NextDoorMALE: Zane Clayton

Zane Clayton at Next Door Male

Zane Clayton at Next Door Male
Zane Clayton at Next Door Male

Zane Clayton Solo at NextDoorSTUDIOS:

Zane Clayton is a confident newbie with a sculpted body and a penchant for danger. Ever in search of situations that will take him out of his comfort zone, Zane makes his screen debut in this scorching solo.

Zane Clayton slowly shows off all his assets before getting down to business. Once he’s stripped of all his clothing, Zane’s rock hard odyssey brings you along for the ride. Zane pleasures himself but wishes you were there instead. He spreads himself out on the ottoman and the bed, teasing his load and wagging his cock until he can hold out no longer.

Finally gushing his load all over his stomach in a messy conclusion to Zane Clayton’s first foray into the adult world. Here’s hoping it isn’t his last.Enjoy!

Watch Zane Clayton at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch Zane Clayton at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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Denver2020 says:

Squared face

Loki says:

Yeah, like a super angular Davey Wavey.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Great body, but will he return for man to man action?

HVdude says:

Hmmm. The jury is out.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Get Markie on his back for Clayton’s pounding dick!

Me2 says:

Lazy pictorial. I’m pretty certain he deserves better, but it’s like they can’t even be bothered to pretend to care about the product.

Guy says:

He is definitely a paper bagger!