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BelAmiOnline: Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli

Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

Andre Boleyn, Alex Orioli & Todd Rosset were just hanging out sunbathing and playing in the pool when things really started to heat up. The boys take the action inside and immediately go to work on each others cocks. Alex & Todd tag team Andre for a bit, then Todd gets worked over by the 2 studs until the action finishes with Andre back on the bottom with cum all over him. Hot boys, big dicks & daily content updates exclusively from!

Watch Andre Boleyn, Todd Rosset & Alex Orioli at

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  • jinger

    Beautiful boys :P

  • CarlosEduarc

    Bel ami back up cast.

  • darkthunder1983

    I’ve noticed that Alex is pulling a number that Josh Elliott, Luke Hamill and Dolph Lambert did which is topping more. Not knocking his topping prowess but Alex is a much better bottom.

    • jinger

      Unfortunately Alex no longer is the pretty young thing he was in his days as a bottom *sigh* He used to be so beautiful, one of the sexiest boys I’ve ever laid eyes on

    • moondoggy

      jinger, I’m right there with you — Alex was one of the best ever. I still like him, but only bareback, which he has done lots of. Why even bother asking him to do something else?

  • 007james

    Everything over in eastern Europe is so orange , The oompa loompas must be from Bel Ami too (lol) Really cute guys giving head….not complaining.

  • von schlomo

    3 bottoms and I’m surprised to see Todd topping with a condom. Since he’s only ever topped bareback I assumed he was pretty much limited to bottoming….mostly.

    • darkthunder1983

      I’ve noticed that he’s topping more, too.

    • jinger

      I actually get a kick out of watching little guys top, mmmm :P

  • Daniel

    Alex is so goodlooking.

  • Ashtom

    Usual BA local bar regulars. Pass.

  • custard

    Andre is the cutest little cupcake! Yummm

  • tomtomson

    SUPERHOT!!!! Yeah!!!