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RandyBlue: Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky

Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at RandyBlue

Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at RandyBlue

Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at RandyBlue

Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at RandyBlue

Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at RandyBlue

Watch Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at

Austin Wolf towers over Nicco Sky and it was obvious when they started going at it that this was going to be intense. Austin immediately took charge, grabbing Nicco by the the throat, showing him who was boss. Even when they were passionately kissing, Austin held his arms down with his powerful muscle, letting him know that even though things could be both tender and rough that he was in charge. He stripped down and fed Nicco his huge cock, holding the back of his head and face fucking him like he was a human Fleshjack. And through all of this Nicco was loving every second. When Austin was not busy directing his movement, Nicco was taking the initiative to swallow as much of that cock as he could. And Austin can definitely give as good as he gets, going down on Nicco as well. But Austin was getting off on using Nicco as his own personal sex toy and before you know it he was holding him upright in a standing 69 that was really impressive. Add to all this some sexy rimming and Nicco having the bottoming experience of his life, doing some positions you will not believe. This is hardcore ass fucking at its finest.

Watch Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky at

21 Responses to RandyBlue: Austin Wolf & Nicco Sky

  1. avatar endeeeff says:

    “Austin Wolf towers over Nicco Sky…” And the first photo shows them the same height. Nice, RB!

    Hot scene though. Austin really gives Nicco a good pounding (which is a rarity for most RB tops).

  2. avatar elmtree says:

    Damn, Austin is so hot. Love his big, muscular body. Can’t wait for him to bottom.

    Nicco is hot as ever…

  3. avatar dio says:

    Austin Wolf is insanely hot… why did he have to be paired with Nicco Sky’s used up ass. Ugh. This scene would have been so much hotter had Austin Wolf been paired with any of the guys from RB’s last 3way.

    • avatar landreau says:

      Yeah, I’d rather watch Austin bang a chick than Nicco, but I guess he has his fans. Hello… anyone?! Austin in a flip flop with Jaxton would have been hot though. Just happy to see that one of the hot solo guys is doing a guy on guy scene. Usually, only the schlubs are willing to do guy on guy on video.

  4. avatar jag2power says:

    What? Y’all think your Pink @ the AMA’s with all that acrobatic stuff?

  5. avatar Neobamboom says:

    If only Austin Wolf would have gone to Seancody.
    I would have LOVED to see him bareback a nice tight ass.

    • avatar samson says:

      I agree, that would have been very nice to see. However, he probably practices safe sex, which is right and choice, and they always play safe at RB. This is something condom nazis don’t get… it’s a right and a choice.

    • avatar condomnazi says:

      I know, AIDS-related wasting is so hot.

      Sorry, but if giving a shit about people’s health makes one a nazi, just call me Adolfo Hitler. Bareback porn is scum. The lowest common denominator, a cheap money maker. Too many have become sick, fought, and died for 30+ years for this shit to still go on. We can have our cake and eat it too, be filthy, sex-positive sluts AND be safe.

      Major kudos to RB for promoting safer sex practices.

    • avatar landreau says:

      I’d like to know why some people think barebacking is so much hotter than safe sex. When guys wear condoms, they are barely noticeable. I don’t get it?! Is it that people are risking their lives to have sex? If so, that’s pretty sick.

  6. avatar muffintop says:

    Austin Wolf is such a big, sexy, wall of muscle. He’s just so damn HOT. It would be amazing to see him fuck another big muscle man. Dan Darlington, Toby Tucker, Kurt Foxx…

  7. avatar topher says:

    This video, like most recent RB videos does nothing for me. RB is clueless that the days of two guys going through the motions of vanilla sanitary sex are gone. SC and CF memberships probably leave RB in a very distant third position. I’m not saying that RB has to go bareback. There are other ways to make things hotter. I was really excited that I”M SUCH A HOT MANLY MAN Bryce was going to BOTTOM for Derek. When I saw the video, it was a big let down. For me, there’s nothing exciting about a fuck video where the positions and camera work almost seem like soft core, and you never see the bottom’s hole, or a clear shot of insertion. RB should have had Bryce spread butt for the camera, with two guys tagging him, and switching places while Bryce’s hole is shown opened by the first guy. Instead, it was just a boring vanilla video like this one.

    • avatar Orion Hunter says:

      Nicely said, and I agree with the great majority of your points.

      Still, Nicco looks awfully tasty here and Austin, while not really my ideal type, looks good too. RB continues to excel at presenting a broader range of ages, body types and races/ethnicites in its models. Plus, I rarely feel the G4P proselytization/glorification at RB that’s so distressingly apparent at other, ahem, “gay” porn companies. For those two reasons alone, I’d choose RB over the other so-called top-tier sites.

      Generally, I like my porn to reflect my world. And I don’t have a lot of room in my world for bigots, self-loathing gays and G4P hustlers who secretly (or not so secretly, is some cases) despise me, my lovers and loved ones, and my community.

    • avatar condomnazi says:

      +1 Orion!

  8. avatar Daniel says:

    Austin Wolf is such a hot daddy.

  9. avatar VegasRich says:

    I’m late to the party, mainly because of what Topher says. The RB updates of late have been amazingly uninspiring. Even pairings I thought would be interesting have been very, very lame. But when I saw Austin’s return, I had to check it out.

    So now I was more than pleasantly surprised. Austin, is the hottest guy to come through RB’s door and stay a while since my dearly departed (from the site) Max London. In fact, he’s such a good performer, I’d dub him Max with a hard-on. The way he towers over Nicco and manhandles him in this video is just so damn hot.

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