Next Door Male

Next Door Male introduces the hottest guys in gay intimate solo videos.

NextDoorMALE: John Evans

John Evans at Next Door Male

Young buck John Evans is finally home and all he has been thinking about is stroking his cock. He sits on his favorite couch and eases into things as he slowly takes his clothes off.

NextDoorRAW: Zion Nicholas Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Study Partner’

Study Partner (Zion Nicholas Fucks Dante Martin) at NextDoorRAW!

Dante Martin considers the possibility that maybe Zion Nicholas would be a good partner for something other than studying. So, as Zion sleeps on the sofa, Dante inspects his goods.

NextDoorMALE: Hunter Knox

Hunter Knox at Next Door Male

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Hunter Knox moans quietly pretending that he is in class. His big dick becomes harder and harder throbbing in his hands.

NextDoorMALE: Derek Hart

Derek Hart at Next Door Male

Derek Hart sits out on the deck on a sunny afternoon undressing himself.

Next Door Male: Jaydon Jensen

Jaydon Jensen at Next Door Male

Jaydon Jensen is relaxing in his favorite lounge chair pleasing himself.

Next Door Male: James Ray

James Ray at Next Door Male

James Ray has just got home from a long days work and first thing he does is kick back on his huge comfortable bed.

NextDoorMALE: Donnie Byski

Donnie Byski at Next Door Male

Donnie Byski is a confident man and when he’s on a Holiday break he doesn’t waste any time pulling his cock out to play with.

Next Door MALE: James Sinner

James Sinner at Next Door Male

James Sinner is a Cali native at the age of just 29 years old standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing in at a strong 160 lbs.

Next Door MALE: Elijah James

Elijah James at Next Door Male

Next Door Studio: Elijah James slowly starts to undress revealing his fit formed body. He slowly lets his hands wander all over his ripped chest and nipples. He makes his way down to his zipper and pulls out his hard cock and begins stroking it.

NextDoorMALE: Zane Clayton

Zane Clayton at Next Door Male

Zane Clayton is a confident newbie with a sculpted body and a penchant for danger. Ever in search of situations that will take him out of his comfort zone, Zane makes his screen debut in this scorching solo.

NextDoorMALE: Jake Hart

Jake Hart at Next Door Male

Jake Hart surfs, skateboards and loves chilling at the beach. He has a sexual eye and is always down to fuck. Jake is ready to rock and roll and we hope you like what he has to offer. Enjoy!

NextDoorMALE: Tyler Kodiak

Tyler Kodiak at Next Door Male

Tyler Kodiak comes from Russia by way of Utah. Making his on screen debut, he unwinds on the sofa and shows off his lean body and his thick cock. He strokes for your pleasure as he invites you to join him.

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Taylor Briggs

Taylor Briggs at Next Door Male

Taylor never thought he would be sitting down for an interview here at NextDoorMale. But life has many paths and we are glad Taylor has visited us.

Next Door Male: Jonah Cain

Jonah Cain at Next Door Male

Jonah Cain is excited that he came to our studio for an amazing interview with his solo. He wasn’t sure what to make of the whole adult industry thing but once he met some of our staff he said he felt extremely comfortable and ready to rock.

Next Door Male: Carter Woods

Carter Woods at Next Door Male

Carter Woods is from New Jersey and he’s an avid reader and also went to College for Baseball. He loves to listen to classical music and hopes to travel the world in the near future. Carter is working on a new App to revolutionize combat sports. He’s a very smart young man looking to broaden his horizons and we are glad he decided to spend some time here with us at Next Door Male.

Next Door MALE: Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson at Next Door Male

Lucas Johnson is all about bodybuilding and it’s his life’s mission to be the best at it. He enters contests regularly and even found out through some injuries that he doesn’t have an ACL. Lucas is motivated by the drive to live and better himself in any way possible. He has business ventures with a major player that he hopes will be fruitful.

NextDoorMALE: Brady Breeze

Brady Breeze at Next Door Male

Brady Breeze is a long time baseball player who was heading for the pros until he shattered his ankle and now he looks to being a police officer one day. He has played sports since he could walk and was always on varsity plus was MVP multiple times. We found Brady through social media and wanted to give him a chance to show off his sexy body and he couldn’t resist.

NextDoorMALE: Griffith Hawk

Griffith Hawk at Next Door Male

Griffith Hawk is a hardworking man trying to conquer his dreams. This guy is the most active man on the planet. He is either working out at the gym or trying to start his own supplement business. We feel lucky he decided to come try out with Next Door Male.

Next Door Male: Axel Kane

Axel Kane at Next Door Male

Axel Kane is a corrections officer who is ready to show off his nightstick. His job is to keep things cool, but Axel is ready to lose control and heat things up, as he shows off his chiseled physique and his meaty cock…

NextDoorMALE: Colton Cain

Colton Cain at Next Door Male

Colton Cain is a new hottie with a nasty streak. With his soft blue eyes and looks that kill, it would be easy to assume Colton is a sweet guy, but he quickly reveals he’s got a lot of dirty thoughts and fantasies swimming around in that good looking head of his. Making his screen debut here, he shows off his chiseled body as he works himself up.