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CorbinFisher: Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb)

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb) at CorbinFisher

Watch Cameron, Jordan & Zeb at

Zeb and Cameron kiss, as Jordan watches and rubs Zeb’s shoulder. Zeb’s gotten more and more adventurous since he came back to CF last year – and this is his wildest exploit yet!

Cameron, of course, is always up for anything, And Jordan’s back to help Zeb go where he’s never gone before. The clothes come off, and Jordan leans in to taste Zeb’s lips. Cameron kisses Zeb’s nipples, then Jordan kisses his way down Zeb’s side.

All three of these guys are so hot, it’s hard to stay behind the camera! Cameron pinches Zeb’s nipple and pulls his cock out and strokes. Zeb lies on his back. Jordan sucks Zeb, and Cameron bounces back onto the bed, ready to start fucking Zeb.

Jordan helps lube Cameron and Zeb up. Cameron slides his cock in, as Jordan rubs Zeb’s chest and kisses him. Cameron slowly thrusts his dick in. Jordan sticks his cock into Zeb’s mouth.

Cameron sucks on Zeb’s toes as he pounds Zeb. Zeb eagerly sucks Jordan’s dick. Cameron tells Jordan to make Zeb gag on his cock. Cameron and Zeb take turns sucking Jordan’s uncut cock.

Zeb gets on all fours so Jordan can fuck him. Cameron slides underneath Zeb and sucks his dick. Jordan’s amazing abs tighten with every thrust. Zeb blows Cameron as he gets nailed form behind.

Jordan watches the intense action in the mirror as he pounds Zeb. Jordan lies on the bed and Zeb climbs on top of that thick cock. Cameron comes in behind and squeezes his dick inside Zeb’s ass as well. Cameron has a huge grin on his face as he tells Zeb how tight it feels.

Cameron watches the double penetration in the mirror. I have to say, Zeb takes two dicks longer and enjoys it more than I would have bet! I’m so proud of him!

Zeb gets back on his hands and knees. Cameron fucks him doggy-style as Jordan watches, stroking his big dick. Zeb shoots his load all over the bed.

Cameron keeps banging away. Jordan keeps jacking off and blasts his load across Zeb’s back. Cameron pounds harder. He pulls out and shoots his thick load on top of Zeb as well!

Watch Cameron, Jordan & Zeb at

60 Responses to CorbinFisher: Cameron & Jordan (Double-Penetrating Zeb)

  1. avatar Southbay says:

    My beautiful Zeb taking 2 dicks! OMG I just nutted instantly. I love everything about him. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. avatar jazz says:

    Oh-Em-Gee!!!!!!!!! YES!

  3. avatar jazz says:

    While I absolutely LOVE to see Zeb bottom, Cameron’s ass is MADE for fucking! I’m kind of on the fence as to who should’ve been in what position.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      I can’t even remember the last time Cameron’s big mounds of pleasure got penetrated. Maybe they should tell Cam he’s going to get DP’d, and then when he starts screaming, say “OK, OK, we’ll let you get fucked by just a single guy” and jumps at the idea. That’s called DPORN negotiation (DoublePenetrationORNot).

  4. avatar 2222pm says:

    zeb is such a beauty that i can immediately get hard since the moment look at his eyes.

  5. avatar HKguy says:

    Wow fucking hot. Love Zeb and cam. Still not a Jordan fan. He looks lost in all
    Of this! And yes wtf with Cameron only topping lately? That ass was made to be pounded!!!

  6. avatar jinger says:

    I must say when Zeb first came to CF he didn’t strike me as a bottom, now look at him. I also thought Jordan had left CF for CM, but maybe it’s the other way around.

  7. avatar trixM92 says:

    The only thing good about this is that there is someone taking two cocks up their ass . Zeb is cute but he’s just too small for my liking and as for Cameron well I’m not really into midgets so …..

  8. avatar Cubankid says:

    Zeb is such a cutie

  9. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Looks interesting, although I’m not a major DP fan. Too bad it wasn’t BB like Thursday’s update is going to be. I’m not going to consider re-joining until they have two BB updates a max of two weeks apart. Right now they seem to be coming about every 5-6 weeks.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Jonny, how do you know Thursday’s update is going to be BB and who’s in it?

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      jazz, a preview’s been up on the CF site for a week or so now. It’s Aiden’s Quadruple Load, with Tom as the top. It’s at corbinfisher dot com slash trailers dot aspx.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Jazz, there has been a trailer up for about a week. Aiden’s Quadruple Load with Tom as the top. WB won’t let me include the address no matter how I try to show it. Maybe it will eventually show up.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Hey, maybe it will work this way: Go to the main cf site. Then go to (go back one letter from each letter I give here): usbjmfst epu btqy

    • avatar jazz says:

      LMAO thanks Jonny

  10. avatar FeydRautha says:

    So we’ve got two guys with perpetually limp dicks (Zeb and Jordan) and an insistent “top” (a true top is a gay guy that actually likes to fuck men in the ass) with a 4 3/4″ penis. Yeah, looks like all kinds of fail…

  11. avatar FeydRautha says:

    When he was barebacked by Connor, Jordan needed to jerk off to a pussy mag in order to get his cumshot… so I’m not really buying him being turned by watching Zeb and Cameron “make out” (i.e., the compulsory 2-3 minutes of pashing their faces together at the beginning of a scene). It’s just silly…

  12. avatar 007james says:

    Wow…Zeb instantly grabs my eye on the first couple pictures (compared to Cameron (just ok) and (blah) Jordan) Zeb is So-o-o-o far above most CF guy’s looks and appeal. It is a pleasure to look at him,( but I wanna fuck him more).

