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RandyBlue: Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott

Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott at Randy Blue

Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott at Randy Blue

Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott at Randy Blue

Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott at Randy Blue

Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott at Randy Blue

Watch Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott’s Video Clip

RandyBlue wrote:

I’m not going to lie. The idea of having real life boyfriends Porter Wescott and Tristan Scott do a scene together has been boiling in my mind ever since the day Porter told me his boyfriend wanted to model for us. I didn’t want to push the idea but when they suggested it as something they wanted to do I was thrilled. There is an amazing element of electricity between these two and you can tell it comes from the fact that they know each other so well, knowing exactly how to get the other one right to the brink and then back off, getting each other so horny. Porter lovingly engulfs Tristan’s nice long cock, working his tongue deep into his quivering hole, getting him so worked up that he can’t wait for his lover to plunge his cock deep into his sexy ass. And you wonder what goes through the minds of boyfriends having sex on display. Is it like having a threesome with the new partner sitting aside and watching? Did they get off on the fact that they knew all the Randy Blue members were going to be seeing this video? Or did they shut out the world and just do what they do? The best part is, whatever your fantasy is of what they were thinking as their hot jizz shot all over each other’s gorgeous bodies, you get to decide.

57 Responses to RandyBlue: Porter Wescott & Tristan Scott

  1. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Randy Blue, you bastard son of a bitch! I want my money back! This is like watching lesbians fucked with a strap-on! Could this two guys look any more femme? Or could it be any more obvios that they are BALDING BIG TIME? Porter Wastcott is average, but it is not beleaveable that big ass bottom nelly like him is topping an even nellier Tristan Scott (wich looks like a street bitch that needs deworming and has mange).

    • avatar whybother says:

      is it that bad?? I don’t think so.

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      most of us are gay because we like men. I am sure that if most of us liked femme we could get all kind of girls. At least I rather guys that look and act like a guy

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      Yes, it is super bad! They can be as femme as they want to in the privacy of their real life, i have no problem with them been like that; been FEMME is as normal as been BUTCH, but when they are on Randy Blue they are no longer in their private lifes they are performing a service for wich they must be very well paid. Since i’m paying and i don’t like femme guys in a sexual way, that is why it is so BAD for me. I like the sluts that act the porn i watch to be at least manly, and makes me mad thatRandy Blue is putting ut scenes with models i don’t find atractive because it is a service for wich i’m paying up front and in advance! If this continues i will no longer pay and rather wait for them to be available in ARES.

    • avatar FTLRSW says:

      LOL…thanks for cracking me up!! I agree with you 100 percent….. a couple of ladies who lunch if you ask me.

    • avatar dio says:

      LMAO, 10 out of 10 @ ‘BALDING BIG TIME’ and ‘street bitch that needs deworming and has mange’

    • avatar kewl0420 says:

      I especially enjoyed this video. Pairing real l life lovers always appeals to me so I can compare to my own situation. :)

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      Actually if you were to this music clip in Youtube you will see that the top is not as femme as we think.

    • avatar WDave says:

      I don’t always support trolling, but when I do, fresero does it best.


  2. avatar KingSize says:

    Everytime I look at Porter Im reminded of the lead singer of Maroon 5. lol

  3. avatar clusterfuck says:


    I don’t know whether to laugh or to puke.

    • avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

      Take your homophobic pot belly elsewhere clusterfuck. Or better yet go die in a fire. People like you are the reason why teens are committing suicide these days. Shame on you. Shame!

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Ouch, I don’t know what is worse, Clusterfuck’s post or FFVIIMidgar’s response (the “die in a fire” part). Both are a little inappropriate IMO.

    • avatar clusterfuck says:

      LOL! There’s a lot of gay men out who prefer their porn without Portia’s bad overacting. Should they all die in a fire too? That’d be one “hot” party with other men of good taste!

      FFVIIMidgar: LOL you should be ashamed for thinking an avatar is an accurate representation of the poster. Get a clue.

    • avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

      You make absolutely no sense.

  4. avatar DGrayson says:

    i can’t decide whether to call some of these comments homophobic or sexist.

    • avatar HunterCall says:

      They can be both.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Yep some post, especially the first one, are a little over the top and unnecessary.

