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Alex Orioli Fucks Jack Harrer Bareback in ‘Morning Romance’ at Bel Ami Online

Morning Romance (Alex Orioli Fucks Jack Harrer) (Bareback) at

This scene with Alex Orioli was filmed by Lukas Ridgeston about 2 or 3 years into Jack Harrer’s time with us, and yet he was already quickly becoming a favourite then. For the foot lovers amongst you, there are a few moments where Alex also shares his appreciation for feet throughout the clip, and one thing that never changes, Jack shows us his appreciation for a good fuck, in fact, he was so turned on that Lukas didn’t even have time to get in position for his cum shot! (If he had we would have made this a feature scene on Thursday instead of it’s place here on Tuesday).

BelAmiOnline: Alex Orioli Trains Robin Michaux

Robin Michaux & Alex Orioli at

Alex Orioli takes on the role of trainer for Robin Michaux. This scene was filmed in 2011, two years after we first met Robin. He used the time between appearances to finish his studies and take up some new martial arts.

BelAmiOnline: Alex Orioli & Scott Reeves (Oral)

Alex Orioli & Scott Reeves (Oral) at

Even though Alex is not an active model anymore we still have a few scenes with him on the shelves and this one with Scott Reeves is one of the last things he filmed with us last year…

Watch Alex Orioli & Scott Reeves at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac, Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna (Bareback)

Jim Kerouac, Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna (Bareback) at BelamiOnline

I think we will all agree that there are many worse positions to find oneself in than being spitroasted by Alex Orioli and Jim Kerouac, and that is exactly where Erik finds himself in this episode shot by Lukas Ridgeston in Budapest for us last year. Lucky boy

Watch Jim Kerouac, Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna (Bareback) at

BelAmiOnline: Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli

Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

Andre Boleyn, Alex Orioli & Todd Rosset were just hanging out sunbathing and playing in the pool when things really started to heat up. The boys take the action inside and immediately go to work on each others cocks. Alex & Todd tag team Andre for a bit, then Todd gets worked over by the 2 studs until the action finishes with Andre back on the bottom with cum all over him. Hot boys, big dicks & daily content updates exclusively from!

Watch Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

BelAmiOnline: Doing It Together (Orgy)

Doing It Together (Orgy) at BelamiOnline

We have a special photoset for you today. These pictures were taken during the ‘Doing It Together’ orgy scene and you will get to see the video that goes along with this next week.


BelAmiOnline: Florian Nemec, Alex Orioli & Julien Hussey (Bareback)

Florian Nemec, Alex Orioli & Julien Hussey (Bareback) at BelamiOnline

We think that Alex, Florian and Julien near perfection as a trio. This is due in large party not only to the fact that they are extremely skilled, but that they genuinely like one another and enjoy each other’s company. As mentioned previously, Florian is unable to film with us as much as we would like because he lives and works in Italy. But, during his occasional visits home, we’re able to snag him for scenes such as this one.

Watch Florian Nemec, Alex Orioli & Julien Hussey’s Video Clip | Visit BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton & Alex Orioli (Bareback)

Billy Cotton & Alex Orioli (Bareback) at BelamiOnline

We’ve been bringing Billy Cotton along slowly, but no one can be fully a part of the team until they have had an afternoon with Alex Orioli. Alex brings passion and raw sexual energy to every scene and today was no different. Watch Billy & Alex get it on condom free exclusively at!

Watch Billy Cotton & Alex Orioli’s Video Clip | Visit

BelAmiOnline: African Orgy (Part One)

African Orgy (Part One) at BelamiOnline

Part One of our long-awaited orgy filmed in spring of 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Thirteen of our most experienced boys take it upon themselves to instruct newcomer Kevin Warhol. He was a little bit lost among all of the naked flesh in the beginning and middle of the sexplay but eventually became the centerpiece of it, we call it his ‘baptism by sperm’ and he thoroughly enjoyed it. We believe it is one of the largest condomless orgies ever filmed. Cover art for our DVD “More Than You Can Handle” came from this episode.

Features: Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean, Brandon Manilow, Dario Dolce, Dolph Lambert, Elijah Peters, Ennio Guardi, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kevin Warhol, Luke Hamill, Manuel Rios, Milo Peters, Phillipe Gaudin & Trevor Yates.

Watch African Orgy (Part One) at

BelAmiOnline: Cape Town Orgy (Part 1)

Cape Town Orgy (Part 1) at BelamiOnline

Continuing our Friday preview series in advance of October’s orgy month, we have Part One of our big fourteen-member South Africa orgy, shot in March 2010 in Cape Town. The orgy centers somewhat on little Kevin Warhol, who got lost a bit in all of that naked flesh. It was one of his first-ever group-sex scenes. Part One opens on the beach and features lots of blowjobs and oral play. Look for Part Two next Friday.

Features: Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean, Brandon Manilow, Dario Dolce, Dolph Lambert, Elijah Peters, Ennio Guardi, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Kevin Warhol, Luke Hamill, Manuel Rios, Milo Peters, Phillipe Gaudin & Trevor Yates.


BelAmiOnline: Alex Orioli & Luke Hamill

Alex Orioli & Luke Hamill at BelamiOnline

We have something a little different for you today in the presentation of Alex and Luke. It was shot in Mykonos in 2006 and was used for the cover of the Pillow Talk 3 DVD, after the set with Danny Saradon, this is our 2nd release that we will call ‘Unreleased Archives’. For this photoset we have done some tweaking of the pictures to make them a little artistic. We did this as the original set when copied on the computer had some weird settings and the colors were all over saturated, so they were a bit of a shocker to look at (especially before coffee first thing in the morning). The new version is a lot softer and lends a lovely romantic feel to the set.


BelAmiOnline: Matt Phillipe & Alex Orioli (Classic)

Matt Phillipe & Alex Orioli at BelamiOnline

Catch a special never been seen before scene with superstar Matt Phillipe & Alex Orioli. Both studs wield big thick uncut cocks and they spend some good time sucking each other off to start the scene. Then its Matt’s turn to show Alex how he fucks, and fuck he does! Catch all the action and daily content updates at!

Matt Phillipe & Alex Orioli at

BelAmiOnline: Ariel, Jean-Daniel, Brandon & Alex (Parts 1 & 2)

Ariel Vanean, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Brandon Manilow & Alex Orioli at BelamiOnline

This is the first part of a special 2 part scene this week where we have JD celebrating the completion of his film. In an almost inter-generational mix up we have fellow youngster Ariel Vanean and 2 of our more experienced guys, Brandon and Alex to complete the mix.

Watch Ariel, JD, Brandon & Alex at

BelAmiOnline: Seriously Sexy Finale (Brandon, Luke, Alex, Ariel & Sascha)

Seriously Sexy Finale (Brandon, Luke, Alex, Ariel & Sascha) at BelamiOnline

Seriously Sexy comes to a dramatic finale with a huge 5-way orgy. Any orgy with Brandon Manilow, Luke Hamill, Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean and Sascha Chaykin is going to draw much attention. The boys take special care of Sascha in the scene focusing all their energy on him. What a lucky guy! This scene was so huge we had to make it 2 parts.

Watch Brandon, Luke, Alex, Ariel and Sascha at