  13. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    I hope to see Zeb top again.

  14. avatar Nick Minaj says:

    This is non-exciting for me. We’ve already seen Zeb take it from two guys at once. It should have been Cameron or Jordan (mainly Cameron) getting fucked. I’m so tired of Cameron’s ass not being put to use. He’s irrelevant to me as a top.

  15. avatar Bi Boy1986 says:

    Zeb and Cam will forever be bottoms in my eyes. As for Jordan, I like him, he just isn’t right for gay porn, It looks to much like he is try to make it to the end so he can get his cheque.
    I hope Zeb and Cam comes out soon. Love a bloke who will admit that he likes to take a good fucking. Not saying that makes them gay, but they’re at least bi, which I think makes them hotter.

  16. avatar Sushi says:

    I’m going to enjoy watching this.

    • avatar jazz says:

      Don’t expect too much. I thought it was somewhat of a let down. Could’ve used better direction.

  17. avatar dio says:

    i wonder what it is about CF guys that makes them so willing to do DP scenes? I mean SC and CM have had a bunch of 3somes, but hardly any DP’s while CF have had a bunch. LOL

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Money. Also, maybe CF subscribers have been asking for, or responding to, DPs more than the other sites. Also, maybe since the CF guys have smaller dicks it doesn’t hurt as much (although that sure doesn’t apply to the scene with big-dicked Chandler DP’ing Dawson).

    • avatar kd says:

      I don’t find them erotic at all and find them to be boner deflating. So even if I still had a CF membership I would not waste my time on this one.

    • avatar Nate says:

      CF bottoms see ALOT of traffic because they are used so much and for so long. Probably easier to get them to expand to DP than the other sites that switch it up more often.

  18. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Also, perhaps for some of the DP’s like today’s it’s a way to appear more edgy without going BB. Also CF strangely seems to equate edgy with rough and demeaning, and DP’s are by definition kind of rough.

  19. avatar snowglobeslover says:

    I was so hyped when I saw this, but the moment i got to the 4th picture, i was like “shoot, that looks like the human centipede!’ and totally lost my boner.. =( haha

  20. avatar adowhat says:

    3 times the pleasure, 3 times the fun. looks like a hot update. only thing missed was some swapping or if it were bb. :)

  21. avatar trex says:

    Not sure why CF insists on doing more of these DP scenes. This one is poorly directed, the DP part is very brief and awkward, the air brushing on the stills is just awful and its really just a waste of three pretty good models. Despite Zeb’s wood problems, he remains a favorite, especially as a bottom. But why is Cameron getting used so much as a top?? And, BTW, why is it that the acne police have nothing to say about Cameron. His still photos are heavily airbrushed, but on the screen grads you can see that he has to use heavy make up to cover up his pretty bad skin. I like Cameron and I’m only raising it because the acne police seem to complain a lot about a few other models, but not about Cameron.

    • avatar Peach says:

      The glamour shots look weird, as if they were silent film stars, and lives in early 20th century or something. People complained about Cameron’s face being bumpy, he needs a major tune up for his body, hair and face. Miss the old twinky Cameron.

  22. avatar Timrod says:

    Those two were so lucky to get to play with Zeb!

  23. avatar Daniel says:

    Jordan ruins this! He’s so ugly urgh.

    Cameron’s lost his puffiness. I wonder if this is a recently-shot video?

  24. avatar brucesteggert says:

    I will never tire of watching the most beautiful man alive.

  25. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    even tho cams face looks busted this looks hot!

  26. avatar GuyHaines says:

    This is the first time we’ve seen Zeb ride cowboy–the other outings have been reverse cowboy. I’d like to see him do more of this. He’s such a great bottom. Cameron is hot, and I liked Jordan more than I thought I would. Dirty boy.

  27. avatar custard says:

    I agree. Next vid I want another 3-way where Zeb is riding cowboy the whole time, while sucking cock. Mmmmm

  28. avatar Dorse says:

    Damn, Zeb’s body is looking fine. And the face?? Well, that face could launch a thousand ships.

  29. avatar Patrol says:

    At 17 minutes, not really the best DP scene CF has made. Very routine positions, and the use of condoms undermines the nastiness the video seems to be going for. Though I am not a big fan of over-the-top profane, violent DP scenes, t might be a guilty pleasure to see someone as refined as Zeb to be brutally raped… maybe one day when CF gets very desperate.

  30. avatar Carl says:

    I’d like to see “Zeb Gangbanged.” Mix it up with 3 or 4 dudes owning that sweet ass. I think it’s next frontier for Zeb. Agreed he seems quite refined.

  31. avatar AlexBJ93 says:

    All three has hot bodies. I adore the cocks on Jordan and Zeb. Just hot!!

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