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      Well since none of you are paying for the porn i watch, i have the freedom to exprese if i like it or not.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Don’t see any post so far arguing you don’t have the freedom to express yourself. Just like thre rest of us have the freedom to comment on your expressions. Chill out dude…do you really think EVERY RB update is going to be to your liking just because you paying a monthly membership???

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      Not every one, but from the last ten 9 have gone down hill!

    • avatar mat says: is a “bad” update such a fucking dramatic life altering event for a subscriber to pourse fight a refund?lmao chill the hell out mary,you’re more irritating then porter wescott’s dance moves.

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      MAt: Only an idiot like you would think all those thing about an opinion on a blog, yet i’m surprised you can actually think.

    • avatar mat says:

      Oh the irony of your comment.

  5. avatar Fazz says:

    Awww Romantic. Boyfriends making love.

    I think I might watch this. Real love is a huge turn on for any sensible person.

    So all I can hope is that RB didn’t over produce and fuck up the sex. Hope they just let it flow naturally for once.

  6. avatar HunterCall says:

    Summary of every update here:

    Comment about how the gay men in my gay porn are too gay for me, a gay man.

    Comment from me, an anonymous poster on a blog comment section, about how the models are ugly/fat/balding (wtf).

    Comment about how the models featured in this update are used too often.

    Comment demanding a refund because the website these pictures are advertising has gone downhill.

    • avatar Jared says:

      You forgot a few:

      Comment how the only models that people find attractive, identify as straight, talk about fucking girls, and then claim that the girl-fucking stories are lies to lure in the self-loathers which obviously it is working

      Comment complaining about a certain gay for pay model not bottoming. And eating ass but not sucking dick, making them homophobic

      Comment about how EVERY black, asian, dark hispanic model is ugly and ruined the scene

  7. avatar GEL says:

    Wow, dramatic high expectations. I don’t at all understand the comments about the balding and mange. I have never thought about measuring someone’s thinning hair unless I can see it and still yet, everyone has their own taste, but these guys do not look as if they have mange nor are they bald as far as I can see. It certainly didn’t come to mind from what I saw. Are they the best I’ve ever seen in gsy porn? Not sure about that, but they are not a huge dissapointing turn off.

  8. avatar elmtree says:

    While I do understand Porter is not for everyone, I happen to like him and think he’s kinda hot. Love his tight, lean, slightly hairy body. While I don’t think I’d want to date him, I certainly would not kick him out of bed.

    Tristan does not do it for me but I can actually see these two as a real life couple. My issue with this update is I have never seen a porn vid featuring real life bf’s I thought was hot. For some reason the passion I hope they have in real life never transfers to the porn vid. I’ll have to check this one out to see if this is the exception.

  9. avatar Brian_26 says:

    I think Porter is really HOT! I don’t care if he’s “femme.” That tight, hot hairy body gets me going every time!

  10. avatar fabrice says:

    Oh man. Randy Blue looks like it will be even worse in 2011. I didn’t think that was possible after last year’s disappointing videos.

    Get a clue, RB — and start using some men. I’m sure there is a market for twinks and femmes, but I have a feeling that’s a niche market — and you’re missing the big picture.

  11. avatar emopunk808 says:

    both are flamers but for some reason im into porter- hes a little bitch but still hot. sure both have receding hairlines but im really liking hairy bearded porter.. lick

  12. avatar GET A LIFE says:

    no offense but i think each and everyone of you needs to get a life. i wanna see the people that comment here do a scene. yeah… try acting when you have a dick up your ass and you are trying to get the best angle for the camera. you guys are probably just a bunch of lonely bastards that stay home all day jacking off to porn that you WISH you could do. you probably fantasize having sex with the actors day and night because god know you’re probably an oversized weight person that still probably live in your parents house. so before you even think of writing something else here, put yourself in their goddamn shoes.

    ufff…. finally i got it out of my system.

    that’s right. ya’ll thought it…. i said it!
    suck on that bitches

    • avatar Josh J. says:

      Was it really necessary to say all of that? I wish some of the people on here could make their point without name calling and being so hateful towards other users. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but it does not mean insult other users who make those opinions. If you agree, fine. If you disagree, that’s fine too. Just stop it with all the ridiculous insults. This is just sad and extremely childish.

