NextDoorRaw!: Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley in ‘Long Bananas’

Long Bananas (Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Long Bananas (Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!
Long Bananas (Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley in ‘Long Bananas’ at NextDoorStudios:

When he discovers boyfriend Spencer Laval has returned from the store, Laith Inkley thanks Spencer for getting him fresh bananas, but he tells him he’s having a craving for one banana in particular. He smiles at Spencer, grabbing the bulge in his jeans and looking up at him.

Spencer Laval smiles as Laith Inkley drops to his knees, where he downs Spencer’s banana right there in the kitchen. He throws Spencer up against the island and tongues his hole before sliding his dick deep inside Spencer. He fucks him from behind as Spencer takes the dick willingly.

Once he’s had his fill, Laith Inkley hoists Spencer Laval onto the island and sucks him off before mounting his hard cock and riding him raw. Spencer spreads his hole wide open with every forceful thrust, and Laith moans with pleasure. Spencer flips him over and spreads his legs wide, fucking Laith as he jacks himself off.

Laith Inkley shoots cum all over his stomach as Spencer Laval continues to pound away, pulling out and giving Laith a morning shot of protein to go with that long fruit. Ah, the breakfast of champions! Enjoy!

Watch as Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch as Spencer Laval Fucks Laith Inkley at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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Darkhog says:

Like Spencer Laval and Laith Inkley taking turns with each other.

Pascal says:

I like Laith’s perpetually confused face when taking dick: ‘Why does this feel so good?’

DisFucanGuy says:

Only here for Spencer.

Burkeman says:

Spencer looks great being rimmed and bottoming, and he seems to have become very relaxed and assertive in his scenes. Perhaps Spencer is not that talented overall, but his beautiful face and body helps his scenes.
Laith is also beautiful, in a way quite unique in the porn industry. He is a rare beauty.

Dashanique Abiggon says:


coolcoolboy says:

Spencer reminds me of SC’s Brandon in terms of physical beauty and performance level. But you just knew that Brandon was a jerk, and Spencer seems to be ok. Also Spencer has a bigger dick and bottoms more. That helps.

Scrapple says:

The banana callback was pretty funny. Hated that it was another kitchen scene, but I thought they made it work. Spencer has been steadily getting looser and more vocal in his scenes. He really seemed to enjoy both ends of Laith.

I like Laith, but I hope he doesn’t fall into the ND trap which has claimed Ryan and Princeton. The majority of their ND scenes pale in comparison to their AD scenes.

joeguy45 says:

Spencer is gorgeous .. and he’s getting there with the sex but not quite yet… He said in his BTS interview that he likes eating ass , however I’ve only once seen him do this once and that was to Justin Matthews who lets be honest , has such a hot ass that a straight man would probably still lick it..
he’s up in a scene on Active duty where he is a total bottom in and it looks promising … would love to see him get totally piggy… he is an amazing kisser and fucks quite hard .. just need it all bumped up a notch

andrew says:

I’m thrilled that the beautiful Laval is bottoming occasionally. IMO it would be even better if he bottomed most of the time. He’s not the greatest top, but watching the physically beautiful Laval giving up his fine ass to hot guys is thrilling.

Burkeman says:

When and where, please?

Burkeman says:

Thank you. They were all really cute, including Spencer, who looks like he has never said ‘bisexual’ before.
Maybe he did consider himself a heterosexual, even after applying to do gay porn, and it took him a few scenes to realise.

(And I wonder what ‘straight’ Ryan Jordan’s erection secrets are.)

Drillyxir says:

I love Elye Black more now. cause he plays piano. it’s so fascinating to know more about them. like wtf Princeton is a Martial artist! and Donte has a daughter. Like wow, you don’t really expect it.

joeguy45 says:

Im late to this party. lol Spencer also said he loved eating ass.i chatted with a performer who did scene with spencer in february .. He told me spencer gave him a good rimming… and he certainly does Quin quine in a up & coming scene … and i saw a pic of him on line with scott finn cuddled up so I’m kinda believing the bi / gay thing … as for Ryan ? he’s as straight as the yellow brick road .. lol