Active Duty: David Strong [New Recruit]

David Strong [New Recruit] at ActiveDuty

David Strong [New Recruit] at ActiveDuty

David Strong at ActiveDuty, Scene Summary:

Active Duty newcomer, David Strong, slowly takes his clothes off so we can see the length of his firm well-built thighs and torso. Once his uncut cock is fully erect and throbbing, your jaw just might hit the floor. David grips his shaft and pulls every inch of at as if he were holding a loaded weapon. His legs are wide spread showing us his sexy cupped balls and long shaft with amazing veins and one beautiful head.

David Strong stares deeply into the camera with every throbbing inch of his cock held tightly in his smooth hands. We know he needs some help with that monster cock. But it’s all in due time and you better be on the lookout for his next scene. Especially with the way he can blast a load. David can feel his balls about to explode just like after pulling the pin from a live grenade. He uses both hands to hold his dick into position as it throbs viciously and with every stroke he gets closer to erupting.

Now with only one hand left to do the job David Strong beats his dicks furiously and finally his warm cum shoots out gracefully all over his pubes and it slowly drips down his long shaft. He then uses his thick cum as lube as he slowly strokes every inch. Enjoy!

Watch David Strong at ActiveDuty

Watch David Strong at ActiveDuty

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Jay says:

That dick is impressive.

Jake says:

This guy is perfect. It catches my attention 😍😍

wdeee says:

That is a whole lotta cock

moondoggy says:

Hm, not doing it for me.

markjohnson22 says:

Bigger dick and better body than SC’s Roger, though. So why no likey?

moondoggy says:

I don’t think he has a better body because the shape of his upper body is a little off-putting. It could just be the lighting. I don’t criticize this studio’s lighting because I think they look that way on purpose. I think it’s a conscious homage to Old Reliable, or at least an unconscious one. Adds to the military/butch aesthetic. But I prefer Next Door’s look. I also find this guy’s face less appealing. And a huge dick is not always better, though if he shoves it to someone really cute, maybe I’ll come around. The fact that his dick is pointing down in the pics where he’s not holding it is also a problem for me. I don’t like to pick models apart because some of them read their own comments, but since you asked.

markjohnson22 says:


He is on Next Door, btw. Has scenes with Markie and Dante.

Lantoro7 says:

He’s ok looking, cuter/hotter in that one pic where he smiles… and that dick is made for deep-ass drilling.

Gennaro says:

I don’t know but Active Duty doesn’t really have a good top for him so he’s probably will be one. I mean look at his dick. He’s hot too

Ivan Jimenez says:

I want him and Rico flip-fucking with their two giant dick!

Sask says:

Another NextDoor model on AD, which is part of the NDS stable of studios. There is little point to AD any more.

gaycockluvr says:

That is a mighty nice penis. I love this versatile legend in the making.