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SeanCody: Jake & Jarek

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Jake & Jarek at SeanCody

Watch Jake & Jarek at

With a lot of guys who meet up for the first time, there is a certain amount of joking around. It definitely helps break the ice a bit. Jake is always a crack up, while Jarek has always been more reserved — but he was actually very playful this time around. And the topic they chose was their fetishes…

“What is your fetish?” I asked Jarek.

“I don’t know…just fuck,” he said hesitantly. I didn’t think that was the real answer so I pushed a little more.

“Alright, I’ll admit it…I like to get…what do you call it? Grilled every once in a while!”

“Grilled?” I asked, a bit confused.

“Or what do you call it? Ass eaten…”

“Rimmed?” Jake jumped in.

I wasn’t surprised that both Jake and Jarek enjoy getting rimmed. I’ve noticed that from both of them before. The real question now was — who was going to get fucked? That decision was left to an intense arm wrestling session that Jarek ended up winning. Once they got going, they noticed that both of them were uncut and they docked their big, hard cocks as they kissed!

Watch Jake & Jarek at

66 Responses to SeanCody: Jake & Jarek

  1. avatar jazz says:

    HOT HOT HOT! But seriously, what bottom stops in the middle of the fucking to eat ther tops ass, then continue getting fucked? LOL Me thinks SC needs some new directing talent!

    • avatar beirut says:

      the top likes to get “grilled” or what do you call it? “rimmed” oh yea he doesn’t know the technical word for it, coz he’s str8.. yea.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Ha ha I know. They really try hard to push this fake fantasy on us.

    • avatar porndog says:

      That rimming “break” is laughable. More stupid direction from SC. They have become so lame.

    • avatar CarlosEduarc says:

      When i saw the first pic i was like: Fuck yeah! Hell yeah! But then i remembered that SC direction is lame! What a disappointment.

    • avatar NJS says:

      Rimming break would not have been dumb if said ass got fucked after. This should have happened.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      yep, that rim break was a bit much

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      I personally welcome anything that mixes up the order of the acts from the rigidly defined sequence we see over and over and over. But I certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing the rimmed ass then get fucked, as NJS suggested. At least they didn’t interrupt it to put on a disappearing condom las happens in CF’s exrta-bizarro version of rigidly defined sequence.

  2. avatar ChicagoBoyRN says:

    Haven’t seen the video yet so i’m just basing this from the pics here—–HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  3. avatar I Am Jake says:

    It’s NOT, NOT, NOT.

    I mean Jake is always a hottie, but you know from the couch that this is like four/five months old. It predates that stupid ass white chair — and another porn site reported that sofa was bought second hand in May or early June.

    This also pre-dates Jarek’s bottoming debut. It would have made more sense if they did a flip-flop.

    But of course not that Jarek’s bottomed once, it will likely run the same course Fuller did — where he did it once, people got tired of him topping again, and they will stop using Jarek. Unless it’s willing to regularly give it up like Harley did.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      Yeah, I loved Fuller bottoming for Dakota aka Dru because he was really receptive and that’s an understatement. He was practically screaming.

    • avatar sheesh says:

      Something tells me you’re paying attention to different stuff than everyone else here. Who cares who bought the sofa, or how long ago the vid was filmed?

  4. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Good one!!!
    Great update! Jake and Jarek together are so hot that I couldn’t stop jerking off watching the video!!!

    Look at the prefection of Jake’s ass, the way Jarek’s huge dick go in and out from that ass! I really liked Jake and Jarek’s facial expressions. These two studs really got pleasure.

    • avatar jazz says:

      While I really enjoyed the update, it would’ve been infinitely better as a flip and Jake has been getting fucked way to long to still be making that much noise!

  5. avatar Orochimaru says:

    Jake n Jarek Nice work!

  6. avatar porndog says:

    DISCLAIMER: Based solely on the pics…and posters’ comments.

    These two together is awesomeness. Yet, SC managed to turn a spectacular pairing into just a pretty good update. There should have been mutual rimming (since they both enjoy it), and it should have been a flip. Maybe this was filmed before Jarek’s bottoming debut, but if so, it should have been released BEFORE, not after. So, while a hot pairing, I’m not itching to re-join SC just to watch it.

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Jarek fucked Johnathan on that brown couch they have been showing us lately, with the stupid ass white chair (see Ethan’s last update). When Mr. Toothpick fucked Jarek, they used a different couch, it’s not the white leather (plether) sectional or the brown leather sectional from the last two seasons. It pre-dates them getting rid of this brown leather sofa.

      Jake’s been living in the south east. I’m sure they flew him in for a week, he did his two leather sofa scenes, two bed scenes and the gym scene with Brodie. So yeah, it was BEFORE.

    • avatar BladeX says:

      I Am Jake that is very observant. Also, ha ha you said Mr. Toothpick. I take it you are not really a fan of Jeffrey. I think Jeffrey is cute enough, but the constant top routine is a bit much. But this is Sean Cody’s fetish: skinny, geeky, and/or little top and tall, muscular, and/or masculine bottom.

