Sean Cody: Clark Reid [Curly-Haired, Muscular Bottom Hunk]

Clark Reid [Curly-Haired, Muscular Hunk] at SeanCody

Clark Reid at SeanCody
Clark Reid at SeanCody

Clark Reid’s Introductory Solo at Sean Cody:

Tall, curly-haired, muscular hunk Clark Reid comes to us from the South, and he’s hoping to meet some hot twinks with big dicks.

Clark Reid loves to bottom and says he prefers getting fucked as hot and dirty as possible!

This burly stud gets right down to it, stripping off his shirt and rubbing his cock through his shorts as he caresses his broad chest with his other hand, then getting naked and stroking his dick as he slaps it against his palm.

Clark Reid kneels as he plays with his curved seven-inch cock, then lies back on the couch so he can play with his hole as he jacks himself till she shoots his load.

[Clark’s Scene to Premiere 05-30-2022]

Watch Clark Reid at SeanCody

Watch Clark Reid at SeanCody

Mathieu91 says:

Why are they only casting short, bulky guys lately ? No longer a fan of this studio…

MisterB says:

I’m Gay so it’s hard for me to even imagine a Gay man rejecting this young, gorgeous, smooth, curly-haired, baby-faced HOTTIE. But even more curious is that the last newbie was the really cute PORFI, who is not “bulky” at all. He has a really nice, slender, in-shape but non-muscular body, and he does not look particularly short to me. Clark does not look particularly short to me. As always, I see a nice variety of different types of men being introduced into SeanCody.

moondoggy says:

I think he’s very cute, but I otherwise agree with you completely.

MisterB says:

It’s Clark KENT, I mean Reid…..alias, SuperHunk! GORGEOUS, sweet, sexy!

G.10 says:

Only Clark Reid can make me agree and like your comment! <3

marcuz86 says:

I wanna see his pretty face full of cum.

Rockhard says:

Someone is the previous post made a joke about his name being Christopher or something. So I’m guessing this is another OnlyFans guy?

markjohnson22 says:

I made the joke! My logic: Clark Reid is built like Superman (Christopher Reeve). FWIW. I don’t know if he has OF. Posters above answer the OF question.

C A says:

More like the actor who plays Superboy in Titans Joshua Orpin.

markjohnson22 says:

I see the resemblance to Orpin! I was playing on Reid/Reeve, because of the sound and because that’s my generation. I don’t keep up with all these new heroes lol.

Legondex says:

He’s cute hope he stays around

Dkingz33 says:

20? He looks 25

Paulbon23 says:

Bring him back to top!

D Will says:

he’s a bottom and an OF model based on his twitter.

Dkingz33 says:

What’s his @?

D Will says:


Quietist says:

So indeed, again an OF model.

And he announced a SC-duo with Bronco.

Lefoten says:

It can be a very hot video. Two handsome and muscular studs together…

Pietro says:

Rarity a model just arrived from SC outperforming the newbies of CF and GH!

Scrapple says:

Clark, when he realizes all those sexual things he likes and wants are nowhere to be found in the Sean Cody of today:
Always research a company before you accept a job.

DeeGee says:


DeeGee says:

No kidding. He should go to Lucas or even Next Door. Introduce him to Roman Todd.

Scrapple says:

Maybe not so much Lucas, because he apparently likes to test his models. Also, he’s a horrible human. Next Door would be fine. So long as they keep him from Disruptive.

Rockhard says:

Kinda reminds me of Riley Chaux. HE needs to return for real.

DeeGee says:

Labeling him a bottom suggests they intend him to.

Luis says:

He’s not short and going by his OF, he is a total bottom. Hopefully he gets pounded hard at SC.

TomCNR says:

I never thought I’d say this: He’s cute and has a great bod but I wish he was anywhere but Sean Cody

Gemstone says:

Yum, yummy, yummiest and can’t wait to see him in action.


He couldn’t be in more clearer he likes to get FUCKED so SC please don’t mess this up

ArgleBjargle says:

Those pictures from behind make it look like he has a back butt. LOL!