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CorbinFisher: Tyler

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Tyler at CorbinFisher

Watch Tyler at

Corbin wrote:

Take a gander at Tyler’s pictures and you’ll know why I was so excited when I first saw his application!

Tyler’s been a fan of the site for awhile, and decided to send in an application to see if he might be able to take a shot at filming a video with us. Well, there was no doubt he was an ideal match for CF! I was blown away by his pictures and simply had to get him in for a shoot right away! While my usual routine involves going through applications over the course of the day and setting aside the ones I want to follow up on at some point in the evening, I literally immediately stopped everything I was doing and set about contacting Tyler the instant I saw his app!

Once Tyler did come out to shoot and I got to meet him, he just continued to get hotter and hotter! You’ll see why in this video!

Tyler is not only hot as heck – a tremendously handsome face, a wonderfully ripped and muscular body covered in a nice tan – but also engaging, charismatic, and intelligent. He had no problem at all relaxing during the interview, answering my questions, and sharing details about himself with us while regularly smiling and laughing.

If Tyler didn’t win you over at first glance, he’ll likely have done so after you hear him speak for awhile! This was certainly one of those interviews where I had to remind myself, “Oh yeah… got to get him to jerk off as well!” or else I’d have just sat there listening to him speak for hours on end! If, for some crazy reason, you’re still not sold on him after his interview, just wait until he strips down to reveal that body and cock!

So, if your reaction to seeing his video is similar to what my reaction was to seeing his application, and you can’t help but immediately e-mail me to say, “More Tyler! More Tyler!” as soon as you’re done watching him, I won’t hold it against you! :)

46 Responses to CorbinFisher: Tyler

  1. avatar jhae says:

    wow this guy is hot indeed! dream boat!
    good for corbin’s site..

  2. avatar Get'Em says:

    Oh God, I can hardly wait to see him fill his condom in Dawsons ass.

  3. avatar wilson says:

    Uauuhhhh, let`s hope that he`s a boy fucked very soon

  4. avatar Brian from Detroit says:

    Jesus, he looks like a sculpture!

  5. avatar BN Richard says:

    Look closely and you can see razor bumps and burns. The kid shaved his body. Would rather see him unmanscaped. He’s another average soul looking for love in all the wrong places. Hope he doesn’t have to lay in bed and try to pep up Connor.

  6. avatar Jay says:

    Wow. Hottie.

    You just can’t make some people happy (BN Richard)

  7. avatar Javier says:

    Hot to death. Put him with a hot dude.

    • avatar Riley says:

      Agreed Javier Tyler is on FIRE!!!!!!! ;) He is my total DREAM BOAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!! ;) LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!! ;)

  8. avatar don says:

    Since he’s a fan of the site, I’ll assume he won’t mind some hardcore action with a CF stud. Second the motion on him filling his condom inside Dawson’s delicious ass!

  9. avatar Vic says:

    Would LOVE to lick those delicious looking pits, not to mention that sweet looking asshole……….

  10. avatar juanbaker says:



  11. avatar Topher says:

    For those who write that I never have positive things about the models in my posts: Tyler is the most exciting model that CF has had in a long time. He is one HOT guy. I hope that CF has him paired with another guy…SOON!!!


  12. avatar Travis says:

    Lets get this guy fucked already.

  13. avatar louie says:

    How about a Dawson & Tyler flip flop scene?

  14. avatar Arden says:

    Wow, hate to be the sole voice of dissent but MEH. Pretty, but also pretty generic.

  15. avatar evan says:

    love him — all of him, hot abs, chest and cock

  16. avatar Lucaslvr says:

    I agree with Arden..he’s O.K, but I can’t see what the excitement is all about!!

  17. avatar 95u6 says:

    total gayface

    cute but nuthin special!

  18. avatar Pat says:

    I just watched the video of Tyler on Corbin Fisher. Everything Corbin wrote about Tyler was true. He’s natural, fun-loving, stunning in appearance, very sexy, a gay man’s fantasy. I could go on, better yet watch the video. Corbin, “More Tyler! More Tyler!” please.

  19. avatar BiAaron says:

    “Fan of the site” is the new euphemism for “openly gay”
    You note Corbin never comes out and says it outright.
    You know that the first sex video he does will be with someone Corbin tells us Tyler’s been fantasizing about. “I asked Tyler which stud he’d most like to bottom for and he said he’d often jerked off thinking about Cade’s big dick…”

  20. avatar WhoraCheri says:

    Pretty boy. Pretty bland.

