Jayden Guillory in ‘Bel Ami’s Art Collection’ Photoshoot

Jayden Guillory in 'Bel Ami's Art Collection' Photoshoot at

Jayden Guillory in 'Bel Ami's Art Collection' Photoshoot at

Jayden Guillory in 'Bel Ami's Art Collection' Photoshoot at

Jayden Guillory in 'Bel Ami's Art Collection' Photoshoot at

Watch Jayden Guillory at BelAmiOnline

As we promised a couple of weeks ago, we have your second taste of Jayden Guillory (aka Milan Manek) for you today.

This is another of our Art Collection photoshoots by Rick Day and forms part of our Summer Break programming.

Jayden Guillory is one of the more athletic newcomers that we have seen for a while and looks like he could have stepped straight out of a professional swimming contest and in front of Rick’s camera.

Watch Jayden Guillory at BelAmiOnline

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  • DaveAtom

    Is he even real? I mean, the perfect adonis. Is not fair for humanity, not be like him nor have him.
    Art, totally. In its purest form.

    • moondoggy

      What will they get him to do and when is all I need to know.

      What is Bel Ami’s return rate? Do they get most or all of their models to fuck eventually?

    • DaveAtom

      Idk, but if Bel Ami is not going to do anything, I’ll go to the Czech Republic, Slovakia or any of those countries myself.
      Is necessary to see him in m2m action. The world needs him.

    • hello12345
    • And Hungary. Don’t forget Hungary, boo. The land of men like Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan, Joel Birkin, Jim Kerouac, Antony Lorca, Raphael Nyon and that’s only naming a few. It’s practically beautiful booty land over there.

    • DaveAtom

      Yes, you’re right.
      Basically all Eastern and Balkan Europe ;)

    • JK3

      Bel Ami’s return rate is usually pretty high. GD doesn’t tend to showcase models that don’t return for some action at least and if he does, he tends to mention it upfront. You might be waiting for a while though since they tend to sit on scenes given the vastness of their porn vault. They’re getting a little better now that they have 2 sites, the kinky angels spinoff, Freshmen, but they tend to introduce a guy and then wait months before releasing scenes that they already shot.

    • NateK

      He was Milan Manek at William Higgins!

    • Dale Bergman
  • Cubankid

    I know people say that there’s no such thing as perfection but………..

  • gaycockluvr

    This is definitely art.

  • TomCNR
  • JK3

    GD needs to start paying a finder’s fee to William Higgins. That being said, that Bel Ami filter/training routine needs to be trademarked.

  • prestes_antony

    When christians talk about heaven this must be it.

    GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrew

    Jayden Guillory is just about as beautiful as a man can be. He looks flawless.

  • Dale Bergman

    He’s really hot. I want to see him top Derek Raser.

    • 2345

      I would like to see these 2 sexies fuck the cum out of each other

    • Sask

      Derek is one of the few manly BA models IMO.

    • 2345

      But BA is so difficult to watch because of the slow tempo and shallow penetration (from the few I’ve seen)

    • Sask

      Das stimmt. What’s the point of long dicks if the balls never get near the ass? Most BA scenes are just boring: few positions; hardly any penetration. It is mostly the lovely bodies that entice you to subscribe.

    • 2345

      I know- it’s such a sad waste of dick and ass. I miss the loud sounds of balls slapping against butthole openings

    • Yeah, one of the few manly ones in recent years. I hate that models like Derek, Lorenzo Gray (even though he didn’t see any action) and Ken Russel don’t last long on this site yet they’ll get the most dainty young men who start getting into bodybuilding and don’t have a problem keeping them around. Seems as though with BA, if you’re already muscular then you won’t stay long but it’s okay if you weren’t muscular to begin with but bulk up later on. Very confusing to me.

    • WhimsyCotton

      I’d prefer to see him with the flawless Lars or the delicious Joel first.

    • Dale Bergman

      I want to see Jayden sit on Joel’s dick.

  • Ivan Jimenez

    He’s better at bottoming!

  • Stevienowonder

    Another boring Belami lifeless doll I guess …

  • Colton, The Major Hussy

    This eastern european boys are really making the rounds with a lot of studios. I’m not complaining, this guy is stunning.

  • Sask

    This scene is more a testament to BA’s photography/videography skills than anything else. This model was Milan Manek at WilliamHiggins. He was hot, but there are plenty of hot models at WH. BA is just better at highlighting his “assets”. I have the scene from which @disqus_RMolRPmVsV:disqus has kindly provided a pik. It was good, but WH homoaction is not that great. It is somewhere between plastic BA homosex and hot SC (of olde) no-holds barred action. I was hoping for more from this model (bottoming,, for eg.). It will be interesting to see how far he goes.

  • Guy

    SWEET JEEBUS!!!!!! He is one gorgeous dude!

  • Jayden is fucking hot-hot-hot!

    Also, a bitch is screaming at the fact that Zac DeHaan is finally bottoming granted I wouldn’t have chosen Christian Lundgren even if he is beautiful to me.

    • Speaking of which, looking at the related links, where the hell is Jayden of CF? Why did my baby disappear?

    • david david

      Last I heard, they’re still trying to nail the schedule to get him to film more scenes. Not sure how that went though.

    • Thank goodness. Lately CF’s turnover is reminiscent of a retail store.

  • david david

    I’ve been craving for this guy since I saw his scene as Milan Manek. Moving to BA is a smart choice. He was so limited in WH. With BA, we’ll at least see him give head, bottom and eat cum. Although the fucking will be very lame for sure. Typical of European gay porn. They need to release his scenes ASAP..

  • Curlee

    whatever is in that water in Czech-land, it still potent as ever.