Sean Cody: Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn

Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn at SeanCody

Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn at SeanCody
Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn at SeanCody
Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn at SeanCody

Carter Collins Bottoms For Long-Haired Ryder Flynn at SeanCody:

In this enticing encounter, long-haired Ryder Flynn fearlessly embraces his first on-camera sexual experience. Thrilled to share this intimate moment, he joins forces with the irresistible Carter Collins. The chemistry between them ignites in the bedroom, leading to passionate kisses and a satisfying blowjob from Carter, eagerly indulging in Ryder’s generous proportions.

Exquisite Rimming Skills on Display:

Ryder skillfully demonstrates his impressive rimming abilities, creating moans of pleasure from Carter. With an eagerness for deeper stimulation, Carter relishes every moment, thoroughly enjoying Ryder’s expertise.

Satisfying Desires from Behind:

Responding to Carter Collins’s desires, Ryder Flynn confidently fulfills them by penetrating him from behind with his well-endowed member. Transitioning to the classic missionary position, the duo explores new depths of connection and pleasure. Subsequently, Carter eagerly flips over, craving exhilarating doggy-style thrusts from Ryder.

Affirmation and Intense Climax:

With tender care, Ryder Flynn softly checks in with Carter Collins to ensure his desires are being fulfilled, receiving an enthusiastic confirmation. Carter passionately rides Ryder’s impressive member until reaching a gratifying climax. Recognizing Ryder’s exceptional performance as a rookie top, Carter takes charge of his own pleasure, skillfully stroking himself to a satisfying release.

[This SeanCody Scene To Premiere Jun 09, 2023]

Watch as Ryder Flynn Fucks Carter Collins at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Ryder Flynn Fucks Carter Collins at Corbin Fisher

Mark Coppola says:

Finally something kinda hot from seancody.

Tim says:

Ryder’s build and body hair is just perfect.

Bair says:

Ryder and good-looking Carter make a handsome couple. I will repeat my comment about Ryder from last week, when his solo was released.

“What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, B E A U T I F U L man.”

Justine Bever says:

Long hair = No no

Bair says:

Long Hair = YES YES
Short Hair = YES YES
Medium Length Hair = YES YES
Shaved Head = YES YES
Free To Be…….You And Me = YES YES

Justine Bever says:

Bear: You and your cheap gifs can go fxxxx yourxxxx because I am going to ban you. You can keep talking to the air. Best of luck.

Bair says:

So, YOU post to me (not me to you). You let me know that long hair was a “no no” and decided that your opinion should be the definitive one. I replied that any way a man chooses to wear his hair is a YES YES, in support of freedom of choice. I thought you were all for freedoms, like the freedom of speech. Remember that? Tehehehehe! So are you for freedoms or not? It seems NOT.

ArgleBjargle says:

I’m gonna give a firm “No” on the man bun.
Everything else is great.

Bair says:

I’m always really glad to see a man doing things like wearing his long hair in a knot. I’m a big fan of men and women challenging the gender stereotyping caused by the permeation of Toxic Masculinity throughout our society. I want men to be free of the imprisoning pressure that they look and be a certain way. I”m a, “Free To Be…..You And Me”, kind of guy.

ArgleBjargle says:

I don’t see where I said he wasn’t free to wear his hair any way he wanted to.
I simply stated it wasn’t for me.
Apparently your being a “free to be…you and me” doesn’t include differing opinions.

Bair says:

I simply let it be known that I enjoy Ryder’s hair, just as you simply let it be known it wasn’t for you. It was not meant as an argument. Different Strokes For Different Folks. I enjoy it when men challenge Toxic Masculinity to look as they want to look. Unless Ryder lives under a rock he knows that some have been conditioned to only accept that women can wear their hair in a knot. That makes HIM courageously a, ” Free To Be….You And Me,” kind of guy, which I greatly applaud. That was a popular Children’s education project introduced into Society in 1972 by Marlo Thomas, who was WAY ahead of her time. When I learned of it about 10 years ago I felt impressed by her noble attempt. Could she be the forerunner of “WOKE”?

Justine Bever says:

This person “Bear” is ridiculous. That’s why I banned her. I’d suggest that you do the same.


This is just OK

omnizar says:

The cumshot for the top was faked, and extremely sloppily done too. You can see the dude holding the tubing before the shot, and then you can see the tubing afterwards. If you’re going to fake it, at least try and put some effort into it, goddamn.

Sheik says:

U R RIGHT!!! I just watched and saw it 🙄 but tbh this prolly a regular occurrence with gay porn. 🤷‍♂️

Lefoten says:

Does anyone know the age and size of the well-endowed Ryder? Thank you!