Charles King Cums In Christian Bay at Guys In Sweatpants

Charles Cums In Christian Bay at Guys In Sweatpants

Charles Cums In Christian Bay at Guys In Sweatpants

Charles Cums In Christian Bay at Guys In Sweatpants

Watch Charles and Christian Bay at GuysInSweatpants

If you know anything about Christian Bay, you know he has a thing for huge cocks attached to handsome, dark skin guys…and Charles is exactly that to-a-T! We’ve seen Christian deep throat some big dicks before, but this might be his best accomplishment to date. Charles just sits back and watches Christian Bay worship his fat cock, from head down to his balls. Charles lubes up Christian’s hole with his mouth and tongue, then slides his entire cock in balls deep. The look on Christian’s face needs to explanation! Charles fucked him in every position, hard, sensually… until he fucked his entire load into him… except for what dripped out as he pulled out of course.

Coming June 26.

Watch Charles and Christian Bay at GuysInSweatpants

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  • gaycockluvr

    That big ass smile on Charles’ face says it all. This looks hot.

  • Colton, The Major Hussy

    Glad to see Christian. This looks very hot.

  • Scrapple

    Finally Austin pulls Charles away from the choco sofa. And Christian always looks so much cuter here than at other places.

    Now that Austin has snagged some trophies from the award show last night, it’ll be interesting to see how that momentum informs his future projects.

    • Cubankid

      I subscribed back to GISP after that scene with Clark and Sebastian. I love what Austin is doing.

    • Scrapple

      The time away seems to have done him good.

    • GISP could be huge if potential subscribers could count on a reliable, regular release schedule.

    • hotsweetspot

      Agree whole-heartedly!!! Being unreliable makes them appear very unprofessional and undependable, like somebody you don’t want to work for or somebody who’s work you do not want to go see.

  • cammaxx

    Always happy to see Christian bottoming. I think he’s a cutie and he looks damn sexy with a big dick buried in him.

  • groovy.


  • nodoubtfan

    Charles King looks a lot better here than he does at Randy Blue, that’s for sure.

  • hvdude

    GISP is becoming the leader in internals. Bravo Austin!

  • cluelesswitness

    Why can’t this site get any good looking black models? And I’m not including the owner of the site by the way. He doesn’t count. He is a given. There have been tons! They need to scout better talent.
    1) Landon on Sean Cody.
    2) Xavier on Corbin Fisher
    3) Eddie Diaz at Randy Blue.
    4) Chad from Sean Cody.
    5) Houston from Sean Cody
    6 – 8) Adrian Hart, Robert Craig & Sean Zevran from Randy Blue (There 3some was the stuff of Legend)

    • Just me but they did have Dante from CF at one point but he left. I do like Liam Cyber but you are definitely right; there aren’t many hot black dudes on the site.

  • DaveL

    Christian is such a sexy performer. I love when he bottoms!