Active Duty: Milo Hearst (New Recruit)

Milo Hearst at ActiveDuty

Milo Hearst at ActiveDuty

Milo Hearst’s Solo at ActiveDuty, Scene Summary:

Milo Hearst has one amazingly built body with his abs in perfect formation and his smooth tanned skin looks flawless. He spends lots of time at the gym working on that physique. Once he dropped all his clothes you can see his hard thick cock ready for stroking.

Milo Hearst has smooth shaved balls and uses two hands to stroke his hard dick. He likes to thrust up and into his hands fast and hard while he masturbates. Milo is a big fan of edging himself so the closer he gets to cumming he’ll slow it all down until he’s ready to start stroking his big dick fast again. Milo has a great bubble butt and his well-built thighs look menacing as he stands tall stroking every inch of his hard shaft. He has a great smile and he loves to look at his chest while he plays with his dick.

You can hear the sounds of the lube as Milo Hearst strokes and slaps his dicks around on his chest. His balls have finally come to a point where he can’t hold his nut in any longer and he unleashes his load all over the floor shooting loads of cum all over the place. His dick is so sensitive that he has to stop touching it and as he does you can see his cock throb and twitch side to side. Enjoy!

Watch Milo Hearst at ActiveDuty

Watch Milo Hearst at ActiveDuty

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Easternzones says:

Hot guy

sam my says:

Beautiful eyes

Scrapple says:

We’re going to have to work on that smile, but everything else is aces.

Jay says:

Thicc in all the right ways and… places.

gaycockluvr says:

Hot as hell! They should have showed off that booty more though!

Stevienowonder says:

Ugly cock and shaved pussy like pubic area. Not amazing at all.

Me2 says:

I zoomed in ti make sure it wasn’t an unfortunate tattoo. I kinda wished it was…

Oracle says:

I hate that AD solo’s never show any ass