  21. avatar Fenzi says:

    Sticazzi !!!

    My sex fantasy : Tyler & Noah First Time !!!

    Next my Top ten with this guy :

    1.- Tyler & Trevor Flip Flop
    2.- Tyler & Joel Flip Flop
    3.- Gabe Fucks Tyler
    4.- Tyler & Travis Flip Flop
    5.- Tyler & Nick Flip Flop
    6.- Tyler & Dave Flip Flop
    7.- Tyler & Caleb Flip Flop
    8.- Tyler fucks Shaun
    9.- Tyler fucks Kip
    10.- Tyler fucks Derek

    But nothing with Logan / Jared / Cade / TJ / Dante


  22. avatar Jay says:

    fenzy, you left out nick, who tyler says he wants

  23. avatar Vinicius_Brazil says:

    Very, very hot!!!!!! I loved!

  24. avatar pubert says:

    He looks like a plucked chicken and has gross chocolaty nipples.

    I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  25. avatar Bree says:

    Pair him with Alex! Pretty please Mr. corbin.. I haven’t seen Alex like forever in your site.

  26. avatar spike92101 says:

    He is absolutely gorgeous. But with some hair! Ooo la la!

  27. avatar joemed says:

    Tyler and Brent would be extremely HAWT.

  28. avatar geoffy23 says:

    Please with DAWSON!!!

  29. avatar Mike says:

    In one word: BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to devour him from head to toe. Lick every part of his body especially that sweet ass. Please have the boy f*cked soon!!!!

  30. avatar MM says:

    i’d be surprised if this “gay” guy doesn’t get some pussy before he gets fucked.

  31. avatar RJ says:

    He’s hot even without the “insanely” photoshopped pics. Now the same tired routine of him doing cassie, getting blown, etc.

  32. avatar Garrett says:

    One more boring twink on what is becoming the worst gay porn website on the Internet. Is he wearing make-up or has he been photoshopped beyong all reasoning? In the coming weeks, CF will trot him out with one guy, then maybe two, and then – hopefully not – he may be compelled to get blown by one of CF’s dishrag chicks. Dawson will get first crack for the one on one and if Dawson demurs, then it’ll be Lucas if Tyler wants to get fucked. Heaven help Tyler if he’s forced to lie in bed with Connor.

  33. avatar jack says:

    is this not a perfect guy?

  34. avatar Enlightened One says:


  35. avatar hereandthere says:

    The guy is absolutely beautiful, a perfect 10, and just what the CF site offers. The comments of the dissenters are laughable, especially the ones who go through the entire list of why they don’t like the CF site, which proves they must like it or they would dump it. Or are so picky about whether the guy shaves or something. Some people live to be negative, as their entire lives must be. You’re beautiful, Tyler. Thanks for your interest in the CF site and sharing your beautiful body and soul with us. I’ll bet deep down even the ones who can’t find much good to say about you but took the time to express their displeasure anyway appreciate you, too.

  36. avatar corey says:

    Do you think he would be a good pair with dante since they are both str8 acting guys? i think that would be a hot scene!! tyler and Dante flip flop!

  37. avatar maberarc says:

    I love to see Corbin coming back, don’t care if it’s just luck…

  38. avatar Let's bareback CF says:

    Gabe should barefuck this dude… Tyler is so tender and fuckable

  39. avatar jetz says:

    He’s a stud from every angle you look at I guess what they say its true, the best things in life including men do come in small packages.

  40. avatar me says:

    If you have watched his video carefully, you see that he had a big skid mark on his underwear! You can see that when CF asked him to take off his briefs, he turned around, showed the camera his ass, then took off his brief, if you slow it down or pause, you will see a big straight line of skid mark right on his underwear! yuck. he looks hot, but that was a big turn off. I bet CF or he didn’t even notice when they posted this video online.

  41. avatar JC says:

    Such a great looking guy!….pair him up with Nick, he needs to come back!

  42. avatar Joe-A says:

    A good looking guy. However, he is gay and gay men don’t last long on Corbin Fisher. God forbid that any of the men on the site actually look like they enjoy being with other men.

  43. avatar awesome says:

    soooo hooooottttt and cutee fuck me

  44. avatar Dan says:

    Tyler is absolutely hot, but no more videos have been made…

  45. avatar jackson says:

    He lives in Orlando Florida…he just busted his knee recently playing volleyball so he will be out for some time.

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