  13. avatar brandon85 says:

    I’m shocked the comments are as brutal as the JakeCruise comments. The guys are decent didn’t expect the outrage.

  14. avatar mitsaso says:

    What’s with all the drama?

    I’ve always liked Porter and this time around he looks hotter than ever! Tristan is also cute and I’ve always liked boyfriend porn, so this update hits all the right buttons for me!

    It’s funny how some people will either complain that the models are too gay OR that they’re too straight-acting. If you like your porn super-macho, what are you doing in this blog anyway? Raging Stallion and Titan Men have exactly what you’re looking for, 24/7.

  15. avatar Established One says:

    I’ll have to pass on this one.

  16. avatar Daniel says:

    I like this vid. It’s like watching a Ken doll being fucked. Nice.

  17. avatar tyler says:

    I hate Porter for outting Mason Wyler’s HIV status online. Anything he does is tainted by being a cunt with his queeny tweezed face.

    • avatar Anton says:

      Wow, I had no idea he did that. I like Porter (mostly because he looks like Adam Levine), but that was definitely foul if he did that to Mason Wyler. Mason Wyler has his faults, but that’s a fucked up thing for Porter to do.

    • avatar Josh J. says:

      Guess I’m not the only one who remembers this. That’s a good enough reason I don’t take much interest in Porter

    • avatar Riley says:

      So I guess we can put Porter in with THE I HATE/DIsLIKE Steven Daigle Fan Club No?

    • avatar Auggy says:

      Yeah. That’s partially why I don’t really like Porter & his updates as much as I used too. A very cunty and bitchy thing for him to do.

  18. avatar josssa says:

    why are my gays so dramatic today??? yall bitches need to bust a nut

  19. Hey guys Its Porter. Sorry to all the bitches out there who decided to pick every detail apart instead of shooting your load. Maybe that’s why. It’s porn guys not a movie. We have fun and try and make it interesting for you to enjoy. As for the femme comments grow up. Yes I have a big ass, last time I checked that doesn’t make you a bottom. I love to top more, just ask Tristan. To wrap it up I want to address everyone who still doesn’t know the truth about the Mason Wyler situation. I did not know he had HIV. He however did tell his close friends he had Hep C. I was there to help him through it. I found out the day everyone else did online that it was HIV. Sorry guys. It wasn’t that dramatic and he still lives 5 min from me. Goodnight everyone. Oh and I guess if it will please you all Tristan and I will start taking Propecia for our “balding” heads. HAHAHAHA

    • avatar Riley says:

      Why come here trying to spend the Mason Wyler story in your favor when everyone KNOWS what you did?

  20. avatar Peter says:

    I didn’t see the video but looking at the pictures I see two nice looking guys with nice bodies and nice dicks. And one even has body hair. A fine update, although not the top update of the month.

  21. avatar NickyName says:

    RandyBlue has the most boring videos on the internet.

  22. avatar luc says:

    Porter I LOVE your big ass baby!

  23. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Geez, and I thought was harsh on RB…

    This looks like a good update IMO. Two “gay-for-real” guys (rather than RB’s usual “gay-for-pay” models) who seem genuinely into each other.

    Sorry that you had to read those extremely mean-spirited comments, Porter. You and your boyfriend are really hot, but I’m sure you don’t need anyone to tell you that.

    • avatar lovelivelife says:

      I will not criticize his looks because there isn’t much to criticize.

      However nothing Porter or anyone else could say to make me change how I feel about him. He’s disgusting. Whether he thought he was outing Mason for having Hep C or HIV. He was fucking wrong. If Mason decided to forgive you good for him but I will NOT support any of your work.

  24. avatar socalmuscle says:

    I think both of these guys are really hot and I like that RB decided to put 2 boyfriends together. Its interesting to me that people on here are complaining about them being to Femm when there are other guys on RB that are just as Femm and there are quite a few on the other websites as well. I mean look at Benjamin Bradley and Mason Wyler. If you want a butch acting guy then go to BearFilms or BrokeStraightBoys.

  25. avatar johnsobe says:

    I’m so jealous of Porter, getting to have Tristan Scott. What a doll!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar johnsobe says:

      I mean that the other way around, I’m jealous of Tristan getting to have Porter. Porter is just my kind. Love him.

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