    • avatar lennylenny says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t bother re-joining. Jake and Jarek are two of my favorites, and it’s not a bad video really, but if you’ve had an SC account at any point in the past year or so, you’ve seen it before.

  7. avatar Torrie says:

    Damn, Jarek is HOT! I’d love to see him get fucked by Jess!!

  8. avatar Tony says:

    Jarek topping again, yawn….. arm wrestling to to see who tops; nice try this was pre-determined following the typical BS SC formula.

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      You sure? Doesn’t CF do some stuff like that, too? Kenny played (and beat) both Phillip and Josh at basketball and topped them and there was another contest between some models but I can’t think of it at the moment.

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      Contests are fiction unless they’re filmed in convincing real time to prove outcome. Let’s see this arm wrestling!

  9. avatar Mean Gene says:

    Right, Jarek would bottom based on the outcome of an arm wrestling match. Mmmm-hmmm. Yup.

  10. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Too bad it’s not a flip flop.

  11. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    Very Hot Pairing!

  12. avatar EmpireState says:

    I still think Jarek may be one of the rare straight guys who does *anything* for a buck. I just get such a straight-dude vibe out of him. Maybe that’s why I find him so hot: the Forbidden Fruit (actual fruit, not the other kind).

    • avatar I Am Jake says:

      Jake is definitely straight. That’s why he left and refused the offers that folks like Joey (John Magnum) got by agents to do other porn. Why he came back to SC, only his bank account knows for sure. That’s why the “Jake’s been fucked so often” noise comment above is funny. Like you really think Jake spent the last ten or 12 months since the Hawaii shot in early 2010 getting boned instead of fucking girls. Maybe he convinced some of his big titted MILFs to rim up, but that’s about all the butt play he likely got.

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      Hey, “I Am Jake” — What exactly makes it any gayer for Jake to do gay porn at other sites instead of just SC? You’re not making sense. A guy who stays at one site (that calls itself gay-4-pay) is automatically straight? I guess CF’s Dawson is straight too, then.

  13. avatar Bradster says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? He’s been in practically every second update.


  14. avatar bob80 says:

    So much praise from everybody.
    Not from me tho, I feel like I’ve seen these 2 dozens of time already. Seancody is so boring now. I miss “the good old days”, where are the hot straight guys bottoming?

  15. avatar stevie nowonder says:

    Jarek- back to his bad hair cut and scorched sun tan but has kept his big, strong body so – YES for me. At least, he acts very naturally and he is not a fake! :-)
    As for Jake, not really, I don’t like him, he is a disguised queen !!!

  16. avatar WeaponX says:

    While I like Jarek, I think SC has been getting considerably less new “talent” lately. So many solos and like 5% of the guys return for duos… it’s not yet at the CF level with people getting used in scenes for years and years but getting there

  17. avatar Jerome says:

    As soon as I saw the names in the update, i almost didnt want to click on it.
    I just dont find Jake nor Jarek attractive in anyway.

    I think its because im always hoping for some newer models to do the duos…but alas we get the same ole’ guys.

    I guess its a relief that its not Jeffrey…

  18. avatar dio says:

    as I Am Jake pointed out – this vid was most def. in the can a while ago. LOL FWIW, if you look @ Jarek’s hair you can tell it was filmed around when Jarek fucked Calvin, which was also likely when Jake fucked Calvin.

    i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jake is prob. SC’s BEST versatile model – amazing top, and amazing bottom. Not to mention he’s got the di!ck and ass for both as well! He’s actually very much like Travis in that he’s come into his own and become a real sexual dynamo in his scenes, exuding confidence, and enough passion to carry the scene by himself if need be. Awesome.

    never really cared for Jarek… still don’t.

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      Both ya’ll have good eyes to spot the furniture in order to date the scenes. Nice job…in answer to sheesh’s comment that ya’ll are paying attention to the wrong thing, well, it’s not our first rodeo. lol Most of the best commenters on this blog are serious porn consumers and just notice stuff that ordinary people don’t.

      I agree with the Jake qualifications and even the comparison to CF’s Travis, tho I really like Jake and Travis just gets on my nerves. lol Despite what’s comfortable and familiar, at least for me, guys like Dawson, Connor, Cain, Dru, etc could greatly extend their mileage by reinventing themselves as passionate, energetic and skilled bottoms! Josh hasn’t been around in awhile but I think he’s like Jake, and I guess Travis, in that he was really good both at topping and bottoming while being very cute, having a big dick and a sweet ass….nice, tight body as well. He’s much more my type than the other four I mentioned.

    • avatar stevie nowonder says:

      That’s not a crucial evidence ( the furniture thing ). They can shoot the scenes in different locations!

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      You’re saying they might have more than one set of given furniture situated in different rooms?

