BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot)

Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot) at

Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot) at

Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot) at

Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot) at

Our photo set this week is a bit of an extension from what we had last week. In last weeks video you saw some footage of Mick posing together with Dolph and Kris. This weeks selection comes from those images and were taken for potential covers for the American Lovers DVDs.

Watch Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell at BelAmiOnline

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  • Snowflake

    OMG, guys, have you seen CF’s latest update????

    Jacob fucks Quinn


  • von schlomo

    The word trifecta is over-used, but not in the case of Mick, Kris and Dolph, especially my Dolph Lambert.

  • carey579

    Twinks Twinks everywhere and not a daddy to fuck them :C

    They let Kevin Warhol do a scene at god-awful Cockyboys, I wish they sent these guys to MyOlderDaddy or Jake Cruise!

    I’d even settle for MEN if they were paired with rough fuckers like Ricky Sinz, Rafael Alencar, Alexander Freitas. It’s never gonna happen but anyway…

    • darkthunder1983

      Ricky Sinz, Rafael and Alexander are acceptable but in no way, shape or form do I want see Jake Cruise or Daddy Mugs touching ANY of these guys.

  • Sushi

    Three of the hottest guys at BelAmi right now. Whew!

    • swim400

      agree. with Lukas on my mind also.

  • Raihan Delano

    Very Exotic and wtf ?? __”;”___

  • elmtree

    Very hot pics, especially the second pic! Delicious…

  • souse

    This is how Greek gods must have looked like (minus the tiny cocks in those statues)

  • stevienowonder

    Boring. Bring some new models for God’s sake !

    • andrewtor

      It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If your eyes don’t behold the spectacular beauty of Kris, Dolph and Mick, get yourself to an Ophthalmologist immediately!!!

    • stevienowonder

      Are you deaf ? I sad they were booooring !

    • andrewtor

      No I am not deaf. It is just incomprehensible, to me, how anyone would want to “bring some new models” instead of continuing to enjoy the unequaled beauty of Kris, Dolph and Mick. You must be very easily bored if these spectacularly beautiful men bore you! Even your namesake would be thrilled by the physical beauty of these guys!

    • stevienowonder

      How much time does it take you to get bored ? Do you want to watch them forever ? The same old faces time and again. How about showing some new models ?

    • andrewtor

      I’m bored with you!!!

    • stevienowonder

      Thank you – you’re very kind. Best regards.

  • jazz

    If these 3 had been paired together in a 3-way BB sex scene!!! HOT DAMN!

    • andrewtor

      I hope they shun BB sex and not risk their good health.

  • Daniel

    Point of this being…?

  • scottnyer

    those dicks are huge!!! sheesh.

    • Raihan Delano

      Yess, I agreed