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NextDoorRAW!: David Strong and Dante Martin Flip-Fuck in ‘Places To Fuck’

Places To Fuck (David Strong and Dante Martin Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Walking through the parking garage on the way up to his apartment, Dante Martin thinks he sees what appears to be a man struggling in his car, perhaps having some kind of medical issue. As he approaches the car, it turns out that the guy inside is merely jacking himself off, but he stops suddenly when he turns and sees Dante. Dante frantically panics and runs off up to his building. The man exits his car and follows just a few moments behind. When Dante makes it to his apartment he thinks he’s in the clear but a quick knock on the door lets him know he’ll have to confront this. When he opens the door, David Strong apologizes and explains that his place is overcrowded and he never has any private time…

Dante Martin, Derek Wulf and Chris Blades in ‘Grooming Roommates’ at NextDoorRAW!

Grooming Roommates (Dante Martin, Derek Wulf and Chris Blades) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With boyfriend Dante Martin not around, Chris Blades approaches new roomie Derek Wulf with a proposition to help him groom his hairy ass. Derek thinks it’s kind of a weird request, but he obliges nonetheless. However, when he sees Chris getting hard as he shaves, Derek realizes the whole thing is just a set up, and that Derek’s new roomie cock is what Chris is really after.

Austin Hunter Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Nerd Lust’ at NextDoorBuddies

Nerd Lust (Austin Hunter Fucks Dante Martin) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

As Dante Martin studies for an exam, his roommate’s friend, Austin Hunter, surprises him with an unwanted visit. Austin seems to only be here to harass Dante, asking him all sorts of offensive questions about his lifestyle…

Dante Martin Fucks Cameron Dalile in ‘Cameron Dalile’s Bareback Break-In’ at NextDoorBUDDIES

Cameron Dalile's Bareback Break-In (Dante Martin Fucks Cameron Dalile) at Next Door Buddies

Dante Martin is one lucky guy, as he’s been chosen to break in newbie Cameron Dalile, who has come ready to please and serve. Cameron confesses to getting off on kinky submissive acts, so Dante wastes very little time taking him up on his word, gagging him with his hard cock as Cameron takes every inch and begs for more.

Johnny Hill Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Neighbor’s Secret’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Neighbor's Secret (Johnny Hill Fucks Dante Martin) at Next Door Studios

With his father’s passing, Johnny Hill is in town to make necessary arrangements, and his heart is rather heavy when neighbor Dante Martin stops by to pay his condolences. Dante, a former friend of Johnny’s dad, regales him with tales of his father, and stories about Johnny that his father shared. Johnny gets nervous and embarrassed at the possibilities and Dante tells him there was a time when Johnny’s father thought he was gay, something about internet search history and gay porn.

Dante Martin and Ethan Slade Flip-Fuck in ‘Cheat The Cheater’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Cheat The Cheater (Dante Martin and Ethan Slade Flip-Fuck) at Next Door Studios

When Dante Martin discovers that boyfriend Ethan Slade has been cheating on him, he quickly realizes he has one of two options. He can either end it all immediately, or he can try to fix the problem between them. Dante settles for option 2, and figures the main reason Ethan is stepping out is because he’s not satisfied with their sex life. So creeping his way back to bed, he begins to kiss on Ethan’s neck, waking him up as his cock begins to poke Ethan in the back. Ethan stirs awake and rolls over, as Dante works his way down to Ethan’s cock, taking it into his mouth and sucking him off.

Michael DelRay Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Strange Breed’ at NextDoorRAW!

Strange Breed (Michael Del Ray Fucks Dante Martin) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With very specific instructions, Dante Martin unlocks the door, strips out of his clothes, blindfolds himself, and positions himself on the bed, ass up, to patiently wait for Daddy to come home. When he feels the reassuring touch of fingers massaging his hole, he instantly feels secure, but when the voice in his ear belongs to a stranger, he rips off the blindfold to see Michael Del Ray twirling his huge cock.

Dalton Riley Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Home Wrecker’ at Next Door Studios

Home Wrecker (Dalton Riley Fucks Dante Martin) at Next Door Studios

No sooner has new neighbor Dalton Riley introduced himself that Dante Martin sees the conflict between him and his boyfriend. Dalton’s initial reasoning for stopping by was just to welcome Dante to the neighborhood, but it quickly escalates to a potential booty call when Dalton’s boyfriend storms off and Dalton catches Dante on the porch. Texting him, he asks if Dante wants to hang now, and Dante tells him he’s waiting on the patio. Moments later, Dante is leading Dalton into his house to show Dalton how a real man treats his boyfriend.

Mark Long, Dante Martin and Dalton Riley in ‘Straight Watchers’ at NextDoorRAW!

