Sean Cody: Kieran Tops Carter Collins

Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody

Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody
Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody
Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody

Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody:

Dirty blond hunks Kieran and Carter Collins are feeling playful in the park as they touch each other’s chests and peek down their shorts. Carter is looking forward to sucking Kieran, and eagerly undresses him to do just that back at the studio. “Put that fucking big dick in your mouth,” the top tells him before putting him on all fours to rim him. “Oh, I love it when you eat my hole!” Carter moans, and is soon begging to get dicked down. Kieran gives the bottom what he wants, first in missionary before Carter rides him. The bottom begs for it harder in doggystyle and cums so hard he collapses to the bed, then asks for Kieran’s load all over him, and the top is happy to oblige!

Watch as Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody

Watch as Kieran Tops Carter Collins at SeanCody

Scrapple says:

Interesting that Sean Cody and ColbyKnox decided to release Carter scenes this week. I think Carter looks hotter in the CK scene. It’s like SC lost their styling budget.

Kieran’s body looks great. Sadly he’s here, so it’s not like any of his partners are going to show any attention to those muscles.

sasuk388 says:

ok keiran is back but hes only topping and not topping a hot cherry . nope just this guy. FUCK. keiran needs to fuck SEAN. keiran needs to bottom. once again this on the wrong studio

Fummer43 says:

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….. they will improve.

bo69 says:

Carter and his BF Oliver Marks are known as SW College Boys on OF and they are making the rounds, Oliver bred by Colby Chambers last week, Carter fucking and feeding Micky this week. They are versatile though Oliver is almost always the bottom and Carter the top, and hot as hell.

Bair says:

Carter is a cutie. The kind of guy that some would definitely want to stay to hug and cuddle with, AFTERWARDS. Tehehehehe! First things first though. And Kieren has become such a sexy hunk.

JJ says:

I know! I have a thing for watching a couple both getting fucked though, so I hope that happens soon enough😋

ArgleBjargle says:

I’m hoping ColbyKnox has a video of Colby breeding Carter’s nice fat ass.

Kj says:

Kieran and Carter deserve to meet Lachlan, Broderick, and Jax.

simp says:

Kieran looks absolutely stunning in the couple of stills where he is posing by the tree and seated in the car.


This update is not bad but it’s not good either just more of the same of what you come to expect from SC

Capello says:

No complaint about the models but again, no reciprocal fellation nor intimacy!

sim says:

hot models cant hide the fact that SC site has been dead since it changed its owner in 2015

sim says:

at least the photosets are still good enough enough to look at.

critical critic says:

As always I want to be fair and rationale on my critique of a scene. But there’s no other way to put it, this scene is just a mess.

Before I begin I want to start out and establish that Kieran is great. He checks all the boxes needed in a good SC model and then has this nerdy kinky energy as well. It’s as if he was a sad closeted gay nerd on the street who wishes of having a rocking body and magnetic sex appeal were granted and now he could finally live out his sexual fantasies. I don’t particularly like him as a strict top because from my perspective he doesn’t have the skills to carry a whole scene and being consistent intensity and domination as a top. I think he needs to lean into being vers and we could get some hot flip scenes. In a flip scene we can see Kieran again bottoming which he hasn’t done since his scene with Jayce 4 years ago for only 5 minutes. I want to see Kieran in that position again and this time I want him with a dynamic vers model who’ll bring intensity and energy.

Carter on the other hand, despite his boyish good looks and experience, I don’t think makes the cut for SC. He’s clearly skilled in bottoming but throughout his scene I really felt no energy or zing to him. I think of bottoms like Noel, Blake, Lane, and Porter who were good at demonstrating how good it felt getting fucked but also at some points took the reigns, changed the power dynamic and made their tops give more. Carter can take a good ass pounding but I didn’t see him challenge Kieran to up his game compared to how Holden did last week with Ozzy, despite the fact Ozzy remained a soft top. I think it’s time we retire Carter from SC and let him be free on the other studios.

I also wonder why this scene wasn’t released back to back with Kieran and Oliver’s scene since they look like there were filmed consecutively. This more gets on my frustration that SC refuses to get back to their pre-pandemic multiple scenes a week release schedule. I really need someone to let me know if this 1 scene a week business is pissing you off as much as it is me. Some weeks we get great scenes but most of the time we are handed 1 mediocre filler and must wait an entire week for the next, all while still paying the same amount of money. There are so many models and pairings we want to see at SC but waiting months on end for them is crazy when several of their stars are waiting by the phone. We need a 2 scene a week release schedule back ASAP!

sasuk388 says:

the one week update pisses me off. but even more i just want hot first timers gay for curious . finding themselves what ever. and im not one of the ones that thinks its beeen dead since it changed owner in 15 either. so many hot ones since then . Sean sean sean . archie SHAW. ETC.