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Zac DeHaan Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Size Matters’ at Bel Ami Online

Size Matters (Zac DeHaan Fucks Peter Annaud) (Bareback) at

Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac DeHaan’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud.

Zac DeHaan Fucks Brian Jovovich in ‘Jock Love’ at BelAmiOnline

Jock Love (Zac DeHaan Fucks Brian Jovovich) at

Zac DeHaan and Brian Jovovich star in the scene that we filmed for you in Cape Town. There is not a lot of talking going on here as the boys don’t share a common language, but their appreciation for each other is certainly shown in many other ways.

Loving Kris Evans Two-Part Finale with Julien Hussey and Zac DeHaan at Bel Ami Online

Loving Kris Evans with Julien Hussey and Zac DeHaan (Parts 1 & 2) at

We end our ‘Loving Kris’ special back in Budapest with this terrific 3way between Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan and Julien Hussey.

Peter Annaud & Zac DeHaan Bareback Dylan Maguire at BelAmiOnline

Peter Annaud & Zac DeHaan Bareback Dylan Maguire at

Dylan Maguire is never one to say no to sex, so when approached by Zac DeHaan and Peter Annaud his only concern is if they are both big enough to satisfy him.

BelAmiOnline: Claude Sorel Gets Everything He Wants From Zac DeHaan (Bareback)

Claude Sorel Gets Everything He Wants From Zac DeHaan (Bareback) at

We all know that Claude Sorel likes a big dick, but when he finally gets the chance to sample Zac DeHaan they find that it is a very busy day in the Budapest studio. Marty is filming in one room, Milan Sharp is getting double penetrated in another room so they have to go on a tour of the whole place to find somewhere where they can be alone.

Zac DeHaan Fucks Tony Conrad ‘Bel Ami Night Scene’ at Bel Ami Online

Bel Ami Night Scene (Zac DeHaan Fucks Tony Conrad) (Bareback) at

For the increasing number of fans of Marty’s “Evening Rituals” series, here is a special update featuring Tony Conrad and Zac DeHaan. Despite Tony’s various appearances at other studios, we still feel he is a perfect fit at BelAmi. Zac, as usual, is a stunning and magnificent lover for his very experienced partner.

BelAmiOnline: Marcel Gassion is Hungry For Love With Zac DeHaan & Jason Clark (Bareback)

Marcel is Hungry For Love (Marcel Gassion, Jason Clark & Zac DeHaan) at

For Marcel Gassion there is only one thing better than a big Hungarian dick, and that is 2 big Hungarian dicks.
We start off this scene with Zac DeHaan and Jason Clark fighting over who will get to fuck who until Marcel interjects himself into the equation and solved the problem by offering to be fucked by both boys.

Bel Ami Online: Insatiable (Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion & Gary Danton) (Part 1) (Bareback)

Insatiable (Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion and Gary Danton) (Part 1) (Bareback) at

Today Marcel Gassion and Gary Danton are faced with the perennial question of what to do if you are both very horny and also just want to bottom. The answer is obviously to get hold of Zac DeHaan and turn the whole affair into a 3-way.

Zac DeHaan Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall in Episode 4 of Bel Ami’s Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard

Scandal in the Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard - Episode 4 (Zac DeHaan Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall) (Bareback) at

This week we veer from our intrepid adventurers to delve into the inner workings of the Vatican. Specifically, the machinations of Monsignor Fellatione and his personal Swiss Guard.

Bel Ami: Marcel Gassion Bottoms Bareback for Zac DeHaan

Back with Zac (Zac Dehaan Fucks Marcel Gassion) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami models Zac DeHaan and Marcel Gassion are also featured in upcoming scenes in Scandal in the Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guard, but unlike in that project, here they actually get to make out together. There are no prizes given this time around for guessing who is topping who… just a guarantee that it is bound to be quite a few peoples favorite.

BelAmiOnline: Zac DeHaan & Chris Hoyt (Bareback)

Zac DeHaan & Chris Hoyt (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

Is it really true? Zac DeHaan is prepared to trade his anal virginity for Chris Hoyt’s telephone number? I suppose for this we will have to wait and see if Kevin gets his way or not, but for now we do know that Kevin lived up to his end of the bargain and Zac was able to hook up with the man of his (day)dreams.

BelAmiOnline: Kris’ Valentine’s Gift (Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion and Zac DeHaan) (Bareback)

Kris' Valentine's Gift (Kris Evans, Marcel Gassion and Zac DeHaan) (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

Special for Valentine’s day is a scene filmed to follow on from Kris Evans and Marcel Gassion’s recent romantic adventure.

BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer & Zac DeHaan (Bareback) (Parts 1 & 2)

Jack Harrer & Zac DeHaan (Bareback) (Parts 1 & 2) at BelAmiOnline at

Our second newcomer for December is Zac DeHaan. We selected Jack Harrer as his screen partner as at the time Jack was the best at handling thicker dicks, and he always likes breaking in the new boys.