    • avatar stevie nowonder says:

      Is that impossible?? It’s not science fiction or luxury to have more than one piece of furniture in the 21st century !!

  19. avatar elmtree says:

    On paper, this should be a really hot pairing, but it left me wanting more. First, I’m a little bored with Jarek and after 20 vids (I counted) I’m, gasp, somewhat tired of Jake. And I’m definitely tired of SC’s insane directing. And, while both cum shots were hot, I’m pretty sure Jake wasn’t really being fucked when he came.

    Might be time to take a break from my SC membership…

  20. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    I really liked this one, also the rimming fase in the middle. Even if I would have liked to see Jake rimmed too, he really likes it… do you remember his flip-flop with Keith in Hawaii?

  21. avatar hollydick says:

    I love everything in Jake, except his UNCUT dick …….:(

    • avatar Torrie says:

      Uncut dicks look awful, don’t they? :(

    • avatar tomtomson says:

      this is how dicks should look like!!!!

    • avatar dio says:

      eh, I’ve come to appreciate ‘em. When I was younger, I thought they were weirdest-looking (I’m circumcised myself) things, ever – and I still find the look of the foreskin pushed back and the mushroom-head exposed more visually appealing – but, a nice dick is a nice dick, circumcised or no. That said, I can pass an ugly dick if the guy himself is nice to look at. ;-d LOL

  22. avatar tomtomson says:

    great pairing. Two very hot uncut big dicked men! delicious!!

  23. avatar effierum says:

    Yum! I love these two. My only complainti is wish Jarek go fucked too. Also the scene better be longer than 15 minutes!

    • avatar BladeX says:

      Jake is one of my top 5 favourite models on Sean Cody, but it has taken me a while and I am sort of starting to like Jarek. That said, this video was actually pretty good. It could have been great like you said if it simply was a flip flop. When Jake started rimming Jarek, that would have been a perfect opportunity for the transition for Jarek to be on the bottom. Maybe Jeffrey is the only size Jarek can handle. Would have really loved to see Jake really give it to Jarek hard and fast. Oh well.

  24. avatar zemyazem says:




  25. avatar shaman36 says:

    Idk about u guys but this scene looks boring. from the bad positions to jarek looking like a scrub borring. dont get me wrong im a fan of jarek and i loveee jake he almost as good as calvin. but im really getting tired of SC dissapointing me i think ill come back in like a few months or something hopefully by then they will have something good.

  26. avatar Daniel says:

    Boring. More of the same old.

  27. avatar Aries16 says:

    GOD DAMN YES!!!!
    on these two HUMONGOUS COCKS!!!!!!
    THANK YOU CALVIN for that and ever since than he is SEX!!!!
    JAKE I want you in me so badly and the scene is HOT HOT HOT
    Rimming Kissing STroking SLow Fucking Deep Peentration CUM Buckets!!!
    YEs YEs YES!!!!
    I want More but alas I wish ETHAN would be given a decent guy as well just like CALVIN JAREK & JAKE are given PLease You fucking Shit SEAN CODY HAVE ETHAN TOP RYAN, LIEV, JAREK, JAKE, JESS, and any of the new GUYS and YES EVEN JEFFERY will Suffice

  28. avatar Helluva Bottom Carter says:

    Perfect opportunity for a flip flop but alas.

  29. avatar Chuliaka says:

    This is fucking boring.
    Anyone agree with me?
    Fuck that ugly and stupid tatoo.

  30. avatar Southbay says:

    Jake and Jarek my 2 favorites love them both. Both are hot

  31. avatar jag2power says:

    Haven’t we already seen this pairing? Nonetheless, it got more intense and enticing as I continued to scroll down.

  32. avatar Tomcat says:

    Just please get Jarek on his stomach across a bed, with Jess or someone else who means business pile-driving him long and hard, inc. prolonged direct-on penetration shots from behind!!!

  33. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    i never get tired of jarek- he is so hot!

  34. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Who cares if the clip has been filmed one, two, three, or ten months ago? Are the guys hot? Yes! Is the fucking hot as hell? Yes! Your dicks get hard watching this? Yes (I presume). Do you cum watching this? Yes!

    Stop. That’s all.

    • avatar slygeorge says:

      I try not to over analyze, too since it’s just porn after all. What’s important is, IMHO, Jarek is a very hot top and there’s just something about Jake’s moan when he bottoms that makes me so riled up.

      One of the hotter Sean Cody pairings! Will masturbate to this when I get a copy! Lol

  35. avatar Billy.Sive says:

    Jarek is always a yes for me, and Pavel is really really hot. good scene

  36. avatar mat says:

    mother of god……too hot to handle.

  37. avatar kinezo says:

    oh jesus allah buddah!! this is fucking HOOOOOOT

  38. avatar Arglebargle says:

    “Attack of the Clones”. Don’t get me wrong, they look great, but they could be brothers. Kinky!

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