Next Door Buddies: Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles in “Bustin’ Buddies”

Bustin' Buddies (Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles) at Next Door Buddies

Bustin' Buddies (Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles) at Next Door Buddies
Bustin' Buddies (Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles) at Next Door Buddies

Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles in “Bustin’ Buddies” at NextDoorSTUDIOS:

It’s not like Nathan Styles hasn’t seen buddy Spencer Laval’s dick before. After all, they played football together all through high school. But now that the two of them are sharing their first jerk off together, Nathan suddenly has an insatiable urge to get a taste of what Spencer is packing.

As Spencer Laval shifts the position of the screen they’re watching, Nathan Styles takes his chance. He begins by quickly wrapping his lips around the head of Spencer’s cock and downing it. Spencer is surprised, but his cock gets rock hard as soon as Nathan tongues it. So he lets Nathan have a mouth full, choking him with his meaty pole as Nathan spits all over it.

Nathan Styles proves so good at sucking dick that Spencer Laval is ready to fuck his football teammate. So he has Nathan mount him by sliding his bareback cock deep into Nathan’s hole. He has to take it slowly at first, but Nathan quickly opens up. Spencer fucks him raw all over the sofa as Nathan strokes himself.

Nathan Styles finally spits his load as Spencer Laval pounds him. This launches nut all over his stomach as Spencer pulls out and blasts him. He then rubs his cock head in the cum puddle on Nathan’s belly and using it as he strokes both of their cocks together.

Watch as Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch as Spencer Laval Fucks Nathan Styles at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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Matteo says:

It’s nice to see that Nathan/Ellis has left his gel at Corbin Fisher house.

Quinton Jackson says:

Nathan is still trying? Bless her heart. Spencer remains sexy. Him getting his ass ate is probably the closes we’ll see him bottom. I just want that Mathias scene before Mathias packs on more weight.

Dkingz33 says:

For once I just want title to say fuck Spencer level.

ajholditdownbaby says:


Cubankid says:

That would be nice.

andrew says:

Spencer Laval is undeniably physically beautiful, but unfortunately limited as a performer. When a guy signs on to do gay porn, no matter his sexual orientation, he should go all in and do it with gusto and passion. Porn stars are actors. It’s their job to make us believers.

Kj says:

Nathan and Spencer are both hot men. This could be great.

Scrapple says:

Next Door really needs to figure out what they want to do with Spencer. They literally give him nothing to work with in terms of these storylines. Another “I’m jerking off while someone watches me” scene? Is that really necessary?

Speaking of unnecessary, Nathan Styles.

Young Meesh says:

Spencer loves to get his ass ate. Why the fuck would you pair him up with someone not willing to do that. Oh yeah, Spencer is beautiful.

Redphyro says:

I could never get tired seeing Spencer Laval. They should pair him up with Mathias. Pls make it happen.

McM. says:

In the first three full images, Nathan Styles has the same expression of a gassy infant needing to be burped.

Not sexy.

Burkeman says:

Based on the preview, in my view, Ellis/Nathan remains a competent bottom, while Spencer’s blowjob skills have improved. Spencer also looks more relaxed and passionate, keeping his eyes open and looking with lust at Nathan when topping.

david david says:

Nathan Styles is really handsome without his hair gel. But based on the trailer, it seems that not even Spencer could make this scene lively. That missionary looks hot though.