spencer Laval, Ryan Jordan and Logan Lane

Spencer Laval, Ryan Jordan and Logan Lane at ActiveDuty

ActiveDuty: Spencer Laval, Ryan Jordan and Logan Lane kick back on the bed on stroke one another till Spencer gets the sudden urge to start blowing Ryan’s big hard cock. Logan Lane watches on and soon enough Ryan has his mouth wrapped around Logan’s throbbing dick.

NextDoorRaw!: Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley in ‘Long Bananas’

Long Bananas (Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

When he discovers boyfriend Spencer Laval has returned from the store, Laith Inkley thanks Spencer for getting him fresh bananas, but he tells him he’s having a craving for one banana in particular.

Next Door Buddies: Spencer Laval Fucks Roman Eros in ‘Get In Deep’

Get In Deep (Spencer Laval Fucks Roman Eros) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Roman Eros knows what he’s doing with his hands, and when client Spencer Laval tells him to get in deep, he has no idea what he’s in for…

Active Duty: Spencer Laval and Marc Montana Tag-Team Johnny B

Spencer Laval and Marc Montana Tag-Team Johnny B at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Marc Montana dives in first and begins blowing Johnny B. Marc and Spencer Laval take turns blowing his big dick since he’s the one that is going to be fucked today.

Next Door BUDDIES: Spencer Laval Fucks Marcus Tresor in “Breakfast At Spencer’s”

Breakfast At Spencer's (Spencer Laval Fucks Marcus Tresor) at Next Door Buddies

Spencer Laval is just a man trying to eat his breakfast in peace and quiet. But when Marcus Tresor finds him in the kitchen, standing alone with his morning wood raging, things become a little awkward.

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Cameron Vincent (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Cameron Vincent (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Cameron Vincent walks into the room and Dirk introduces the two. After the handshake Cameron can’t resist Spencer Laval’s sexy body. He has Spencer sit down on the bed as he starts to suck on his big fat dick.

Next Door Buddies: Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles in “Bustin’ Buddies”

Bustin' Buddies (Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles) at Next Door Buddies

It’s not like Nathan Styles hasn’t seen buddy Spencer Laval’s dick before. After all, they played football together all through high school.

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Markie More (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Markie More (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Markie More was eager to get this scene going so we let him go at. He immediately wrapped his mouth around Spencer Laval’s big dick with a quickness never seen before.

NextDoorRAW!: Spencer Laval Fucks Jackson Cooper in ‘Neighborhood Voyeur’

Neighborhood Voyeur (Spencer Laval Fucks Jackson Cooper) at NextDoorRAW!

Watching his neighbor jack off in his living room, neighborhood voyeur Jackson Cooper begins to fondle himself through his jeans. What he doesn’t realize is that Spencer Laval can see his reflection in the mirror, and that this little show is all for Jackson’s benefit.

NextDoorRAW!: Spencer Laval Fucks Connor Halstead in ‘Big Feet’

Big Feet (Spencer Laval Fucks Connor Halstead) at NextDoorRAW!

As Connor Halstead gives Spencer Laval a foot rub, both of them begin to entertain similar thoughts. Spencer wonders if Connor’s talents for touch apply to other parts of the body. Connor also wonders if it’s true what they say about guys with big feet. If Spencer is half as big as Connor imagines, it will be worth the effort of making a pass.

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Owen Steal (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Owen Steal (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty’s new recruit, Owen Steal, is taking it to the next level and Spencer Laval is the lucky man that gets to dive deep into his ass. But first Owen needs to suck on that big dick of Spencer’s. Owen wastes no time in getting his mouth full with hard throbbing dick.

NextDoorBuddies: Spencer Laval Fucks Scott Finn in ‘Helping Hands’

Helping Hands (Spencer Laval Fucks Scott Finn) at Next Door Buddies

As he starts his morning, Spencer Laval discovers that his hard on is already up and in need of attention. Spencer dutifully begins to rub one out, not knowing that curious roomie Scott Finn is peeking through the door and watching. Scott asks Spencer what he’s doing, and Spencer tries to play it off.

NextDoorRAW: Spencer Laval Fucks Jackson Traynor in ‘Virgin Memories’

Virgin Memories (Spencer Laval Fucks Jackson Traynor) at NextDoorRAW!

As Jackson Traynor sits at the desk in a familiar hotel room, he reminisces about an event he engaged in, just over his shoulder, on the bed behind him. With word that his guest, Spencer Laval, will not be joining him for the weekend, Jackson is forced to settle on reliving the torrid affair the two of them shared so long ago…

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Johnny B (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Johnny B (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Johnny B doesn’t waste any time and soon enough his eager wet mouth is wrapped around Spencer Laval’s big fat cock deep throating the best he can.