Straight Watchers (Mark Long, Dante Martin and Dalton Riley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

When Dante Martin and Dalton Riley decided to spice up their love life, they never expected to land such a pistol packing stud as Mark Long. Mark’s M.O. is usually just to watch, and as Dante begins to suck Dalton off, Mark realizes there is plenty of eye-candy in front of him. But as soon as Mark whips out his cock and begins to stroke it Dante and Dalton mutually agree that Mark should be more involved, and Mark doesn’t protest when Dalton suggests he let them suck him off, so the two of them get to work.

Dante Martin Fucks Brandon Moore in ‘Big-Dick Nerd’ at NextDoorStudios

Big-Dick Nerd (Dante Martin Fucks Brandon Moore) at Next Door Studios

When his potential step-brother to be invades his space, Brandon Moore decides to turn misfortune into opportunity. Dante Martin is a hen pecked nerd in every sense of the word, but Brandon can see through those pants his mama dressed him in that Dante is nonetheless packing some serious meat in his jeans. Quickly corrupting his search engine with porn, Brandon exposes Dante to the carnal side of things, and once he sees Dante is ripe for seducing, he offers to show Dante first hand what it’s all about.

Dante Martin Fucks Chris Blades in ‘Real Cardio’ at NextDoorRAW!

Real Cardio (Dante Martin Fucks Chris Blades) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

When the going gets tough, Dante Martin takes a break. Chris Blades is Dante’s private trainer, and he’s starting to get tired of Dante’s excuses. Today, Chris has taken Dante out for a morning run. After a few minutes, Dante sits on a bench and says he needs a break.

Bridger Watts Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Hard Money’ at NextDoorRAW!

Hard Money (Bridger Watts Fucks Dante Martin) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

Lately the job search hasn’t been too kind to Bridger Watts, but luckily Dante Martin understands that nothing helps out in tough times like a cash windfall, and he’s ready to offer Bridger a handsome salary for some hard work. Bridger scoffs at the idea at first, but Dante assures him he’ll break him in slowly at first.

Dante Martin & Cameron Cyle Flip-Fuck in ‘Afternoon Delight’ at NextDoorRAW!

Afternoon Delight (Dante Martin & Cameron Cyle Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

As the sun begins to wane on a winter’s day, Dante Martin and Cameron Cyle are shacked up with each other, content to warm each other up inside. Cameron’s heat is evident as he runs his hands down Dante’s pants, exposing Dante’s hard cock and stroking it before kissing his way down Dante’s body. He sucks Dante off, downing his shaft and teasing the head before flipping Dante over to tongue fuck his hole. Dante returns the favor, sucking Cameron off and getting him nice and hard before bending over for him.

Dante Martin & Scott Demarco Tag-Team Lance Ford in ‘Earned Hours’ at NextDoorWorld

Earned Hours (Dante Martin & Scott Demarco Tag-Team Lance Ford) at Next Door World

Sitting around eating their lunch, Scott Demarco and Dante Martin hatch a plan to get a little mid-day action brewing. Horny as all hell, Scott asks Dante to line up a meeting with the cute boy from massage class, and together, they figure out a strategy to see if Lance Ford is willing and able. When Lance comes over, Dante suggests that they work on getting in some of their credit hours for school, and so Lance begins to massage Dante as Scott joins him in a four handed massage.

Griffin Barrows & Dante Martin Flip-Fuck in ‘Bedroom Jackpot’ at NextDoorRAW!

Bedroom Jackpot (Dante Martin & Griffin Barrows) (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW

Returning home from the casino, Dante Martin notices boyfriend Griffin Barrows is decidedly quiet and sad. Once prodded, Griffin confesses to losing all his money at the tables that night, and wonders how he’ll pay the rent or even buy food. Dante is understanding in his damage control, telling Griffin they’ll be ok, and that he can lend him some money til he gets paid again.

Dante Martin, Damian Black & Paul Canon in ‘Forgiving Cheaters’ at NextDoorRAW!

Forgiving Cheaters (Dante Martin, Damian Black & Paul Canon) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With his boyfriend gone to work, Paul Canon fucks Damian Black on his sofa, unaware that Dante has doubled back to catch them in the act. Paul sucks Damian off and then mounts him, riding his long hard cock as Damian caresses his chest. Damian is just about to lose his nut when Dante walks in and busts them, but instead of getting upset, Dante curiously unzips his pants and takes up a spot on the couch next to them.

Dante Martin, Damian Black & Allen Lucas in ‘Closet Case Hookup’ at NextDoorBuddies

Closet Case Hookup (Dante Martin, Damian Black & Allen Lucas) at Next Door Buddies

As Dante Martin and his boyfriend Damian Black get busy in Dante’s bed, roommate Allen Lucas lurks in secret hiding in Dante’s closet. Stirring around, the two hear him and discover his spying. An irate Dante demands answers, but Allen can only offer up weak sauce excuses. Dante notices Allen staring at both of their cocks and asks Allen what he’s doing.

