SeanCody: Kieran Gets Tag-Teamed and Creampied by Levi & River

Levi and River Tag-team Kieran at SeanCody

Levi and River Tag-team Kieran at SeanCody
Levi and River Tag-team Kieran at SeanCody
Levi and River Tag-team Kieran at SeanCody

Levi and River Tag-team Kieran at SeanCody:

In an exhilarating Sean Cody scene, models Levi, River, and Kieran ignite sparks in a gym setting, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into a passionate encounter. This synopsis unfolds the story, ensuring all elements are concise, SEO-compliant, and engaging for readers.

A Spontaneous Connection:

As the workout intensifies, Levi and River, two irresistible tops, can’t help but notice the striking Kieran. The mutual attraction is palpable, leading to an unexpected, yet thrilling conversation. This initial interaction quickly escalates, showcasing the chemistry between the trio.

Escalating Desires:

The gym, typically a place of physical exertion, transforms into a stage for their budding connection. The trio seamlessly transitions from casual conversation to an intimate exchange of kisses and the shedding of inhibitions. The scene is set; the gym no longer just a backdrop but a witness to their unfolding desires.

A Symphony of Pleasure:

Kieran, enveloped in the moment, indulges in the pleasure provided by River, while Levi skillfully prepares him for what’s next. The dynamic between the tops and their eager bottom is a dance of passion and intensity. Levi’s entry is smooth, a testament to the trust and connection they’ve built.

Climactic Revelations:

The crescendo of their encounter is beautifully chaotic. Kieran, atop Levi, reaches the pinnacle of pleasure, his release decorating Levi’s rugged chest. Not to be outdone, River adds to the canvas, marking the moment with his own climax. The scene culminates in a tender yet potent moment, with Kieran embracing a final act of intimacy.

This Sean Cody scene featuring Levi, River, and Kieran is more than just an adult film; it’s a narrative of desire, connection, and the unexpected moments of intimacy that can arise in the most mundane of places.

[This scene premieres Friday April 12, 2024]

Watch Levi, River and Kieran at SeanCody

Watch Levi, River and Kieran at SeanCody

Scrapple says:

Kieran hasn’t bottomed in forever, he finally does, and it’s in a tagteam…in a gym setting…and he’s getting fucked on a box…and Lethargic Levi is one of the tops?

moondoggy says:

lol, as one who just binged ten hours of the “Think Twice” podcast, an “OJ: Made in America” style marathon documentary examination of MJ, I can really appreciate that gif on a new level today.

markjohnson22 says:

Definitely older than the fratty Sean Cody models of yesteryear… but looks to have high potential. Kinda rare from SC these days.

Jay says:

Not quite. Sean Cody in its early years had models in this age range before switching over to a slightly younger pool of talent. As someone who was there from the beginning and still has some lost tapes I can confidently say you are incorrect.

markjohnson22 says:

I wasn’t referring to the beginning of SC. I fully remember the range of models in both age and ethnicity. And I remember the switch, too. Pound sand.

Jay says:

No, I’d rather pound your narrative and agenda.

markjohnson22 says:

I’m unworried and unharmed. You’re pounding a figment of your imagination. I couldn’t imagine having “an agenda” about Sean Cody. I’m not a shareholder, and it ain’t a political election. So, neither my money nor my freedom is on the line.

But you, apparently, are pressed about it. It’s a sight to see.

markjohnson22 says:

It might shock you to know that “yesteryear” does not refer to a long time ago but to “ last year or the recent past, especially as nostalgically.” So it couldn’t refer to 2001 when the company was founded, over two decades ago. Maybe check yourself before you try to school others from a position of ignorance.

Jay says:

Still incorrect. Looking over their men they also had older models in yesteryear.

markjohnson22 says:

Such a fragile whyte ego. You’re the sap who doesn’t know what yesteryear means, who took us back to 2001. But you try to snatch victory from the jaws of your own illiteracy after having admitted that there was a shift toward younger models, as I correctly noted.

Who are you, one of Bair’s aliases?

Marco Sartori says:

you’re racist too?


markjohnson22 says:

Not my fault that he’s a walking stereotype. But carry on, DARVO.

JJ says:

I’m actually kinda excited for this, though it really depends on what Kieran is capable of, if he actually enjoys the whole experience, and if he can express it well. If Kieran does well, I hope this is not the only time 😁

Jason says:

One very lucky bottom. Levi makes me drool.

Sheik says:

All 3 cocks were limp as noodles in the entire video. But that’s to be expected these days at Sean Cody. I’m sure these models are filming hour after hour to create content. In fact, I’m sure this video was filmed same day as River & Levi’s video (just the 2 of them). All of em were prolly tapped out 💦 👎🏼

Trey Sims says:

Am an insider and they never film scenes on the same day. You’re making shit up

DeeGee says:

Watching str8 dudes at the gym pretend to want to have sex with each other.

moondoggy says:

Was this a real creampie? I highly doubt it, but my motto is “distrust but verify.”

I do think Kieran is hotter than the ho-hum clones that invaded the site after the real SC left. He was kind of a bridge between the old and new guard.

DropTopNoStop says:

So glad Kieran’s around to handle Levi and River, but can he really manage it all, you know, in his ass AND mouth?