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I’m A Married Man: Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander

Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I'm A Married Man

Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I'm A Married Man

Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I'm A Married Man

Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I'm A Married Man

Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I'm A Married Man

Watch Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander at I’

I’m A Married Man wrote:

Diesel’s wife hates basketball so much that he practically has to take a vacation to watch his favorite game. He gets his first chance in the hotel room, but somebody on the team dropped the ball. Scott, from house keeping, comes in to do a little clean up, but he winds up making a big spill…on Diesel’s crotch. Slippery fingers on the court can’t be helped, but a slippery cock is a different matter. Who cares if his team can’t get it up? Diesel can, and he’s going for the rim-shot.

17 Responses to I’m A Married Man: Diesel Washington & Scott Alexander

  1. avatar Established One says:

    Nice……dark and lovely…it’s a YES for me!

  2. avatar Riley says:

    I WANT Scott Alexander on my next vaca!!!!!!!!! Fine A** man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. avatar baz says:

    Why is Scott Alexander on Suite 703 with Diesel instead of in my bed with me? Sigh.

    Hot as hell though. Two thumbs (and one other appendage) up!

  4. avatar slakan says:

    nice, flipflopping would be HOT

  5. avatar West says:

    I agree with Slakan, flipping would have made the scene that much hotter. But I don’t thing Mr. Washington ever bottoms. At least, on camera. Has anyone ever seen Diesel bottom?

  6. avatar Vic says:

    This is SO Lame………………….

  7. avatar ichiban says:

    WOW! This is hot pairing!!

  8. avatar Jared says:

    I like Scott a lot. But I think it was kind of a downgrade for Scott. I’d like him with someone as hot as him like Eddie Diaz or Damian Holt. I would have said Race Cooper but he already did that and it was so much hotter.

  9. avatar qboy1982 says:

    Like black big cock! but i never touch,lol!

  10. avatar Fireball says:

    I logged onto Waybig tonight, saw this update, and new prayers for the return of good porn had been answered. :)

  11. avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

    I would totally fuck Scott Alexander. I don’t like the tats on his back, but who the fuck cares, he has a nice ass.

  12. avatar MAYIBEFRANK says:

    When you get two hot guys like THIS together, you HOPE that its gonna be amazing– but I have to admit, it seems really BORING to me! Since Diesel does not bottom (but commands the screen), he could have easily domm’d Scott (who is “housekeeping”??!!? -who casts these roles- he coulda been a plumber or maintenance, too “bitch-typecastlike” for Scott)…this coulda been WAAAY more masculine and it coulda been a hot seduction scenario from either guys perspective. It’s a great pairing with a limp result….too bad.

  13. avatar MAYIBEFRANK says:

    You know, with two hot talents like Diesel and Scott, your expectations are HIGH. You think…whoa…this is gonna be hot! But I’m sorry, but it’s boring as HELL!

    This pairing could have been staged so MUCH better than it was– Diesel who commands the screen (and doesn’t bottom) should have domm’d Scott to the MAX! And Scott, cast as a housekeeper!??!??! Who thought THAT was a good idea?!? Hello….a plumber or maintenance man…create SOME type of sexual scenario…not with a feather duster and windex– a lil to fem-bitch typecasting for Scott. It certainly does NOT suit him…he’s a friggin HOTTIE!

    These two easily could have set up a hot seduction scenario, from either perspective….but for me, it falls VERY limp….

  14. avatar Jared says:

    This shit was boring. The energy was weird. i think Diesel doesnt like other black guys that much. Especially black guys sexier than him.

  15. avatar Trophy says:

    Diesel is super hot. But yeah I think he likes other races to pound. Scott is ok….i guess. But yeah this was hot!

  16. avatar Daniel says:

    Oh honey, ain’t nothing in this damned world you could possibly say to convince us you married.

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