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Active Duty: David Strong [New Recruit]

David Strong [New Recruit] at ActiveDuty

Active Duty newcomer, David Strong, slowly takes his clothes off so we can see the length of his firm well-built thighs and torso. Once his uncut cock is fully erect and throbbing, your jaw just might hit the floor.

NextDoorRAW!: David Strong and Dante Martin Flip-Fuck in ‘Places To Fuck’

Places To Fuck (David Strong and Dante Martin Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Walking through the parking garage on the way up to his apartment, Dante Martin thinks he sees what appears to be a man struggling in his car, perhaps having some kind of medical issue. As he approaches the car, it turns out that the guy inside is merely jacking himself off, but he stops suddenly when he turns and sees Dante. Dante frantically panics and runs off up to his building. The man exits his car and follows just a few moments behind. When Dante makes it to his apartment he thinks he’s in the clear but a quick knock on the door lets him know he’ll have to confront this. When he opens the door, David Strong apologizes and explains that his place is overcrowded and he never has any private time…