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RandyBlue: Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at Randy Blue

Watch Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at RandyBlue

All I asked was for them to provide some flirty banter before they started the scene. This proved to be a hard task for two of our hottest gay porn models, Jarec Wentworth and Justin Owen. They instantly got along great, but to my dismay, they could not stop cracking up. Every attempt at being sexy was met with giggles and guffaws. Finally they started to make out for real, and slowly the giggles turned to moans. And when Justin took a look at that humongous cock of Jarec, he decided that he wanted to conquer it. Justin put it in his mouth while Jarec played with his ass. Then Jarec started to suck on Justin and then rimmed his tight hole. Justin then decided to sit down on top of that meaty fat cock. Let the gay porn games begin. This is some hot gay porn right here. Justin was in pure ecstasy as Jarec thrusted up into him. He then took it in a pile driver position before going to the window and getting the cum fucked out of him. Justin had his spunk fly out and hit the window. Then he turned around and made Jarec cum. He gobbled up the cum and could not get enough of it. This is Justin at his cum hungriest. You do not want to miss this one, guys. Watch the free gay porn trailer at Randy Blue.

Watch Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen at RandyBlue

41 Responses to RandyBlue: Jarec Wentworth & Justin Owen

  1. avatar gaycockluvr says:

    Bearded Jarec without highlights is the hottest Jarec!

    This was a hot update. Always a fan of Jarec’s and I really like Justin. Really liked it when Jarec was fucking Justin against the glass door. Outtakes in the beginning were cute as well.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      +1. I like him better bareback, but he is hotter than ever. Seriously, he is so hot now it’s freaking me out.

    • avatar bloody mary says:

      i agree, sis. jarek was one of my favorites at SC and i think he’s never looked as good as he does in this video. that being said, i loved all of his looks. what a chameleon!

    • avatar swim400 says:

      loved the way he reinvented himself. and Justin looks so adorable in this scene.

  2. avatar elmtree says:

    Hot top. Hungry bottom. What’s not to like?!

  3. avatar Guy says:

    Jarek….anytime, anywhere, anyhow….with a hot horny bottom even better. I of course would have loved this to be bareback, but from the sound of it Justin did not waste a drop of Jarek’s juice, so that is good.

    • avatar CumEater24 says:

      As always, he spits most of the cum out.

    • avatar Guy says:

      Complete waste by that little bitch Justin! Jarek needs to cum over to my place. Not a drop will be wasted of his delicious stuff.

  4. avatar sncale says:

    Love Jarek. Waiting for flip-flop, he’s so good in it

  5. avatar jinger says:

    Thank god it’s over, that’s what they look like in the end. It was a hell of an unfortunate pairing, no chemistry whatsoever. As always though, if Jarec is in it, I’m in, take my money.

  6. avatar samson says:

    David and Tanner, Kent and Colt, and now Jarec and Justin. Looks like I picked the wrong weekend to stop masturbating.

    • avatar cammaxx says:

      Hahaha this literally made me laugh out loud! Comment of the day, maybe of the week. Thanks for the chuckle! Nothing like a good Airplane reference.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      lol wtf? :)

    • avatar 007james says:

      samson was making an ‘Airplane’ reference there carey579…if you don’t get it, then you’re too young I guess. (I chuckled a little at that sam)

    • avatar slipperyslope says:

      I totally got the reference- brilliant!!!

    • avatar von schlomo says:

      Me, too. Airplane’s Lloyd Bridges is CLASSIC!

  7. avatar Sushi says:

    I’m here for Justin. Jetek at SC or RB I could care less.

    • avatar cammaxx says:

      I absolutely agree with you about Justin. He’s incredibly lovely and one of my all time favorite bottoms.

      While I’ve never quite understood the Jarec adoration of so many here, I will say I think he’s a solid performer and a fairly passionate, reliable top. All in all, I’m excited for this scene & can’t wait to watch it this evening.

    • avatar tennvols says:

      Well, at least Jarek of Sean Cody got the stud of muscle’s, Stu, to finally smooch a fella since he does nothing else.

    • avatar carey579 says:

      @Sushi +1

      Couldn’t care about Justin but he makes a good contrast in the pairing so I like it.

      About Justin OMG I thought he was a great bottom before but he’s ridiculously amazing in this scene!

      That ‘come here baby, slap my ass’ by the window was so sexy! I mean THAT ASS!

      Even the dirty talk worked here which could get easily corny – well done RB, a great scene in a long time imo.

    • avatar 007james says:

      100% agree sushi. I really liked justin when his hair was a liitle shaggy ( reminded me of zac efron). But I still think he’s adorable. jarec is not my taste.(just saying)

  8. avatar swim400 says:

    So missed these two and now they are together. Great coupling.

  9. avatar Southbay says:

    Two of my favorite boys. Sexy scene

  10. avatar Dorse says:

    Jarec is as sexy as fuck. And Justin has a beautiful pussy. Hot scene.

  11. avatar DaveAtom says:

    Is Jarek one of the most beautiful and attractive humans out there? YES! Not a single flaw: Handsome, that beard, that hairy chest, that lean muscular body, those thighs, that cock, those lips, damn tall, funny,… and great in sex! God, I want a Jarek to go… Now!

  12. avatar pink spider says:

    Friend vibes. No sexual chemistry at all.

  13. avatar CA says:

    Justin is by far the cutest bottom at RB; love him.

    Jarec is just as outstanding at RB as he was at SC.

    A great scene and update.

  14. avatar Dato Foland says:

    Jarek is always a BIG YES

    the other guy ,with what face? always a HUGE NO.

  15. avatar jag2power says:

    Hotness. Jarec ain’t shy, he’ll get right on in there, but maybe feeling a little restricted.

  16. avatar Raihan Delano says:

    Justin Owen <3

  17. avatar andrewtor says:

    Great pairing. Awesome scene. Owen is a beautiful muscular bottom and he was in the hands of a masterful top man. Jarec is such a self confident natural top man. He knows just how to caress and control his bottoms. One of the best scenes ever is Jarek of SC fucking the hot and willing Charlie. Few gay or gay4pay rival his top man skills. Oh, I don’t like the facial hair. Wish he would go back to the clean look.

  18. avatar jazz says:

    Jarec and Justin should both just slide right over to SC (or CF).

  19. avatar whooooooyouare says:

    Awesome!!! Jarec is the best.

  20. avatar whooooooyouare says:

    Jarec is very awesome,and he is the best!!!

  21. avatar dmvvmd says:

    i didnt know jarek was back

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