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RagingStallion: Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder)

Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder) at Raging Stallion

Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder) at Raging Stallion

Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder) at Raging Stallion

Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder) at Raging Stallion

Watch Tommy Defendi & James Ryder at RagingStallion

Tommy Defendi takes possession of James Ryder. Looking deeply into James’ eyes, as if casting a spell, he pushes James’ jeans down and jams a finger into his ass. James may look like a punk, but his wide hazel eyes hint at innocence. Tommy snarls, kissing him roughly and clasping their cocks into a single massive shaft. Mesmerized, James kneels and sucks. It’s more than enough for one mouth, but with a combination of desire and spit, he succeeds in swallowing it. James squeezes Tommy’s balls while pumping his own big cock. Tommy then targets James’ ass. A cock as fat as Tommy’s seems like it will never fit in James’ tight butt. But that doesn’t stop him. He grabs James by the back of the neck and pushes until the walls of James’ hole part. James closes his eyes, engulfed by white heat as he is breached by ten thick inches of hard flesh and pounded. James then lies on his back spreading his legs wide. Tommy keeps his hole lubed with spit and his tongue as he sucks James’ nice inches of throbbing meat then fucks him some more. When they both climax, it’s like a dam bursting.

Watch Tommy Defendi & James Ryder at RagingStallion

14 Responses to RagingStallion: Heretic (Tommy Defendi & James Ryder)

  1. avatar adowhat says:

    Don’t really care for Defendi, but James is hot…this looks pretty good.

  2. avatar Will says:

    James Ryder is like a porn Tom Hardy.

  3. avatar swim400 says:

    Tommy Defendi is and always has been perfect. James Ryder has too much ink.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      Nobody gives a shit about Tommy Defendi, stop promoting him (yourself)!

      This ugly bitch is on every damn site but has zero fanbase or positive feedback on any site I’ve been to whether Xvideos, Gayforit, Redtube or even YouTube where there’s a video of him stripping and everyone in the audience look disappointed.

  4. avatar jinger says:

    Nice. Don’t really like the bottom’s face though.

  5. avatar Geoff says:

    I like James Ryder alot, but it looks like he’s wearing eyeliner in this. Not hot.

  6. avatar Daniel says:

    LOL @ James’s eyeliner.

  7. avatar TheSagaOf says:

    I used to worship the ground Defendi fucked on but now I could just care less. Dunno why, it’s not like he looks BAD. Just a passing fancy or something.

  8. avatar Southbay says:

    James Ryder and Duncan Black are two of my favorite bottoms. Both are so sexy

  9. avatar jag2power says:

    I’d work that ass over just like Tommy did. This scene looks like a scorcher.

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