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SeanCody: Jamie & Gabe

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

Jamie & Gabe at SeanCody

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SeanCody wrote:

Our incredibly adorable Jamie loved getting his ass pounded by Kurt so much that he was really excited to come back for another round.

“Oh man, I loved it,” he told me. “I can’t wait to do it again.”

So he was out about a week later and he hooked up with Gabe.

Gabe took an instant linking to Jamie.

“He’s really fucking cute,” he said to me under his breath. He had just met him and was staring at him from across the room.

So I knew this was going to be fun!

Once we got them together, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

“What position are you looking forward to fucking him in?” we asked Gabe.

With a big smile he replied, “I know for sure I want to bend him over! Get him from the back…”

“You think he’s sexy?”

“Oh yeah, no question in my mind…”

“What part do you think is the sexiest about him?”

“I dunno… he’s cute looking! I haven’t seen anything else, I just know he’s cute looking!”

Jamie had a big smile on his face.

I really enjoyed filming this one… two cute boys fucking each other silly.

I especially liked the way Jamie encouraged Gabe to “do it harder!”

13 Responses to SeanCody: Jamie & Gabe

  1. avatar Established One says:

    My oh my, Sean Cody does it again. These two are made for each other. Hot sex! It really doesn’t get any better than this. Which gets a 100% YES from me!

  2. avatar Riley says:

    As Usual Sean Cody does it again and that is why he is the leasder in the business. rest of ya’ll and the up in comers TAKE NOTE. Love Jamie can’t get enough of him hope that he is around for awhile!!!!!!!!!! :) Gabe is Awesome also hope to see alot more of him too!!! ;) LOVE those last two pics like they couldn’t get enough of each other!!!!!! ;)

  3. avatar Urs Jans says:

    Gotta agree – these are two of my favs right now (because each has a nice ass) and I am so glad to see them together.

    Pardon my perversion but I can’t wait to wack to the vid.

  4. avatar brandon85 says:

    The only thing that coulda made this hotter is if gabe hadof suckd jaimes toes like Kurt did. SC is on a role especially with this video and the Kurt fucks jaimes video

  5. avatar tyler says:

    Wicked fucking HOT

  6. avatar topher says:

    Jaimie, Jamie, Jamie! He got Kurt to lose his fear of cum. Their kissing was as hot as their sex. I didn’t expect to see Jamie back so soon. I consider it a gift, because it’s difficult to pull off being erotic, vulnerable, handsome, masculine, and modest, while sucking cock, bottoming, eating cum, and kissing another guy with cum in one’s mouth. As a bottom, Jamie has it all, including one of the hottest looking butt holes in gay porn.

  7. avatar Malibu Alex says:

    A hot little muscle bottom who loves to get fucked and a roguish top who loves to make him shout. This was all good. I loved this one.

    Also, I couldn’t help thinking they were falling in love.

  8. avatar Redboy70 says:

    I don’t find Sean Cody hot any more. All the guys are pretty interchangeable, made from the same mold like the different Barbie dolls. The sex is always the same routine.

  9. avatar tyler says:

    Jesus i just watched this again and i gotta say JAMIE is the hottest bottom of 2010. he is like the most adorable puppy that loves each master in turn. passion, growing skill, but spontaneous and real, always. can’t wait to see who he gets fucked by next…Alan, maybe?, Jonah…Tommy, Troy…Jake, Pete…Dennis..?

  10. avatar Ryder25 says:

    It’s hot if you like watching two cub scouts paw all over each other. Not for me.

  11. avatar Gipsean says:

    wonderful! would like to see jamie again being double fucked or just in a three some eating cum…. oohhhhhh

  12. avatar ichiban says:

    Jamie is soooo hot!!

  13. avatar ThomT says:

    whatever happened to the “Jamie just enlisted and is becoming a Navy Seal” story? if this boy is in the Navy so am I and with DADT still in place if he’s really a Seal he sure as hell won’t be in for long because these photos are going to “out” him in nothing flat – I got plenty of gay sex in the Navy but I there were never any videos of it on the net …

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