Jake Davis Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Dirty Poolboy’ at NextDoorRAW!

Dirty Poolboy (Jake Davis Fucks Dante Martin) at NextDoorRAW

Under the hot sun, poolboy Jake Davis does his job as homeowner Dante Martin relieves him with a pitcher of lemonade. Jake has done work for Dante and his husband for a while, and Dante asks Jake about his girlfriend. Jake tells him that his girl is really boring in the bedroom, and it’s obvious to Dante that Jake is seeking something more, sexually.

Dante Martin Fucks Lance Taylor in ‘Blame It on the Wine’ at NextDoorWorld

Blame It On The Wine (Dante Martin Fucks Lance Taylor) at Next Door Buddies

As Dante Martin and Lance Taylor enjoy a relaxing get-away weekend in the wine country, the day unwinds slowly and without agenda. As they bask in the summer sun and enjoy the fruits of the land, a serene peace comes over both of them, and also, a nagging urge to get naughty, so Lance leads Dante back to the hotel suite where they let the effects of the wine take hold and throw caution to the wind, as Dante strips Lance out of his clothes, hastily unbuttoning his own shirt as he works his way down Lance’s tanned and toned body, revealing his cock from inside his shorts and downing it like the bottles of vino that came before.

Dante Martin & Benjamin Swift Tag-Team Max Penn in ‘The Hot Gym Guy’ at NextDoorBuddies

The Hot Gym Guy (Dante Martin & Benjamin Swift Tag-Team Max Penn) at Next Door Buddies

With their own sex life stagnating, Max Penn and Dante Martin have hatched a plan to try and spice things up. Both of them have been eyeing the hot guy at the gym who always comes alone, but the only problem with muscled stud Benjamin Swift is that they are pretty sure he’s straight. This doesn’t deter them, it just means they have to be a little more creative if they want him to come play.

Dante Martin Fucks Max Penn in ‘My Sister’s Boyfriend’ at NextDoorRAW!

My Sister's Boyfriend (Dante Martin Fucks Max Penn) at NextDoorRAW

Excitement is abound for Max Penn as he recounts the news of making the baseball team to his sister’s boyfriend, Dante Martin. Dante is thrilled for Max, but Max seems a bit preoccupied. Dante senses this and asks him what’s up, and Max reveals that he’s carrying quite a bit of tightness and tension in his shoulder and it has him worried for his start in the big game.

Jason Styles Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Fuck Roommates’ at NextDoorRAW!

Fuck Roommates (Jason Styles Fucks Dante Martin) at NextDoorRAW

As Jason Styles finishes his laundry, new roomie Dante Martin asks him how he’s coming along in his new surroundings. Jason seems nervous as Dante grills him about his past, particularly as it pertains to questions about Jason’s ex-girlfriend. As he carefully answers Dante’s questions, he wonders what his new roommate is trying to hint at, when Date alludes to the dildo stashed in Jason’s laundry basket.

Cheating Faith: The Virgin Mark (Dante Martin, Gabriel Cross, Markie More & Arad Winwin) at NextDoorWorld

Cheating Faith: The Virgin Mark (Dante Martin, Gabriel Cross, Markie More & Arad Winwin) at Next Door World

The old adage of best laid plans often going awry has proven itself yet again, as the snag in Father Gabriel’s scheme has finally begun to unravel. As Dante reports the news of Arad, the janitor, catching him in the act with his last mark, both Father Gabe and Markie More begin to understand the weight of the situation. Do nothing, and they run the risk of being uncovered. But acting on this new information could also lead to implosion. The one thing going for the guys is Dante’s revelation that he had a smile on his face while he watched, which makes Father Gabriel think that just maybe he can pulled into the fray.

Cheating Faith: The Bigger, The Better (Dante Martin & Dylan Knight) at Next Door World

Cheating Faith: The Bigger, The Better (Dante Martin & Dylan Knight) at Next Door World

With Father Gabriel’s little cat and mouse game working wonders, Dante Martin wonders what his next mark will be like, and almost on call, Dante’s phone blows up with the info. Gabriel instructs Dante to wear a jock strap since the mark has a secret fetish for them.

Cheating Faith: How Does It Feel? (Johnny Torque Fucks Dante Martin)

Cheating Faith: How Does It Feel? (Dante Martin Sucks Johnny Torque) at Next Door World

After hearing about Markie More’s exploits in Father Gabriel’s confessional glory hole, Dante Martin is excited to give it a go himself. Dante decides that he’s going to fuck with whichever straight guy ends up in the box, so when Johnny Torque wanders in, Dante takes a very ceremonial tone, confusing Johnny, til Dante lets him off the hook. Johnny looks a bit nervous, and it’s obvious the setting is making him nervous, but Dante quickly assuages him of those concerns, reaching through the hole and massaging Johnny’s cock through his pants, before unzipping his jeans and pulling his hard dick through the glory hole.