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CollegeDudes247: Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis

Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis at CollegeDudes247

Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis at CollegeDudes247

Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis at CollegeDudes247

Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis at CollegeDudes247

Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis at CollegeDudes247

Watch Troy & Leo at

CollegeDudes wrote:

Troy Gabriel and Leo Donis have become great friends since they joined CollegeDudes247. It was their idea to do a lube-wrestling video that ends up in a hot sweaty jerk-off, so we thought it would be perfect to get Leo to do it before he changed his mind. He is still pretty new to the guy-on-guy thing, but Leo is rock hard after he and Troy get, um, a little bodily contact going. And Troy is a great sport, too! He even gives us a nice view of his crack before he busts his nut.

16 Responses to CollegeDudes247: Troy Gabriel & Leo Donis

  1. avatar marvster says:

    Way too oily…
    and that one guy with the long hair looks like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz

  2. I’d chase these two greased pigs around until I fucked them both up the ass.

  3. avatar MM says:

    no comment.exc nice feet. next time fuck.oil wresting only is so sad.

  4. avatar milo says:

    is sterling ever coming back?

  5. avatar FAGGOT says:

    the skinny dude is HOT!!!

  6. avatar elephunk says:

    no me gusta.

  7. avatar moondoggy says:

    Hm … college sure doesn’t look the way I remember it!

  8. avatar Yancey says:

    They’re both really hot.

  9. avatar strawber says:

    there both cute but what the hell is this?

  10. avatar Windy says:

    The skinny kid has hair that looks like a cross between a hedgehog and a typewriter eraser! Total douche, if you ask me.

  11. avatar peter parker says:

    wow love leo donis.

  12. avatar Rob says:

    Nothing like a little Guido-on-Guido action.

  13. avatar Lukas says:

    Like watching two Greased Up Naked Guy’s from the Family Guy series.

    And they’re not exactly pretty either.

  14. avatar Garrett says:

    Hey guys, lube is for the penis, not everything else. Wasted sequence. Whoever came up with the grease look should be fired. The grease takes your mind of of everything else. You keep thinking: “greasy.” It’s distracting. Average cute guys, nothing great.

  15. avatar Deaunte says:

    1st of all Troy and Leo are really sexy! 2nd for the last comment Lube is not only for the penis you can also put in your ass!

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